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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comma with face pie that’s right if you’re gonna make a meat pie out of
someone the least you could do would be decorate the top with their faces a
tribute and that’s exactly what i did here with the free-range drifter i
harvested a few weeks ago and of course I’m kidding
there were no actual humans used in the making of this face pie allegedly but
anyway I’ve probably already said too much
so let’s just go ahead and get started with this horrific Halloween recipe and
to get started what you’re gonna need is one batch of pastry crust and that is
straight from our tortilla recipe which I will provide a link for and what I did
first was trace a circle around my pie dish so I would have a little bit of an
outline to help me design my face and once that was said I started cutting off
pieces of dough so I could start building the underlying structure of the
facial features and I started with that bony part above the eyes which i believe
is called the eyebrow real Ridge oh by the way fair warning in many parts
during this I have to speed up the video since I took way way too long shaping
this but anyway after my eyebrow bones were done I started on the nose bone
which I believe is technically cartilage and once I had the general shape of the
nose done I went ahead and formed the lips which is you probably know where
neither bone or cartilage just some good old-fashioned muscle tissue and before I
knew it my face started to take shape and from there I continued on with wood
I thought were gonna be cheek bones but I kind of put them too high
since believe it or not this is my first face pie so live and learn and after
what we’re supposed to be the cheekbones I went ahead and added some eye lumps
and the reason I really wasn’t that concerned at this point with these
pieces being too precise is because after shaping these underlying features
my plan was to place a very thin skin of pie dough over the top and then I’d used
that to mold the final face so that was my game plan and after getting it to
this point I slid it on a sheet pan so I could pop that in the freezer so that
those pieces of dough would be nice and hard when I laid over my skin so I
popped the pan in the freezer and the dough back in the fridge to firm it up a
little bit and once that dough had reach hild a little bit I pulled
it out and took half of it and formed it into a disc and with the help of some
flour and a rolling pin I went ahead and rolled that out to a round shape fairly
thin maybe about an eighth of an inch and once that was that I went ahead and
pulled out my frozen face parts and I centered my edible epidermis over the
top and then very carefully I used my fingertips to kind of push it and pull
it into place and because the dough underneath had been in the freezer and
was nice and firm and this dough I just rolled was nice and soft and flexible it
was actually pretty easy to shape into what you’re seeing here and I think it
was right about here that I realized my nose and lips were probably a little too
big but I was too far and at this point to change that plus I didn’t really care
that much because this is a Halloween thing and no matter how it came out I
was just gonna say that’s how it was supposed to look and as far as smoothing
and smearing the dough in certain spots I found that dipping my fingers in some
water really helped and as with any time we’re working with pastry dough whenever
seems like it’s getting too warm and too soft to work with we’ll just go ahead
and pop it in the fridge for a few minutes so that butter firms back up so
that’s what I did here and then I went ahead and pulled it back out and then
using a chopstick I made some nostrils because my pinky was too big and I
didn’t think a pencil would be sanitary and then after creating some beautiful
nasal passages I moved down to work on the eyes and my plan was to have one of
them open and one of them closed so for the open one I cut some dough out of the
center and then for the closed one I just cut a slit in the center and then
made a second cut right underneath because I think that’s what an eyelid
looks like I also took the knife and cut a little bit between the lips because I
was hoping as this bake some of the juices would bubble up through which
they never did but anyway once I was happy with how my face was looking I
decided I need to pop that into the freezer so it would be nice and stiff
and firm so I’d be able to pull off that paper and then lay that over my filling
so I went ahead and transfer that into the freezer for about 15 minutes
which gave me plenty of time to roll out the rest of the dough to form the bottom
crust and once that was accomplished I went ahead and started spooning in fill
sorry not spooning in fill spooning in the filling
which by the way just like the crust is from our famous tourtière video one of
the most delicious things you’ll ever eat
so even if you’re not gonna make a face you should definitely try that recipe
and once I had that all transferred in I went ahead and pulled out my now firm
face from the freezer and pulled off the paper and place that on top and then I
had to wait about 10 or 15 minutes for this to thaw a little bit before I could
do the final shaping and while I was waiting and when I had made an egg wash
which we’re gonna use to paint over the top and also as you see to add some
coloring so I went ahead and beat one large egg with a tablespoon of water and
we’ll set that aside until needed and in about ten or fifteen minutes later that
dough is flexible enough to do the final shaping and as you can see I’m kind of
tucking it in a little bit around the edges because I was afraid if I
stretched it too much as a baked I might lose some of the detail plus I wanted to
maintain kind of a rounded shape and not have this too flat and then once I was
happy with that I went ahead and took a knife and cut off the excess trimming
all the way around underneath the edge of the dish and then after parting those
lips a little more I moved on to adding an eyeball for which I used a half a
grape and then I cut and placed a couple pieces of dough over that to form what I
hoped would look like eyelids and by using a grape I thought as it baked some
of those sugary juices would leak out and kind of caramelize in a gross
disgusting way but unfortunately they never did so I probably should used a
cherry tomato or an actual regular cherry but anyway if you make this
that’ll be up to you I mean you are after all the bill 9 of what to use for
your face pie eye and then once that was sad I moved back to the lips and went
around cutting some very shallow lines to make my probably way too large lips
look a little more realistic and then once I finished that I moved on to some
fine-tuning for like way too many minutes and by the
way in hindsight all these final tweaks were totally unnecessary since most of
the details kind of baked out as this cooked including trying to add some
wrinkles to the bridge of the nose and around the eyes and then many minutes
later when I was finally satisfied I went ahead and grabbed the egg wash and
I applied this three different times okay the first time was just a brush
plain egg wash over the whole thing and then I added one very small dropper red
food coloring to make sort of a pink mixture
then I used to kind of color the flesh around the eyes and the nose and then
finally for the third application I added one big dropper red food coloring
and use that to color the lips and the tip of the nose and I kind of thought is
this baked that would turn into more of a blood red look but it didn’t it pretty
much kept that color and once baked looked like really cheap lipstick and
looked like nothing filled with a warrant in real life but anyway I went
ahead and colorize that face the best I could at which point I grabbed a fork so
I could crimp the edge which by the way is very hard to do if the dough is
warmed up and is very soft like this so I probably should have popped this back
in the fridge for a few minutes or done it earlier but anyway I pressed on and
it worked and that’s it my face pie was finally ready for the oven
oh and by the way if you’re doing this for a party make sure everybody gets
their pictures right here since it was at this point the most creepy and
horrible and disturbing looking so get your pictures before you pop in the oven
and when you are finally ready to bake we’re gonna go ahead and put that on a
baking sheet in case it drips and I also decided to very loosely tent some foil
over the top okay do while my facial features Brown you too much although I
did pull that off halfway through the baking but anyway I popped that into the
center of a 375-degree oven for just over an hour or until it looked like
this oh yeah check it out it’s a meat pie with a face and even though we did
lose a lot of detail during the baking process it’s still I thought came out
looking very disturbing which if everything goes according to plan we’ll
give our guests nightmares for many months to come so I was very happy and
frightened with how good this came out and I went ahead and transfer that onto
a rack so a cool little faster because that was rapidly losing daylight
and I wanted to be able to take some decent shots me cutting a slice so I let
that cool down a little and I went ahead and took a wedge out of the cheek since
that’s my favorite part of their face and even though this was still a little
too hot it came out pretty nicely and no in case you’re wondering that weird
orange looking thing is not part of the thyroid gland see that’s what I thought
but it was actually just a little piece of golden brown crust that got soaked
with the meat juices and I ended up plucking it out because it did look kind
of weird in the and then just to make it an official
food wishes video when infer taste and again if you have not tried our Montreal
meat-pie also known as tourtière do yourself a favor and check it out it is
so delicious those French Canadians know how to eat
but anyway that’s it how to make a meat pie with a face whether you make this
with an actual free-range drifter or simply by using some pork and beef like
I did allegedly either way I think this would make a stunning centerpiece to
your Halloween themed party I mean that my friends is going to be memorable in
fact maybe too memorable but having said that I still really do hope you give
this a try soon so head over to food wishes comm for all the ingredient
amounts of more info as usual and as always enjoy you

