Fast Food Options Not Available in America!

Here are some of the strangest fast food items
released around the world! 11 – Wasabi Cheese and Seaweed Cheese Doughnuts
– Singapore Whenever you deep fry anything, it’s pretty
much going to be tasty, especially if it’s dough to make doughnuts. Doughnuts are soft and doughy, come in all
kinds of flavors. Some of them have icing and sprinkles, and
some are just regular glazed donuts, and that’s just fine because a lot of times, less is
more. However, if you happen to find yourself in
Singapore, you can get Wasabi Cheese and Seaweed Cheese Donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts. While the idea of adding a spicy condiment
to a sweet dessert seems somewhat counterintuitive, this donut combination has been a big hit
in Singapore. This is just one of many odd items Dunkin
Donuts has added to their international menu. In South Korea for example, there’s the
red bean donut. In China there’s the the Pork Floss donut. And then there’s always the black cheese donut
in Indonesia. If we had to bet, all these donuts probably
taste okay at the very least! 10 – Tofu Shinjo McNugget – Japan
For people who don’t eat meat, tofu is a decent option for protein. It goes really well in dishes such as pad
thai, in a curry, or pan fried along with some veggies. But McDonald’s in Japan has put an interesting
twist on tofu, with the tofu-fish McNugget. It was reported in 2014 by The Wall Street
Journal that McDonald’s was adding chickenless McNuggets to their menu at Japanese stores. Although these mcnuggets technically aren’t
totally meatless as they contain minced fish in them. Known as Tofu Shinjo Nuggets, these interesting
Mcnuggets are a mix of fish, tofu, soy beans and carrots, deep fried and shaped like a
chicken nugget. You can order these just like regular McNuggets,
as they’ll come in boxes of four with a side of ginger flavored dipping sauce. What do you guys think, think these are tasty? 9 – Spinach & Parmesan Nuggets – Italy
If Japan gets their own McNuggets, why not Italy?! Apparently, Italians are fans of snacks made
of spinach and parmesan cheese, so McDonald’s in Italy decided to cash in on this. They came up with McNuggets stuffed with Spinach
and Parmesan as a limited promotional item! These nifty little nuggets were listed on
the “Delicacies Menu” in McDonalds all over Italy. Also on that menu were snack sized blocks
of Parmesan Cheese, and something called Brie Nuggets. Whatever the Italians are doing with their
food…they need to keep doing it. Because we’re definitely big fans of whatever
food they come out with! 8 – McCurrywurst – Germany
How many times will Mickey Ds make this list? As you may or may not know, German fast food
connoisseurs are apparently a tough crowd to appease. In fact, McDonald’s had been struggling
in the German market for some time, even if it is McDonald’s. You know, when we eventually colonize whatever
new planet we’re on, the first restaurant is probably gonna be McDonald’s. Anyways, in order to win over the Germans
McDonald’s came up with the McCurrywurst. These were essentially chunks of bratwurst
in a spicy tomato sauce that come with shaker packs of curry powder. First introduced in 2013, the launch of the
McCurrywurst was part of a nationwide campaign. McDonald’s even teamed up with German comedian
Mario Bath to get Germans to like McDonald’s more. In case you didn’t know it, bratwursts are
a pretty popular food item in Germany. And there’s definitely more than just one
way to eat a bratwurst, so McDonald’s also offers the McCurrywurst with a kaiser roll. Anyone try this yet?! 7 – Nutella Burger – Italy
These days, there are lots and lots of different types of burgers. You have your standard hamburger made from
beef with lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mustard. Add cheese and you’ve got yourself a cheeseburger. There’s black bean burgers for vegetarians,
turkey burgers for people who want to feel a little healthier, breakfast burgers with
fried eggs for people who need a burger in the morning, and there are even pizza burgers
out there. We can probably keep going. However, how about a Nutella Burger? This interesting burger comes to us courtesy
of McDonald’s again, and it’s essentially a burger that oozes chocolate. This burger actually makes a ton of sense,
because Nutella goes well on everything. While the buns are still around, the beef
patty has been replaced by what we assume is a delicious combination of nutella and
cocoa spread. How come this hasn’t made it to the US yet?! This dessert burger is available only in Italian
McDonalds, unfortunately. Why is it the Italians always get the best
access to the tastiest foods around?! 6 – Shrimp Burger – Japan
Burgers…..good. Shrimp….really good. Shrimp Burger? We’re in! Surprise surprise, it’s good ole McDonald’s
that’s offering this sandwich again. They’ve been offering shrimp burgers in
Japan since 2005. It was added to the menu at a time when McDonald’s
was really struggling to compete in the Japanese market. The Mad Cow disease outbreak was causing a
scare in Japan in the early 2000s, and you can see why McDonald’s wasn’t doing too
well. Made exclusively for Japanese consumers, the
Shrimp Burger or Ebi Fiero, which is Japanese for Filet-O-Shrimp, is a bit smaller than
the famous Filet-O-fish offered in America, but the concept is pretty similar. The fried shrimp patty also comes with lettuce
and a sauce. Now you may be asking, how did the Japanese
public respond? Well, in short, they really liked it. In the first three months, 10 million of these
burgers were sold. 5 – Deviled Fish Pizza – Sri Lanka
Pizza is amazing. I mean, have any of you guys actually met
