Filipino Food 🇵🇭 We ate the ENTIRE KAMAYAN, a traditional feast from the Philippines!

(bright electronic music) – Imma be hungry until I eat, though. (bright electronic music) – I am super pumped about this vlog because we’re testing this new concept called everything on the menu. The concept is simple, one restaurant, four people attempting to eat every
single item on the menu. And for the first of the
first of this series, we’ve chosen to be at Junior. Basically, super great
comfort, Filipino food in very shareable bites, which is a fantastic
introduction to Montreal to my four, no, I’m the fourth person, to my three guests,
which literally flew in from London and New York. They’re gonna have a
great vibe of Montreal and a delicious meal. (bright electronic music) (Chris laughs)
All right, so, what’s your name? – I’m Sam. – My name is Chris. – Sam Power. – [An] Did you make up that name? – No, no, I didn’t. (Chris laughs) – [An] So what’s your eating capacity? – Huge. – On a good day, I think I can eat a lot. I think I’m gonna be able to eat the menu – Clean plate club, my mom taught me well. – [An] How do you think you fare compared to the other
teammates of tonight? – I’m gonna crush them. – [An] How?
– I haven’t eaten in 24 hours. – [An] You’re serious? – I’m hangry. – I think Chris is probably will… the favorite today. – Thank you. It’s ’cause I’m American. American!
– [Sam] Big portion size. – Yeah! – [An] Who do you think will
fall in a food coma first? – [Both] Ajay. – I mean, he’s a pretty weak eater from what I’ve seen in the past. – I’d be unhappy if I didn’t beat him. I think I’ll just be
relieved if I beat him. – Yo, Ajay, you better show up. The poor Ajay is still
stuck on the airplane. Hopefully he’ll make it in time before these guys finish the entire menu. And then… last question, have you done any training before today? – I did a Zumba class. – [An] That’s a lie, it’s tomorrow. – I think I’ve been
training my whole life. – Well, I did one to warm
up and prepare my moves. – [An] Really, show me your moves. (salsa music) – I’m so hungry. I’m gonna channel all my hunger
into destroying the menu. – [An] Nice! High five. What was that kind of high five? – Well, you kind of like
just stroked my hand. – [An] No, high five is like this.
(Sam laughs) But…Ow! (bright electronic music) – [Man] You guys aren’t messing around. – [Man] No! (bright electronic music) – [An] On a scale of one to
10, how confident are you that our team will be
able to finish the menu? – I would say you guys would be probably, I’d say maybe a five. I’m sorry.
(An chuckles) You guys gotta prove me wrong. (bright electronic music) – So this is only round one. Hopefully, we’ll get through it. (bright electronic music) – Here’s their plates. – [An] So this is still part of round one? – Round one, yeah. Excuse me, plates are
still coming, don’t worry. – [An] Holy. – [Ryan] The vegetable dish,
we’ve got the fried fish. (bright electronic music) – [An] Name? – Ajay Mehta. Eight out of 10. – [An] Okay no, that’s not true. They all said that you were
the weakest eater of the group. (Sam laughs) – What? I’ve never had an eating
contest with either of them, but I’m probably a little bit weaker. But, I would say, then Sam and Chris… – [Sam] I think Chris is the winner. – He’s like an active exerciser, you know? I don’t know about Sam, actually. (bright electronic music) – [Chris] MTL Food Snob all the way. (An grunts)
– [Sam] MTL Food Snob. (bright electronic music) – Oh, it is, this is bonanza. (bright electronic music) – [Man] Hold up Chris! (Chris chuckles) – No, hey, to be in
Montreal with our friends, (Sam murmurs) “enchanté” ¨To the few pigs that we killed, thank you for this. – Download Wealthsimple. – [Ahjay] I hope they are! – If you have any friends in the US, let us know. (bright electronic music) – Fried chicken guys!
Fried chicken! – [Sam] Hey, thank you for
informing us now! Hey An! – There is coconut on it! – Yeah. – Holy! OH this is nice Have you guys have this? (bright electronic music) Sweet and spicy at the same time. And no bones. Where did the bone go? (bright electronic music) – [An] I think…(chuckles) Hold on! – Sort of! – [An] There’s more? Easier! This is it!
– Yup! One last dish! (bright electronic music) – [An] How do you feel? – Too well. – [An] One to ten? – I’d say four! – [An] What? – Yeah. – [An] Only? – About a half. I had about a half. – [An] How…how about you, Sam? – I’m on a five. – I may be there as well so I think we’re facing it well and we might be able to
finish all of this … after all. Oh geez! I can’t speak English anymore! Well, hum… (bright electronic music) – Hey, so… Assessment time. Actually I think Ajay might
be beating the two other men. – I’m gonna win! (bell ringing three times) – My stomach caught up with my brain. My brain couldn’t stop it! Hit full! (bright electronic music) – [An] So, who’s hungry? – These four I would dream. – I have already reserved for dessert. – Always have room for dessert. – Instead putting this chaos out of move. – [An] But you’re not done yet. – Over salesmen over here – [An] Ajay is a real trouper, I can see that. Manchu (Chris), you’re just playing
around with your food. (Ajay laughs) – I’m afraid about what
I’d got. Bless this! (bright electronic music) – Oh! – [Chris] Wow! – This is good!
– [Chris] Good for Manchu! (bright electronic music) – [Chris] Wow! – Well, this thing is like a pudding. How are you supposed do hold it up? Oh, there it go! (Ajay laughs) Oh, I like this one! – That one I’ve liked it, yeah! – [Sam] The same thought! – Oh! – I think I’m pretty close
to done at this point – I’m starting to be Khalas like… I’m gonna actually feel the comatic state coming up. (bright electronic music) – Well… Chris!
– [An] Hey Ajay! I’m glad you made it! – Thank you! It was a close call. – [An] So, how do you feel? – I feel great, I feel full. – I’m okay sitting,
but when I sit up I didn’t feel great. – Happy delicious meal – Junior! I recommend it! Come visit! – [An] Nice! Are you flexing, muscles, for the camera? – I’m not, no! I just get awkward, you know? I’m not used to be on the camera. – [An] Do you think you
could have eaten more? – I think Imma get an
eight and a half, nine. – Not much more. Not much more. – I really need to walk back. – If I had to keep going
with the gun in my head, I could, but I’m pretty full. – [An] Would you do this again? – Oh definitely! Yeah! – Yeah, for sure, I’ll order them! – I would do this every Sunday. – Tomorrow, hopefully. – [An] What would you do differently? – I would have eaten much less rice, I ate way too much rice. – [An] Whose eating capacity were you most impressed with tonight? – I was alone… I think Sam and Clam (Chris), she could have eaten a
little bit more, actually. – I feel good, I think I
underperformed a little bit. – I was a little bit disappointed. Disappointed. I thought they were gonna put more away. – [An] Hey, were you afraid
to eat too much on camera? – I think yeah, the camera adds a tense so I was a little bit worried about that. – [An] So, what kind of piece of advice do you have for somebody who wants to do this in the future? – Don’t be vegetarian! – Eat fast, because if you eat slowly then you’re gonna fill up over time. – Come hungry. – It’s gonna be heavy, so you’re gonna wanna… probably get a little
bit of a sweat in before. You’re gonna wanna have
a couple light beers, to wash it down. – So like, try to try to finish
the first course as fast. – Play off the sweet drinks. You don’t want to have… a bubble gut. So, this is what I recommend. – [An] Okay! (Chris laughs) So, this is it for tonight’s edition of eat it all on the menu. This was a lot of food. I hope you guys enjoyed it, if you did, leave us a comment to tell us what you liked the most out of this short vlog. On this, we’ll see you next time, and who knows what will be next. On the menu. (bright electronic music) By the way, all your followers go out and follow me! @kalambam on Instagram! Feel free sliding at my DMs, it’s all good. – [An] Are you single, Chris? – No comment. (bright electronic music)

