all right so we are just arriving at
the grocery store right now I’ve got my online pickup order ready to go pick up
is between 3:00 and 5:00 so right now it’s 4:30 – I just dropped off the boys
at practice and I’m just gonna pick up my groceries that I need for the menu
plan that I made for this upcoming week so I’m just gonna pull into the spot
here and get my order if you were picking up your order today
please press 1 if you were calling about it all right there I’m just picking up
my order I know I didn’t I’m sure yep okay okay do I still get the link the sale
price okay yeah no okay I don’t want it yeah no I won’t want that then because I
wanted to get the okay that’s okay just go ahead and take it off okay okay number four all right all right so that’s the only thing about
when you do the pick up order like when you order online then you pick it up I
didn’t check my email because if I check my email I would have seen that some of
the stuff apparently is out of stock which is really crummy because now I
have to go to another grocery store to go find that stuff because I need it
because I’m my menu plan last time I ordered it was okay like there was
really nothing missing or nothing that was out of stock but this time like that
was a lot of stuff that was missing so I’ll probably have to head to another
store after I pick up the boys from practice so that’s kind of crummy but
yeah I’m just gonna grab the order now okay I’m just leaving the grocery store
right now I just got my order I guess they did end up having all those missing
items that they were talking about on the phone I don’t know what happened
there but they had them in my order the only thing that was missing was my
laundry detergent so I’m gonna have to go and get dot but I got like three or
four bags of groceries and it came out to $94 so I’m like what the heck is that
even right like Hey look I didn’t even get that much but
I don’t know I guess it’s gross trees are a ridiculous amount of money these
days like everything’s going up so I don’t know I was like geez like it’s
probably easier for me just to take the kids out to eat whatever hey guys so I’m
back home now and I just wanted to quickly show you the website that i
order my groceries from this is from the superstore and i’m just gonna go ahead
and add the items from my grocery list right into my cart online and then i
will choose a time slot for when i would like to pick it up in the morning and
then i go ahead and i pick up my order so this was the order that i had to
process last night and i had picked up today but usually i start to gather
things that i need to pick up again right away as soon as I get home so I’ll
start adding stuff to my cart right away if you are organized with your meal
planning grocery shopping online can really save you a lot of time and money
because if you are placing your order online you are not adding a bunch of
stuff that you are seeing at the store into your cart I really really love
doing it this way so here are the groceries that I did pick up today at
the grocery store with my order I picked up some bread potatoes some juice boxes
sparkling water I got some pasta some turkey bacon for
breakfast here because the kids really really love turkey bacon and it’s a
healthier choice some peppers and hummus and cheese I also got some wraps here
cuz I’m gonna make some breakfast wraps with my menu there is some Parmesan
cheese and I needed everything that I picked up with this order is basically
what I needed to complete my menu plan so everything else I had at home already
these are just the things that I was missing yeah so I needed some yogurt for
the kids lunches I got some green beans just in case I needed to veggies on hand
some crackers for the lunches as well now I picked up some meat I picked up a
roast that was on sale I also picked up some pork tenderloin that was
on sale now I picked this up because I made some last week with a recipe from
love meg that was amazing the whole family loved it and she shared that
recipe on her YouTube channel and it was fabulous so I’ll link that down below in
the description box for you guys because it was a huge hit in our household here
I’ve got chicken cooking for tonight’s dinner I also have two more in the ovens
about a three pack that I already have cooking that I put in the oven earlier
before I went grocery shopping so I have those ready to go because that’s
incorporated with my weekly meal plan now here is my meal plan for the week
you guys will see that I have a breakfast lunch and supper on each day
of the week here I’ve changed up a little bit just so I know what I’m
buying you guys can go ahead and see what I’ve got going on there for each
day of the week in case you guys want any ideas there is one more thing I wanted to show
you guys before you guys go I just got my first pinch me box in the mail and
I’m super excited it is so awesome there’s a bunch of neat stuff that comes
with pinch me if you guys don’t know what pinch me is it is a free online
service that lets the members try lifestyle products from the leading
brands in exchange for their feedback so their boxes are 100% free there’s no
credit card required shipping is also free and they have millions of members
across the u.s. so if you guys want to check out pinch me definitely go ahead
check out their website I’ll link it down below and I’ll show you guys what
is in this box so the first thing that I’m unpacking here is a welcome card
with some information on it and the next thing I see is a full-size a bottle of
Moroccan oil you guys that is amazing because I just bought my last bottle of
Moroccan oil from the salon for a heck of a lot more than free that’s for sure
so this is just super super great it’s got the pump inside it’s got the full
size bottle I’m so excited just by this one item in the box your friend now in the box they also
sent a trial size pack of Skittles how cute is that it is the skittles sweet
heat so I’d like to try those that’s really neat when the box a couple of
Keurig coffee samples for me to try that’s awesome because I have a Keurig
machine now next in the box here is a B or a charcoal cleansing micellar water
which is super great because I really like to use micellar water and I’m
actually running low on line so it’s really nice to try new ones if you are
interested this next thing is something completely different that I’ve never
seen before it’s nut butter and it comes with a few
different ingredients inside so I really don’t know much about this so I’m gonna
have to try it out it looks like it could be pretty good so it comes with a
an almond butter one and a peanut butter one so there’s two different kinds that
I will be trying here also in the box we’ve got some tea samples I’ve got two
different samples here from prevention wellness teas we’ve got immunity and
thrive so I’m gonna go ahead and try those as well I’ve also got some dove
exfoliating body polish here it’s crushed macadamia and rice milk that
sounds really really nice and the last thing in my pinch me box
here is by Garnier it is a nourishing treat one minute hair mask plus coconut
extract so that’s really nice and actually I was just thinking this
morning I run out of hair mask for my hair it’s feeling pretty dry so I’ll
definitely be trying this out probably later today so that is it for what is
inside my pinch me box you guys should definitely try it out because it is a
free service so go ahead and check out that link down below but I hope you guys
got some great ideas from my menu plan today and I hope you guys enjoyed
checking out what I got in the mail from my pinch me box if you guys enjoyed my
video please go ahead and subscribe down below and give this video a thumbs up
and I’ll see you guys next time in the next video bye


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  2. Thank you for the meal plan ideas!! I am def going to try a grocery order onlineโ€”so convenient. Loved your little guy making eyes at the camera while you were waiting for it to be brought out to the truck ๐Ÿ˜‚

  3. Goodness… I thought that cheese was expensive in Australia… even when I convert the currency, you still pay an awful lot for cheese products over there! I feel your pain.

  4. Hi Amanda…good video. I tried to sign up for pinchme but I didn't understand it. No where did it ask me about my address…can you explain it please.

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