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– Hey guys, are you ready
to spend the day with me? (happy music) Today I wanted to share a couple of my favorite hot spots in New York City so let’s start with a
good breakfast first. Good morning, we’re in my
favorite brunch or lunch spot which is 12 Chairs. It is an Israeli
restaurant so it has a lot of Mediterranean food like
hummus, pita bread, eggs. They have shakshuka which is baked eggs in tomato sauce with feta. Normally when I’m at home, I make a smoothie or
oatmeal for breakfast. But when I got out, I normally go for eggs
or a dish like this. So what I normally do, I take a big scoop of hummus. I put this in my shakshuka. I add some cucumber and tomato to this. Take a piece pita bread, and then ready to eat. (happy music) So good. It does look like a lot of
food, but it’s all very light, like the eggs, the hummus, the salad. So it makes you full but
it doesn’t feel heavy. So we’re all done with breakfast and I’m gonna head to a
couple meetings in the city. On the way, grab a quick matcha. So after my breakfast, I always try to stop by
my favorite matcha place, Cha Cha Match. So let’s go inside. Hi, can I get a match
latte with hemp milk? – [Barista] Sure. Would you like that iced of hot? – [Sanne] Hot please. – [Barista] Your name? – Sanne, S-A-N-N-E. (cheerful music) Thank you. Match has kind of replaced
my morning coffee. Often after breakfast,
I like to grab a matcha and I also found out that it had ten times more antioxidants than a normal green tea so it’s super healthy. I just noticed, I was a
little bit of a coffee addict and this is such a good replacement. It’s so delicious. So when I have this in the morning, I just really like to sit
down and just take a moment. Another reason why I don’t take it to go and why I don’t rush it is I don’t have to put
a plastic cap on it, so it saves a little plastic. Gonna head to my Pilates class right now and then we’re gonna grab
a nice lunch with a friend. (relaxing music) So I just finished my Pilates workout and I met up with my friend Regitze. – Hello. – And we’re gonna go to one
of our favorite lunch spots, Two Hands for a healthy lunch. – Let’s go. – So this is one of my favorite spots because first of all, it is Australian and I feel Australian do
brunch and lunch the best. What’s your favorite? (speaking in foreign language) – I’m so hungry. – Can I get the Brassicas bowl? I would like to add
sweet potato and no egg. Cheers. – [Regitze] Cheers, water. (laughs) – [Sanne] So a healthy salad bowl was of my to-gos for a lunch and
especially after a workout, I want to have something
healthy but to make me full. – So good. It’s so crunchy, it’s the best. – Really good. – I have an obsession for granola. – Also sometimes if I
eat something unhealthy in a restaurant, when I’m at home, I try to make a healthier
version out of it. So a lot with the granolas
in the bowl in restaurants, I’m like you know what? I’m gonna try to make my own. We’re gonna finish up our
lunch for a little bit and hang out and then I
will see you guys tonight for dinner again. (upbeat music) This is my favorite Japanese
restaurant in New York City, Domodomo. It is perfect for a date night. I’m gonna welcome my date here. Well, this is Max. – Hey guys. – I think about one and a half year ago, we had our… – Second date, we had
our second date here. – So before you arrived, I ordered a bunch of different
kinds of sushi and sashimi. – Yeah. – My favorites?
– Your favorites. – Good.
– The uni and many others. So hopefully it will be good. – Yes. Thank you. – One of my favorites, tuna. So good. I think we do date night
maybe once or twice a week. I would say because I cook
a lot at home, when we do– – [Max] That’s a good date night, too. – Yeah, we put the candles on. We kind of make it like
a date environment. But we travel a lot, so it’s either twice a week date night, or it is two weeks no date night (laughs). Good? Wow. So this is the miso cod and– – [Max] This is one of
your favorite pieces. – This is one of my favorite pieces. Every time if I go here, I order this and I tried to make it myself. It’s never as good. We’re gonna start with the cod. Okay. – [Max] You get one of those? – This one I’ve never tried
before, so I’m quite excited. Shall we?
– Let’s do it. Cheers, all right. – Cheers. Like a real ice cream. (both laugh) – Actually, the reason
I love coming here is that I feel like I’m in
a Japanese restaurant. When I go to Tokyo, it looks the same, it feels the same. The meal’s really guilt free. I feel like I can come here
and eat as much as I want and walk out of here feeling fine. That’s the one thing I
love about coming here. – If I have a photo shoot or anything, or I need to be in shape, during the week I can still come here because I know that the
quality is really good. I think food is so important in my family. I grew up on the countryside in Holland and my parents always had
their own veggie garden. Even now, when I’m going back home, we always sit at the table, invite people. We always have food there,
so we really connect. – This is actually my favorite part. I love the hand rolls, always.
– [Sanne] He’s hand roll fan. – [Max] Finish off with
the best part of the meal. – This is the spicy tuna,
which is my favorite. – There you go. The one thing that you have to do is always eat them right away, so the seaweed is still crispy. – Favorite part. So this one of the only desserts I order. It’s funny because a lot of people ask, “Do you have cheat day?” Do I ever have a cheat day? – I think you just live
pretty much the same everyday. If you want something, you eat it. Your portions are always smaller. I think at home, whenever you’re cooking, you cook like a bunch of different things, but you’re not cooking a ton of it. You’re just making a bunch
of different little things and it comes together really well. I’m so lucky. – You’re very lucky.
– That I have a chef in my home and you make
the best desserts too. (glasses clink) – Cheers. Thank you guys for watching. You had breakfast with me. You had lunch with me,
with my friend Regitze. And you guys experienced
date night with me and Max. I hope you enjoyed it. I think we’re gonna finish off our drink and maybe go for an evening walk and then wish you goodnight. – Bed.
– Off to bed. Have a good night. – Good night guys, thank you. (funky music)

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  1. Sanne, how much times per week you do work out? Is it true that VS’ models do not eat anything from underground like carrot, potato, onions etc ?

  2. Food Israel !! First, this food is Arab food, and mainly the Shamans and some other Arab countries. Second, there is no city called Israel. These are enemies and they have taken a town that is not their town. It is Jerusalem, it is Gaza, it is Palestine, its name, or those who claim that their name is Israel. Kill, kill and kill children and torture women and explosions everywhere Find this story if you do not know that they are bad I love I know English well I used the translation to get you my words but I do not know Did you write my words well or there are differences because of the translation I love you I do not want to hate you because you do not see the people who were killed because of those who claim to be Israel.

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  7. Hi Sanne, I really want to tell you a truth.
    Have saved my life. I was so depressed and then got feeling of hurting myself after seeing so many fancy stories and things on YouTube. Then I switched on into your channel . Then I swear, it's calm down now. I don't know how to express how I am feeling but your voice and video really helped me for While to calm me down. Please
    Sara. Always make inspiring video. Thank you once again.

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