Fast Food Employees Reveal Secrets About Fast Food

– Whatever you do, don’t
be rude to the people handling your food because you might find a pubic hair in your burger. (upbeat music) – How do you get something for free? B.Y.O.B. bring your own bug. (chuckles) – Complain, first off, but you don’t even have to complain that much, you don’t even have to make a scene. Open the package and
take one bite of the food and then return it and
they can’t take it back over the counter most of the time, so you’re just gonna
get free food that way. – Some of the managers
at some of the spots, sometimes they have coupons that they have in their back pocket and they give out whenever they feel like
they’re in good spirits. So if you see a manager when
you walk into a spot, be nice. – [Woman] What time is best to order food? – The best time to order
food is right when they open. – Breakfast, you wanna order
it as early as possible. If you get breakfast towards
the end of the breakfast time, you’re getting the worst, oldest, stalest, grossest eggs ever,
you’re getting them nasty. If you’re gonna be buying
food for lunch or dinner, you wanna do that outside of the rush hour because the rush hour is
when we don’t pay attention to the quality of the food. Do ice cream machines really break? All the time. They are the worst machines ever made. They get jammed, nobody likes them. We hate that you buy ice cream. – Sometimes like we don’t have people who either don’t know
how to use the machine. Sometimes people are just
lazy and don’t feel like walking over to the
machine and they’ll lie and say it’s broke. – [Woman] Are you told to
fill cups with ice on purpose or not fill up cartons
with fries to the top? – We’re gonna fill up a
lot of ice in that cup because you’re gonna get less soda. If you’re gonna go to a place, go to one where you can get
your own soda out of the machine because that’s the only way
to cheat the system on that. – For fries, if we
haven’t made a new batch and it’s like the scraps
of the last batch, we’ll just try to get
what’s last in there. – We always, always, always
didn’t fill them to the top. We did that on purpose. If we ever did it, we got in trouble. Our boss did not like that. – What are the consequences if you put soda in a free water cup? Diabetes? (chuckles) – You get arrested immediately. (siren wails)
No, I’m kidding. They don’t do anything at all. Don’t do the brown sodas because then it doesn’t look as conspicuous. – If there’s a manager standing by you, maybe they might call
you out and you might get a little shamed, a water cup shaming. – Are the employees must wash hand sign more of a reminder for you or to make customers feel better? It’s for all of us. We shouldn’t have to remind you as adults to wash your hands, but we all
should just wash our hands. – They think that sign’s
just gonna throw it out there and make the customers
immediately think oh, of course they’re washing their
hands, they’re so hygienic. Yeah, that’s not always the case. – There are some people that
might not wash their hands because they wear gloves and might just put on gloves on top of their dirty hands like oh, what do I need
to wash my hands for? You idiot, you just put on
gloves with your dirty hands. – So if you ever see
anybody handle your food, make sure that they’re wearing
gloves every single time. I’m not gonna tell you why, I’m just gonna say make
sure they’re wearing gloves. – Are names misleading? Does fresh always mean fresh? (laughs) I plead the fifth on that question. – Names being misleading, yeah. There’s a lot of fake lines
that are put on those burgers to think that they’re
going through a flame, they’re not, there’s no fire
that touches those things. – Have you ever created your
own secret menu, what was it? If you’re lactose intolerant like me and you don’t want cheese
on your baked potato, barbecue sauce is the way to go. It’s like a big, giant
barbecue potato chip. – I would always get the
ice cream concoctions. I would throw salty stuff in it like fries because I’m fat and customers
saw that I made that and they wanted it but we
couldn’t make it for them because it wasn’t actually on the menu. – You just get creative, you
mix some spicy with some sweet, some hot with some cold, just
see what you can come up with. The combinations are endless. – What’s the most annoying
thing you get asked daily? How many patties are on
a double cheeseburger? (crickets chirp) – Ordering on the phone
is annoying because either you’re trying to talk to me or you’re trying to talk
to the other person. – You know they’re from
Canada when they want mayo for their fries, that’s disgusting. – Be nice to the people
that are making your food. Got it, one more time for
the people in the back, be nice to the people
that are making your food because they’re making your food, dude, like seriously, and
you’re not sitting there watching what they’re doing.