100 thoughts on “Face Pie – Halloween Meat Pie – Food Wishes

  1. Chef John, you're hilarious! That's a good looking pie, for Halloween only! Haha! Are you from the PNW? We do that here😂

  2. I’m sorry…..😂😂😂 I’m sure this is delicious…!!! But i can’t help — it just looks like a Blow-Up Doll which deflated from too much use.😂😂😂

  3. Absolutely creepy and disgusting <3 This is your Outlast recipe, Chef John… unless you want to make something more true to the actual Outlast NPCs…

  4. This was pretty cool. I think that I would have gone with an olive for the open eye. Maybe even a nice fancy one, stuffed with blue cheese. It might've came out a little bit runny, & which I think would've upped the creepy factor just a little bit more.

  5. Awesome – I am making a chili pie with a face (because most of the folks who will be eating are vegheads) for a spooky themed D & D game day. I already had the pics you mentioned in your vid but I LOVED seeing how you did it step by step. Within a week, all of my victims – er – family will be eating face pie for supper.

  6. Made this today for our building's Halloween party and got a LOT of compliments. I'm Canadian, and I think this is the best tasting tourtiere I've ever had.

  7. I made one of these after watching this the first time. But, I made it Apple, instead of meat. Made it for a friend. It looked pretty good for my first time. Did add more red food coloring for the lips. Again, thank you for posting.

  8. Could make a cherry or some sort of berry would look real creepy with face slashes. With red oozing through.. Thank you for sharing.

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