Hello. How’s it going? I don’t think I belong here. However Jack said… Oh God, I can’t even talk to Jack. I can’t do it. I can’t do it. Lew decided… He gave me a box, Locked me in the room, and said it’s time to make a video. So… Esian Mall. Esian Mall? Asian Mall? Yeaaaahh. No one’s ever gonna see this video, are they? I don’t even know what’s in this. Is this food? Ohh. A gamer box. Alright! The geek and gamer Snack-Box. Make hearts flutter. The geek gamer Snack-Box and the geek Chic beauty box. Why didn’t I get the Beauty-Box? Cheese rings. Japanese? Whoah! It’s weirdly sweet. A very sweet Cheeto. Don’t open. Don’t Open! Geek inside. Yeah.. I don’t know what I’m doing… Roasted peanuts. Coconut. Mmmh. Everythings really sweet. Oh. Oh. Mango. Mango Flavour. Pudding? Ooh! That feels… ..Mhmm. Yeah. That’s nice, okay. Okay… Strawberry artificially flavoured bubble gum. Gum… I like, half-tempted to just swallow it now. Don’t use that. Bing bing. A’ight. A’ight… Bing bing. I’m in. I hope I just said any of these names right. If I’ve said any of them right, i’ll consider today to be a success. Couple more bing bings. Tofu Miso soup. I have to come back to this one. Five spices Beef Jerky. I like Beef Jerky. As you might be able to tell from… Okay… I’m surprised. None of this has been bad. Beef Jerky is actually really chewy. I’ve slightly underestimated… What I had bit into. White Cream soda. Yogurt flavor. I feel like things have been going well so far. That’s like exactly like cream soda. I don’t know what the’re talking about with yogurt. That’s… An almond cookie. Mhmmm. Mhmm. Mhhm. It’s alright. Jojo’s dried mango chips. Aah. I actually like mango. Oh. I mean, as you can tell. Well that’s a mango right there. Ooh, no. Non-fried bamboo charcoal noodle. Oh, what ? Why is there a tiny busted spoon on the bottom ? Ughh. I didn’t notice how dirty it was. This mango tastes really good. Are those mints? Whoah! That’s sour. What is this? All this, why you’re watched this whole thing is Lew’s fault, when you really think about it. He could’ve been here, he would’ve been entertaining. This would be an amazing video. He would’ve been excited, would’ve been talking to Jack, he would’ve been really amped up. I’m just questioning… A lot of things. Worm sucker tequila. Insect larva. Natural and artificial flavouring. Ughh. Ugh! A lollipop is supposed to mean something in life. Supposed to be something happy, joyful, fun. Not this. No one asked for this. Hi mom. It’s, uhmm…. Water here. Too slow. I sat down to unbox the box. But the box has actually unboxed me. Moving on. Not bad. Not bad. They’re noodles. They taste like noodles. I don’t know where you get this box if you wanted it. Uhm… I would be able to find out if I didn’t throw it on the floor. But uhm… Esian Mall. I… Feel like a disaster right now. Stay in school, kids. [*clapping*]


  1. I never knew these food were exotic. It's available here everywhere. It's how westerners always identify something "exotic" just because it's not available to them everyday. There is a statement there saying these are "unusual", where in fact, they are not. It's also an acquired taste so yes, it may taste weird to you. Still, reacting disgusted (even in a humorous way) is not good. Reacting can be educational, not ignorance.

  2. The charcoal noodle look like you have be desatured the color in video editing software but reality that is the color😂😂😂.Who notice it like this comment

  3. Austin always be blaming everything on other people. "This is Lews fault he could've been here" "all these awful purchases are Ken's fault"

  4. Wait a minute. I didn’t notice this was the Unbox Therapy channel till the point he said “this is Lews fault”…

  5. Austin Evans* What is this and why do I have to eat this weird exotic food?


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