Fake Meat – Deciphering the Hieroglyph

brothers and sisters today we’re going
to be celebrating hi-tech eats meatless of course yet with the mouthfeel of meat
we’ve got to have it the mouthfeel I need it’s all so ecological you see
they neglect to tell you that it’s made with Roundup Ready soybeans genetically
engineered of course soy is implicated in the forestation and destruction of
habitat to a great extent large amount of pesticides are used in its production
this means that it’s likely that the soybeans will be contaminated with
glyphosate recently there have been a number of courtroom verdicts implicating
it as a carcinogen ah but what about the blood that oozes out it is derived from
a genetically engineered yeast faith meat then is loaded with GMOs here is
Jeffrey Smith with the Institute for Responsible technology to tell you about
the dangers what scientific studies have been done on the health impacts of GMOs
on our health and what did the studies show there’s been numerous studies now
that show significant impacts on animals that are force-fed GMOs in feeding
trials potentially precancerous cells growth in the digestive tract smaller
brains livers and testicles partial atrophy of liver damaged immune system
activated a new immune system multiple massive tumors premature death
significant issues throughout the range of areas that they’ve tested including
damage to the microbiome now these are not unpredicted because
the process of genetic engineering itself causes massive collateral
within the DNA and can create randomly new toxins allergens anti nutrients or
increased levels of existing toxins allergens and anti nutrients moreover a
number of studies have shown that ultra-processed foods raise the risk of
cancer the more ultra-processed the food you eat the greater your risk never
before in the history of humankind has genetically in genetically engineered
yeast been a part of the diet let’s then celebrate let’s celebrate fake meats
ultra-processed contaminated with glyphosate made with genetically
engineered soy beans losing a red colored chemical genetically engineered
to resemble blood anything for mouthfeel it seems I can’t wait to gobble it up
but hold on why not abolish cows and replace them with fake meat would not
this be a invitin progressive thing to do after all factory farming is
responsible for a large share of today’s air pollution water pollution
deforestation rising carbon emissions and the depletion erosion and poisoning
of soils in a contained animal feeding operation or CAFO the animals are packed
together in unspeakable conditions atrocious and filthy they belch tons of
co2 methane and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere meat produced in CAFOs is
indeed an abomination there is an alternative
however namely 100% grass-fed beef in moderation it is a very beneficial food
faith meat is nutritionally inferior according to dr. Mercola as a general
rule I believe man-made foods are vastly inferior to natural Whole Foods and
always will be outperforming nature is a tall order no one has succeeded yet also
raw milk and raw milk products are wondrous foods ask any biodynamic farmer
he will tell you healthy vibrant food and plants require an animal essence
will composted manure is indispensable it’s gold pure gold as a soil
conditioner and moderate fertilizer it is beyond compare
calleman ore is an essential part of organic farming and gardening cows have
an important role to play in a truly regenerative agriculture as Ronnie
Cummings with the organic Consumers Association explains there are 8 billion
of pasture and rangeland worldwide that are simply not suitable for raising
crops but can support livestock cattle play an important role in the ecological
balance of these lands it is a paradox imprisoning animals you know in factory
farms is a major contributor to pollution to pollution of both air and
water but allowing them to graze is a key to sequestering excess carbon
dioxide from the atmosphere this carbon is stored in the world’s billions of
acres of rangelands and pasture lands as Ronnie Cummins tells us through the
miraculous process of photosynthesis plants including pasture grasses have
the ability to breathe in co2 and transpire or release oxygen
simultaneously turning atmospheric co2 into a form of liquid carbon that not
only builds up the plants above-ground biomass leaves flowers branches trunk or
stem but also travels through the plants roots into the soil below when a cow
eats a blade of grass the grass sheds some of its roots these are then eaten
by the worms nematodes and microbes digested by the soil in effect and so
added to the soils bank of carbon that is how the soil is built up
thus photosynthesis is generated through healthy soils and forests and 100%
grass-fed holistic grazing brought down excess carbon from the
atmosphere and stores it in our soils at Judith’s course explains in her book
cows save the planet holistic rotational grazing especially in pastures where
perennial trees and plants are growing is the key to averting climate
catastrophe think of the Great Plains they wants teamed with endless herds of
Buffalo so much so that the transcontinental railroad trains had to
stop for days on end to allow the herds to pass
thus the fertility of those lands that the fertility of those lands persists to
this day despite the gross abuse is a tribute to the Buffalo asrani common
surmises the long-term answer lies in the transition to sustainable
regenerative chemical-free farming practices not in the creation of food
manufacturing techniques that replace farms with chemical labs it does not
make sense to replace cows with fake meat fake meat ultra processed food is
no quick fix it is no resolution to the crisis of American agriculture it is
more a symptom of estrangement let us go deeper still in agriculture we
see we see a shift towards growing vegetables and fruits in chemical soup
in greenhouses it’s called hydroponics
raspberries blackberries those Tomatoes all winter long that have been coming
from Mexico are grown in chemical soup and it’s becoming a tidal wave here so
we have it the movement to abolish soil on the one hand to abolish animals on
the other means removing people yet further from the source of their
vitality from the source of their vital sustenance it also means the end of
family farms yet we’re told it is also ecological we have a better idea in
place of an ultra processed artificial substance with no counterpart in nature
why not try a veggie burger how about a black bean sweet potato burger you can
find it on eating bird food.com brothers and sisters the rush to fake
meat is the rush to dehumanization it is a road sign on the highway to extinction
in place of fake meat we say rather build here an edible school yard for the
American spirit Thank You indeed let’s go forward brothers and sisters

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