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hello everyone and welcome to day five
of the biannual bibliothon hey guys my name is Alex and this
my channel Las Páginas de Alex if you don’t know what the biannual bibliothon is it’s a
reading marathon/ video challenges that take place for this whole week and
another one in January and it’s hosted by some of the most amazing booktubers
out there you can find all the information right below in the
description box. Day 5 of the biannual bibliothon is hosted by Catriona from little book owl and her challenge is called fictitious food Network now guys, I’m
going to be honest with you this is the challenge I was most excited for
it’s the one I shoot first is the one I took all the time editing and
changing things and adding things and I was so excited about this.
basically you have to cook something from a book, either a cake, cookies or
whatever you want and bonus points if you get into cosplay. For this I
decided to become a Lara Jean Covey from to all the boys I’ve loved before and decided
to give her you know a little time travel I made her a little older than
she’s in the books because I am a little bit older and in my rendition of the character
she now has a cooking show that’s called The Song Girls Cook… book
yeah sorry that came out wrong The Song girls cookbook and well I’m not gonna tell
you any more let’s just watch the video hello everyone and welcome to
the Song girls’ cookbook my name is Llara Jean Covey and today I will be your host over
the course of this past season we’ve journeyed our way through cookies cakes and pies
but today’s recipe it’s one that I assure you will become your all time favorite and one for the cook books in every house in the world back at high school
in my senior year I decided to find the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe and
after many many batches a lot of cookies that I have to either eat give away or
even toss I found it. “the best cookie of my life”
said my boyfriend when he tried them and today I’m sharing this recipe with you guys. For
this recipe you will need one stick of unsalted room-temperature butter 3/4
cups of granulated sugar 1 large egg at room temperature 1 and 1/3 cup of
all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoon of salt 1/2 a teaspoon of baking powder and a
tablespoon of vanilla extract now that we have our ingredients let’s bake in a
mixing bowl we begin with the butter and sugar and with a spatula we cream both
until we get a paste like consistency this will hold the cookies together and
stop them from crumbling now we’re going to add the vanilla extract and now the egg both of these are going to act like a glue for the dough so you’re going to
whisk them very well you’re gonna have a consistency of a really thick apple
sauce so whisk away don’t be shy now it’s time for the dry ingredients
we’re going to start with the flour and we’re going to seeve it very well remember
there’s nothing worse in this life than to bite a cookie and find a piece of
uncooked raw flour so you gotta seeve it very well so that there is all fine and
perfect for this batter we are now going to add both the salt and the baking
powder and then with a spatula we’re going to mix everything together this is
the moment when this batter becomes really cookie dough remember you gotta mix
it all together until it’s creamy and beautiful this golden brown color kinda
like a yellow kinda like a golden it’s the perfect color for this recipe and
now for my favorite part of this recipe the chocolate chips. this recipe says
half a cup but you can never go wrong add as many of you want there’s not such
thing as too many chocolate chips after everything is mixed we’ll make little balls and
put them in a tray we’ll take them to the fridge for 20 minutes after twenty minutes the dough is very firm now so we take it out and we can put it in
tiny bowls or even in little scoops in a tray now the best chocolate chip cookie
is both firm but chewy on the inside and I’ve come to find that the best way
of achieving this is to put the batter on a tray over either foil paper or parchment paper for better results depending on your taste, you can make them firmer or chewier. If you like really chewy cookies you can with the batter on a
baking mat and if you want really firm cookies you can bake them directly over the tray
now that the cookie dough is cold we’re going to take it to the oven
remember 180 degrees for about 15 to maybe 20 minutes depending on your stove and
your oven. be careful it’s hot and now we have perfect chocolate chip
cookies remember to enjoy them with a big glass of cold milk that’s it for today’s episode
now these where the perfect chocolate chip cookies and now I’ve shared my recipe with
you please join me on the next episode and remember that you can always find me
in the kitchen remembering all those cookies I’ve baked before. My name is Lara Jean and I will see you next time, bye I really hope you enjoyed it by the
way that recipe it’s totaly legit and it’s like so
good I love those cookies and everybody in my house loves those cookies.
a special thank you to my aunt Claudia for letting me shoot in her kitchen and to
my aunt Vero for taking me there and you know making me company while I was
making this. I really hope you enjoyed that video and now let’s go to my reading
update for day 4

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