FEAST: A Community Engaged & Technology-Based Model to Explore Urban Food Environments

[Soft music in background throughout video] Together with our colleagues at the Healthy Aging Research and Technology Solutions lab at the Stanford Prevention Research Center, we’ve developed the Stanford Healthy Neighborhood
Discovery Tool. This is a mobile application… …that allows community residents, or Citizen Scientists, to gather information about their neighborhood and the features therein that effect their
ability to make healthy choices. The aim of FEAST was to test the feasibility
of using the Discovery Tool to explore the neighborhood food environments in North San
Mateo County, CA. Each Citizen Scientist visited the food store
they most frequently go to to purchase their food. Walking through the store… …each Citizen Scientists used the Discovery
Tool to identify and speak about factors that helped or hindered their ability to access,
choose, and buy healthful food. Cost and Transportation were the two major
issues that we barriers to accessing healthy food. Many of the same issues resonated across cities
and among various racial and ethnic groups. [Soft Music] We will continue to work locally, nationally,
and abroad to impact policies that support healthy communities.

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