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  1. Lol I just watched the flight attendant video and the asian girl is there too so does she have two jobs or something??

  2. what wasn’t the Asian girl also in the airplane one…? She a flight attendant and fast food restaurant staff?? Lmao I’m starting to feel like they just casting people to act the part

  3. Mayonnaise with fries taste good I don’t try a lot but I’m not Canadian either but it still taste good you are my favorite line and now it kind of went down but I still like you

  4. People can have multiple jobs over a lifetime and she looks about 30. So I don't think she's lying.

  5. People really need to educate themselves before they scream “diabetes” at sugar. Fatty/oily foods CAUSE diabetes. People who already HAVE diabetes can’t process sugar normally which is why they have to monitor their bsl.

  6. Just so you know, at braums, we have 1 minute to take your order, and 2 minutes and 15 seconds to take your money, give you your food, and have you drive off. And, we're only able to pull up one person at a time to keep the line moving. I dunno how it's at at other fast food places though. If you've worked somewhere else, please comment and tell me. I wish to gain knowledge

  7. The guy worked at Burger King the Asian girl worked at Wendy’s the lady with the dreads I think McDonald’s idk about the other one MY OPINION but the first guy definitely bk

  8. 💕💞💗💕❣️💝💝❣️💕💞💞💓💞💞💕❣️❣️💝💝❣️💕💗💓💓💗💕❣️💝💝💗💞💓💕

  9. At my McDonald's that I worked at we had lots of people stealing pop so we installed a switch to just shut the machine off. Best looks on the faces of thiefs, best part of the job.

  10. one time i used a water cup for soda and actually almost got the cops called on us…even though it was dollar drink days lol

  11. I know someone who worked at a fast food restaurant and he told me they put more ice if you want fresh fries ask for them with no salt and salt them yourself (don’t let them see) ice cream machines never break don’t order vegetarian items if you are vegetarian they are cooked in the same oil and lastly the worst thing to order are happy meals there are too many options

  12. Whenever I go to DD or McD's or anything I always ask for no ice or less ice. Drinks already cold and I can add ice if I really want to later

  13. They don't do anything at all huh i ate at this fancy pizza guy I put soda in a water cup and said you can't do that so we just sneaked some out

  14. Late to this video, but I was once BANNED from a Taco Bell for putting sprite in a water cup. The manager stormed out of the kitchen and told me to leave the “restaurant” immediately and never return.

  15. Yes. You are being upcharged. You’re here for “fancy” fast food. Gtfo. We can’t change the prices anyway. This is a FRANCHISE.
    Also, unless you’re Chick-fil-A or a burger place, you can make it at home. All of it. For less. You can even buy stuff directly from the brand. The grocery store is a minute down the road. Please. Go.

  16. Everything comes in bags except avocados, tomatoes, melons, apples, and onions. If it’s relatively round, it’s probably fresh. Lettuce (etc.) is sealed in plastic. Unless you’re at an indie place – that’s usually local.

  17. as a former worker of fast food , i can testify that all of this is true . however , the worst thing i’ve seen was while working at kfc . you know the pot pies you all love soooooo much ? the chicken used in them is left over chicken , stored up to 3 months in a freezer , then is put into the pot pie mixture … they do this with every piece of chicken left each night !!! cut it up and bag it for 3 months … cooked chicken !!! 🤮 i was working there in june of 2018 , i bagged chicken and had to put “june-sep.” on the bag … it was disgusting !!!

  18. "We hate when you buy ice-cream and we hate making it for you"
    same guy a few minutes later
    "I love to make a big icecream concoction and customers want them but cant have them"

  19. want to know a secret? sometimes we dropped food and had to put it in the bag because of the insane drive thru time limit!

  20. Another tip is to ask fries without any salt, they will make a new batch that is unsalted

    you can add the salt when their not looking 😂😂

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