Exploring the ‘Nazi Village’ of Jamel

100 thoughts on “Exploring the ‘Nazi Village’ of Jamel

  1. Scared, old, white men are everywhere these days… they’re the ones people should avoid and fear in the end. Close minded bigots are far more of an issue than any other group of people, regardless of nationality, race, creed, heritage, religious affiliations, etc.. Rich, scared, old, well to do, commonly white, men are the real problem with the world today.. I get that sounds racist too, but I’m a middle aged, white dude, whose just trying to point out the obvious is all I’m trying to do…. I’ll leave all the bigotry up to that pile of pumpkin diarrhea some might like to call the president, it seems to be the only thing he does well, discriminate and divide people…

  2. What the camera will not mention is that the E.U. is being purposefully invaded with African and Asian migrants by the million, to utter even an expression of concern is considered racist…………..no wonder the Nazis are on the rise

  3. Watch how the Israeli government and it´s people treat non-jewish refugees…
    Now compare that to this B*llshit smear campaign that is designed to label anybody who is concerned with the violence, lawlessness and social impact of mass immegration to how Ireali's deal with a MUCH smaller group on refugees..

    They don´t only talk about wanting to preserve the jewish identity but about how these refugees stink, probably spread disease and should be put in concentration camps.!

    They say these things openly and on the mass media… THey being POLITICIANS!!!

    Imagine members western european govenment saying the same things.??

    So it´s only racist if white people say they are concerned about that FORCED and rapid change of their culture along with all the criminality being brought by these migrant surges IN THEIR NATIVE HOMELANDS but if israeli's say the same thing and it´s THEIR RIGHT to protect their 'culture', keeping it jewish… Keeping it their own…?

    Where is VOX?
    Where is Vice?
    Where is Shapiro, CNN, NBC or the New York Times? Crickets….

    Everybody deserve a homeland and everybody should have the right to keep what they have toiled for, build their homes and be safe inside only inviting those who respect and keep to house rules…

    See for your self what is going on and think about what the meaning of the word racist, supremist and nazi is..



  5. Ironically, Jamel is one of THE safest places to live in post-Muslim invasion Germany. No Merkel guests in this town threatening, robbing, raping, stabbing people.

  6. That first guy she interviews seems like a fun man to party with. Being German sucks! And the last guy is why I’m ashamed of my race. Who gives a fuck what race you are, no ones bulletproof.

  7. I don't understand the nazi-agenda, but the jews really are the problem nowadays. Even Trump gets his commands from Israel, no joke.

  8. The subtitles alone are a joke, vice. He is saying "you are a right winger" and you subtitle this as "you are a nazi". Are you kidding me? You believe every person on the right spectrum is a nazi? That's why you fail, Vice, that's why no one believes you anymore. You are as slanderous as the media those people are talking about.

  9. I wonder… how can he be a Nazi if one eye doesn't correspond to the other and he likely hasn't been at war. Shouldn't he be Euthanized for natural disability? (Or at least purged from the perfect ideal)

  10. Vice…..always on the lookout for the handful of losers who are genuinely racists, anti-semites, homophobes, misogynists, etc.

  11. let the people protect themselves, no problem with that one. Let's face it, the native EU is in danger. At least these people don't stay passive. I think the native germans must be forced to reproduce themselves by low. These people are fenomenal smart and we owe them most of the discoveries and inventions. At least we can protect them somehow. I mean, if a native EU comes to Germany, that is ok. But they are invaded from outside of EU. Am I wrong ?

  12. She should have had a follow up question asking if he doesn’t care about the genocide which took place under Nazi rule… not the best reporter

  13. people like this act all brave and macho/righteous, but then aren't bold enough to actually admit the bad things they do. actual nazis admitted their actions, even if they tried to make excuses for them. not these guys though

  14. This is probably an interesting video but I gave up as soon as the woman driving the car spoke German. I don't go on YouTube to read. Perhaps consider an English voice-over.