anyone who DOESN’T like pizza? It really doesn’t matter what type of pizza,
from a simple cheese to the crazy types of pizzas with a bunch of toppings. Well…..just don’t get us started on pizzas
with Pineapple on it. Anyways, if any of you guys ever visit a pizza
hut or Domino’s in Asia, you’ll notice that there are some interesting pizza options. One of them is the Deviled Fish Pizza offered
by Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka. This spicy seafood pizza was made to appease
to the Sri Lankans who tend to enjoy a bit more zing to their food. This pizza comes with chunks of deviled fish,
spicy onions, tomato sauce, green chiles and layers of mozzarella cheese. Actually, that doesn’t sound thaaaat bad
right?! First offered in April of 2014, this pizza
was meant to be something that families could enjoy during the holiday season, as April
is a festive time in Sri Lanka. The CEO of PizzaKraft, the holding company
of Pizza Hut in Sri Lanka, said that they wanted to create a pizza that had a traditional
Sri Lankan flavor. The pizza is flavored with traditional spices
such as garlic, ginger, and curry leaves, which give the pizza the Sri Lankan Flavor
appropriate for the holidays. 4 – Kentucky Fried Salmon – Japan
If there’s one thing Americans know about cooking, it’s that you can deep fry anything. From deep fried oreos, to deep fried Turkeys,
Americans know a thing or two about deep frying. Apparently KFC in Japan decided to try that
out with salmon. I mean, how else would they end up deep frying
salmon and marketing it to the public? KFC decided to do a cross promotional effort
with a Sanrio character named Kirimichan, who’s a cartoon salmon fillet, KFC began
offering deep fried salmon in 2015. As part of a limited time promotion, the fried
salmon was available by itself along with some tartar sauce on top or as part of a sandwich. To be honest, this actually sounds pretty
good doesn’t it? Of course it’s not unheard of for fast food
chains to offer fish as many chains have dabbled with fish in some capacity or another. But salmon tends to be more expensive, which
is probably why KFC offered it for just a short time only in Japan. 3 – Flying Fish Roe Salmon Cream Cheese Pizza
– Hong Kong And finally, we finally have something from
China for an interesting fast food option! Well, not mainland China. We’re talking Hong Kong. Can you imagine a pizza that oozes fish eggs
out of the crust? A pizza that has cream cheese on it? Or a pizza with topping on it such as scallops,
shrimp, crayfish, and clams? Does that even sound like a pizza that could
possibly be good? Well, seafood pizza is definitely a thing. At least in Hong Kong anyway. Pizza Hut offers this bizarre contraption
exclusively to its Hong Kong customers. If Pizza hut has proven anything to us over
the years, it’s that they’ll put anything inside of their crusts. It started with cheese, which makes sense. Now they’re making hot dog crust and stuffing
fish eggs inside of their crust. What’s gonna be next?! 2 – Chicken-Flavored Chocolate Truffles – New
Zealand Yes. That’s correct. Chicken-Flavored Chocolate Truffles. Made possible by KFC. That’s right….chicken flavored chocolate. How do those two flavors even match up?! In 2017, KFC announced they were joining forces
with Kako Chocolate to release 50 limited packages of chocolate truffles with chicken
seasoning on them for Mother’s Day. There’s the dark chocolate that’s infused
with hot and spicy marinade…so that’s an option. There’s also the nutty and creamy milk chocolate
truffle topped with 23 carat gold leaf and seasoned with the Colonel’s eleven secret
herbs and spices. Hold on, we’re talking about the colonel’s
eleven secret herbs and spices? Maybe these chocolates were actually good! They had an auction for these chocolates on
Facebook. Not too sure how the winners moms liked these
chocolates, but one thing is clear. You’d have to be a superfan of KFC in order
to participate in an auction to buy these chocolates! 1 – KFC Pink and Black Burgers – China
What do you get when you mix fried chicken, a couple burger concepts and Chinese ingenuity? Well you get these two crazy looking burgers! The Black diamond bacon spicy chicken leg
burger and the Rose cheese roasted chicken leg burger were released in the summer of
2015. KFC China was looking to spice up their menu,
and they definitely at least caused controversy. On the whole, people who tried it seemed unimpressed. Snapshots of the chicken burgers on Instagram
depicted stale, often cracked pink buns on top of fast food chicken. The buns shade of pink definitely didn’t
look quite as pink, and it also appeared to have a brownish hue. But, the Black diamond burger definitely looked
a lot more like the sandwich in the ads. Ehhhh… be honest, we don’t care what
color the buns are over here, or what the burger really looks like. The real test is in how it tastes! Here’s what’s next!

11 thoughts on “Fast Food Options Not Available in America!

  1. i live in hong kong, mcd for an instance, we used to have literal rice box for around $4 which is whole meal
    edit: the whole meal comes with the rice box itself and a typical soft drink

  2. When I was in Italy for a wedding I didn't believe when my cousin told me what they had at McDonalds I don't remember how we ended up talking about that but I had to go and well I've had the nutella breakfast burger it is very, very good I also had the Brie Nuggets the same day but much later in the day they were also very good.

  3. In China there’s this chicken sandwich that has black buns and pork floss glued on the bun with sauce, It was pretty damn good.

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