Festive Feast at 1200 FEET!! – Holiday Meal at the CN Tower

so today I’m going to eating an amazing
holiday feast at the CN Towers 360 restaurant they have quite the spread a
lot of great festive foods and it’s going to be amazing view as you know
because this is CN Tower and I can’t wait I’m gonna go up and try it right
now it’s holiday time we really want people
to come experience art cuisine in 360 we are very focused on local food very
focused on you know being members of feast on and bringing in some of the
best ingredients that we can get we’re a greedy n’t fuck is and also seasonal I
think right now this time of year you really want to take the time with your
family and that’s why we’ve presented today in this fashion and beautiful
family style we’ve got a beautiful turkey of course you can’t not have a
nice turkey for Christmas we’ve got a vegetarian dish which is kind of my pet
favor right now which is butternut squash and wild mushroom cannelloni with
pine nut cream sauce is sage and I think braised beef short rib is never a miss
for anybody we’ve got pear roasted pear parsnip soup we’ve got a beautiful
endive salad with candied maple candy walnuts and celtic blue cheese and then
for dessert this wee tooth among all of us trifle beautiful English style trifle
and the pistachio cheesecake with cranberries the cream in the soup just
melts as soon as they pour in the yet hot mix cool junket pear
nice balance between savory and sweetness this is where meat becomes butter the
texture of that this flow ro City about two years ago we decided to make a
change in the all Ontario craft beer when we put the word at the people it
was a lot of people didn’t believe that we’re actually doing it so it’s a
struggle to get people actually call us and we end up meeting with railway city
and we thought they did a fantastic product we really enjoyed what they did
and they came back saying most people were having struggling need to meet with
us and they came back and said we can do something just for you and we ended up
having our own brand of CN tower lager you can only get it at the CN Tower we
we would love to see it in Bruges retail and in the grocery stores but right now
the only place you can get this is in the south I think that that might have been the
highest I’ve ever eaten I mean not drug wise I mean height wise it was a great
way to have a meal with the view was spectacular the food was superb
everything about this experience today it has been more than I was hoping it
would be so for that I’m very happy and if you did like this video please
remember to subscribe like and leave a comment let me know if you’ve ever eaten
at scene Tara for you to consider it in the future
anyways it’s starting to rain a bit so I’m gonna get idea

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