Families and Food

I love this, I love that,
I love that, I love that, I love that, I love that, I’ve never tried that,
I’ve never tried that, I’ve never tried that, I love that,
I love that, I love that, I love that, I love that,
I just love everything. I love it! This is Pinkie Pie. Yeah! So I like these,
I don’t know why. Thank you for shopping
at Tesco. I remember when after
having my boy I went through a period where
I stopped eating because I think we was in like
a shared kitchen hostel type place and I wasn’t
really keen on going. Especially because I wasn’t
a good cook, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Yeah the cleanliness and things like
that was just a bit like urgh and I would just remember
buying like crackers and things like that
and just eating crackers in my room. So yeah, not
really coming out. Good boy. I’ve got my days I’ll love cooking. Sometimes my body shuts
down kind of thing and you know there’s days that I
can’t really get up and cook so I will end up either getting takeaway
or cooking oven food. You can actually go outside there and look you can actually see the Tennessee and they don’t shut till 11 o’clock. So they’re open, they’re quite busy
all the time. A lot of people will go there because they’re making that
cheap deal meal. Come on, I need to put you down baby
because I need to do dinner. I do enjoy cooking, but sometimes it’s just a little bit stressful with
the kids to cook the meals that take preparation. Which is why sometimes I
will just opt for a takeaway. Because it’s just easier. So this is the usual route I take to the
nursery or to my mum’s house, my doctors. Because everything’s down by my mum’s. I go in there to pay my bills but that’s about it. I don’t really use the shops here
that much. I think I’m just used to going to Tesco’s
and living on a budget which I don’t really want to mess up. So, I just keep going to the same. Er these are just yogurts,
like the tube yogurts because that’s what Mason has like
after a meal or with breakfast. They’re just the ones he’s
always had since young. But I will get frubes if
they’re on offer. So I will get some processed foods,
the BBQ chicken steaks um, I’ll get like the Birds Eye
chicken dippers, the dinosaurs sometimes Mason and the turkey drummers.
But that’s really it from this section. So yeah I wasn’t the greatest cook
when I had Suraheim. I think I went through a period of
time when he was like weaning that I was just only then
started to experiment with stuff. So like blending a sweet potato. Cooking a sweet potato! That was like the first time
I’d ever like cooked one and you know, so that was
a big, big deal for me. So this also helped when it came
to learning how to cook because I wasn’t the,
I didn’t really have inspiration. I feel like now because I’ve
been cooking for so long you know I don’t mind just kind of
randomly putting things together and being happy with it. Whereas before I was a bit
like hmm, maybe not. Are you okay? Yeah. Yeah? I’m a turtle! I’m never gonna get Gene to
go to the chicken shop. That’s the kind of food you know
it’s just not me, it’s not him. He’s done it once before
he didn’t like it and I told him he
wouldn’t like it. Like some people I guess,
like if they want to go to somewhere else or they
want to get home quickly they’re not gonna wanna get
on the bus on their own. So most of the time they’ll
just, er, they’ll just come and then maybe if they just
buy something light like they’ll just buy a ice cream
or a burger or something like that They’ll still buy something. One pizza, you’ll eat pizza,
you’ll eat pizza. I’ll eat pizza. No you’re not,
you don’t like pizza. I want a Chinese! I think you talk more because
normally when I do a dinner, you have your own
individual plate your dinner’s on there
and that’s it. I might do like extras in
the middle depending on what it is. But I think with this,
because the food literally is help your self it’s like
‘oh do you want some of that?’ So I do think you
communicate. Yeah, which is nicer. For me the changes are
always gonna happen no matter where you live. The gentrification in Brixton
and everywhere else. I mean it’s happening
all over the world. It doesn’t bother me so much as
long as you keep some of the the same businesses
that were there before. Don’t do up a place then
get rid of that business. I’m not too far from
Elephant. So Elephant’s got a good round, er, sort of
like in terms of restaurants and good food. Like I love Pret, so I’m so happy they’ve got
a Pret there now, you don’t understand. It’s costing me a lot of
money though. Is it in my price range?
No not really. Is it in a lot of people’s price range?
I don’t think so. But as people start to move in
and kind of, you know, the more rich people come in, that’s gonna
be ideal for them I suppose. But no one really wants to live in a place
that’s really, looks rundown. Even my estate looks really
kind of rundown. So, you know, it’s just, it doesn’t make you
feel good or positive about anything. So yeah, I’m happy for change
but at the same time I feel like if we can’t afford the change
then it’s not that great. Like Clapham High Street now just
reminds me of a massive like restaurant. It’s just literally from one end
to the other it’s just food shops and I don’t think they all
need to be there and I don’t think they’re like
um, the cost-effective shops.

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