Feast of Nations 2017, University of North Dakota

today is the 55th annual feast of nations it’s the cultural gathering from grand forks and surrounding areas sometimes people don’t get the opportunity to travel as much so we bring the travel to them we allow them to experience different cultures without having to spend the money and travel all the way over to Japan we can bring here to them we have international students at the University who are willing to show people around Grand Forks all about their culture so you can experience more on a day-to-day basis and you can really feel the way that those people feel in their home country we do the Chinese line dance. What the symbolic meaning of line dance is chasing away evil spirits or bad luck and bringing good luck and prosperity for the new year we specialize and just line dance itself no martial arts or anything all we do is really bring the story to life and showcase the Chinese culture we love seeing the excitement that we bring the crowd like to bring different storylines really get in the crowd and really in your face entertainment. I love this event. It is one of my favorite parts of the year i love organizing it lots of hard work but on the night when you see everything come together and all the acts come in who haven’t even seen each other before and coming in performing their best and it’s really quite awesome to see and be a part of it

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