  15. Leave them alone. You go looking for them. The same would happen in Israel in neighbourhoods that hate Arab Palestinians communities. Fuck you filth lying press

  16. Just because they are dressed as nazi, share nazi ideologies and make references to the nazi party, that doesnt mean they are naziiiis!!1!1!111!1!!!

  17. Germany's (not only Germany.Probably all EU) collaps will become becouse of racism/nationalism (not becouse of immigrants) as happened twice before.

  18. U know, at this point we should just welcome the new world order. The world would be an interresting place if we could erase the idea of having several nations that are never getting along anyway..

  19. Not enough nazis were hung in what became the DDR… they became the new DDR nazis… new dictatorship same as the old dictatorship.

  20. Just like in the USA with the White Supremists, they are hilarious. Believing that a person's skin color makes them better than others. I'm white, but I've learned long ago that it's a person's mind that makes them superior. A person's intellect, and containing to educate themselves along the way is your only way to better yourself. Not by skin color.
    As for the German NAZI Village, they just don't want people like "The Squad" here in the American Congress to come in and try to force the Islamic way of life on them. You go into someones hometown and start trying to enforce Sharia Law on them, the Muslims will get there asses kicked. Being Muslim isn't the crime. It's being a Muslim and you force your way of life on someone else.

  21. You notice the flag.THEY SAY ITS THE NAZI FLAG?Its not in Germany anything you display that has Nazi Symbolism On it is Atomatic Felony..

  22. Basically, it's the Republican party in the U.S. not hiding their racism. Deutschland ist better than this. Every German I've met has been welcoming and kind, but even they know that the NPD is a "cancer on German society." My great grandfather – who was originally from Germany – would shake his head in shame at this. He escaped Nazism and forever denounced it as a "evil that needed to be squashed." and "Never celebrated by any respecting person – German or American."

  23. You know. Some Germans never learn. In fact I do believe ALOT of them have never learned their lesson. Oh I don’t find that funny. That’s because you got cought !!

  24. Neo-Marxists have such a totalitarian grip on Germany that a man dare not even express his own opinion / findings on history anymore, much less make a joke about it. You either agree with the Jews, or the police knock on your door. What an Orwellian hellhole.

  25. I grew up in Achternmeer, Niedersachsen. Much love to all the small German villages spread across the country amongst the cities

  26. Damn get the b-17s out again they missed a lil spot…evacuate the dude in green pants tho and his family…..and the dogs .

  27. 🌸It’s funny, DW releases a video last year about the Nazi VIllage after you did. Sigh Hopefully history does not repeat itself. But as well as the “Nazi Village” In Germany. There is a similar village in South Africa called,”Orania.” 🌸

  28. Oh well, get the fuck out of their town if you don't like them. You went out of your way to find people that YOU don't like. Stop fucking using hate words like "Nazi".

  29. Seems to me like the hippies are the ones harassing them, if it's a small town and they say 90 por cent are nazis and you don't leave, at least don't provoke them with your stupid signs and your hippie festivals.

  30. These are not exagerrated references to the 3rd Reich era ! These are necessary protections against antifa !

    What the hell is this woman saying, is she completely ignorant ??

  31. You mean there's "extremists" in Germany wanting to say or do something about Germans becoming marginalized in their own country? Horrors!

  32. Given the current political climate in Merkel's Germany. This is a haven for the average German. Salvation from Merkel's open door immigration policy. Respect from the UK

  33. You’d think if you were in his position your reaction would be more shocked, upset, and quick to find out who wrote such an awful thing on that grill, and or punish the person who did it. He obviously knows who did it, and doesn’t care. Just shows you how inhumane and dark he is.

  34. The thing I noticed they show obvious fear in what they can or can't say. That's bullsh*t, and more than thankful we have the 1st amendment. She asked him who it belonged to? He looked fearful.

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