100 thoughts on “Filipino Food 🇵🇭 We ate the ENTIRE KAMAYAN, a traditional feast from the Philippines!

  1. Filipino food is basically a homie type of food. Its like soul food but a mix of different cultures,spanich,american,chinese, middle eastern, and south east asian. Their is not a distinctive taste or smell that you could practically say that its pure filipino because the culture in itself is a melting pot of different aspects and unique flavors which have assimilated in the pallete of a nation which had endured hundred years of occupation and forced cultural bombardments.

  2. Well, Kamayan literally means "Eating with hands" so I think what you guys did wasn't even close to that haha there's always a room for learning but at least you enjoyed the food 🙂

  3. never had Filipino food before, but will definitely try this out. Once again, awesome concept. Keep them coming! Cheers!

  4. The trick to eating everything on the menu is to eat fast and lay off the drinks till u only need it as they said well some them did anyways xD

  5. I like the concept of eating the whole menu, and having guess is a plus. Just wish that the description of every dish run slower, I’m use to pause, but yours are crazy fast. And If down below in the description, I always forget to go that section. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Good thing I'm not included in your group coz I will finish those food up. My technique is no drinks yet. Drinks will be after I'm finish eating

  7. Christopher Robert Evans?? CAPTAIN AMERICA??

    from the begging of video.. the guy who introduce himself as CHRIS. makes makes me think I saw him in a movie.. and I think im right

  8. There is a few restaurants serving like that here in metro Manila we call "eat all u can" but u hve to consume or eat everything and without remain in ur plate , if there is a small food remain on ur plate u hve to pay for another the same value u just hve to get anything on the table different food and desert if u love food u will suits for this restaurant and ur tummy has a big space hehe …



  10. ahmmmm.. when you say kamayan style you literally need use your hands when eating.. didn't see any kamayan style in vid…

  11. all the food looked GREAT! But there were spoons and forks used, not to mention plates and bowls? it's kind of like a hybrid kamayan then.

  12. Don't invite a vegetarian and picky eater… invite someone who will really love to eat with you… you will enjoy more eating Filipino food and …. invite more, those food are too much for 4 people.,'s much enjoyable to watch people who really enjoy eating their food and invite someone you are quite comfortable with so that there will be a happy atmosphere

  13. faces.. talking… more talking.. macro face shot… talking…. faces… super macro face shot… oh there's food on this video too!(1.5 secs)… faces…talking… lots of talking… food (half sec)… talking… faces… talking… talking…more talking…faces…facess… talking… more talking… a lot more talking… oh food(half sec)… talking… talking… macro face shot with fancy transition… talking… talking… faces… faces… talking.. talking… Finished.

    Did they even eat at all?

  14. What was your favourite dish? Have you ever tasted Filipino food before? Let us know!
    Also, check out our other menu sampling adventures at Haitian and Vietnamese restaurants 👉 LOADS of delicious food coming your way 😋

  15. its kamayan,,but its not a boodle fight,, there should not be any platter on the table.. just the banana leaves will do with the entire viands..

  16. Are you Filipino? Btw, Kamayan is very famous here in the Philippines, it’s traditional. I hope you like or love Filipino foods. 🇵🇭❤️

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