Feast of Nations

[Music] So this is the Feast of Nations. It’s the 49th annual Feast of Nations. Our theme this year is embrace your differences,
discover your world. We have a lot of students that are both domestic
and international that show off their cultures, they show off their foods and their clothing
and it’s just a really fun time. [Music] I think it takes openness. And it feels like everybody is accepting you
no matter what you skin tone, no matter what your background, no matter if you’re an international
student or you just come from Hermantown. I feel like it’s a matter of people being
open and accepting of you and all of the things that come with you. As you look around you see varying clothing
and hairstyles and skin tones and ages, and everyone is happy and cheerful and happy to
be here so I think that’s where the togetherness comes from. In Ojibwe we call it, it’s like a web, there’s
little different things that come together to make one complete whole. I think it’s just a really cool way to show
that we’re all so different and we have such different backgrounds and we’re all different
people. But at the same time diversity also is a sense
of unification and it brings people together. I’m excited to be here so I get more information
on the different cultures here. I know that people are here because they want
to celebrate and learn about other people’s culture so that makes me feel great, like
I am part of a community that’s bigger than just me or my family or my small friend group. [Music] The sense of community here honestly is one of
my favorite things and I think that’s a big part of this school and my journey as a student. It starts with a hello and it doesn’t stop
because it’s a continually evolving process. [Music] You
know we are all united. It’s the first institution that I’ve been
to, academic institution, where I’m allowed to be who I am.

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