Epic Scallop Feast in Tokyo

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  1. Is it possible to provide a link in English. Like yelp or google map. I can’t find it .. thank you

  2. OMG… the pricing is ridiculous ! Scallops… good scallops are very expensive in the US. I need to go to this restaurant and drop some coin!! Great video guys!!

  3. I wish I could come to Japan and have you guys take me out for dinner… I always get so nervous when I'm in foreign countries that I'll say something wrong or won't be understood… so I always end up eating at the hotel restaurants. You two always take us to such yummy looking places

  4. I have never been a fan of scallops, but these looked delicious! I'd love to try them. Thank you both for another great video.

  5. Awsome restaurant! Chef and staff were so nice. The food looked amazing. Definitely going to go there when i visit Japan.👌👏🐨🌴

  6. How does the scallop's quality compare with the one you had in Aomori Hotate Goya? I plan to go to Hotate Goya this June because of your recommendation.

  7. Scallops are my FAVOURITE sea food. I have to add this place to our growing list of places to visit!

  8. Looks so good! I’d probably have a bowl of rice for those scallops! The owner and staff are really nice, friendly and very dedicated!

  9. Loved this episode! I'm visiting Tokyo this August and I am staying in Nakano so I'll definitely stop by for scallops and sake!

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I looooove scallops and will definitely check this restaurant out on my trip in the next few months.

  11. I have never seen a scallop opened and cleaned before, and I've always wondered what they look like – what's in the shell. Thanks for showing us that.

  12. The restaurant owner seems like such a sincerely charming super nice guy! Also this video made me crave scallops so badly

  13. I couldn't stop smiling like a little kid every time you tried some food and you had such a face of delight! 😀

  14. What a fantastic review. Thank you so much! Hotatenchi will definitely be on our itinerary when we visit Tokyo next year!

  15. Wow what great service you guys got to experience! That guy was so nice and handsome too 👍🏼😘

  16. Very nice looking scallops… they look like the large Digby scallops we are famous for here in Nova Scotia, Canada! You should come visit Atlantic Canada sometime and try our amazing seafood!!

  17. what a cool place!! you guys are such a great couple, you can feel the synergy between you both, and the guy you featured was really cool! thanks, guys!

  18. 😅 i prefer this kind of video were you try restaurants and real food that those were you taste junk food. i love you guys!

  19. Thanks for introducing this restaurant! LOOOOOVE scallops! Will definitely go at some point next week when i'm in Tokyo! Will tell them you guys recommended their place! 😉

  20. Arigato for this video!!! I WILL go there because you two made it sound so “oishiso” and the staff seems so nice!…even tho I normally only eat 1 scallop, lol!

  21. I loved this video as I did your other two on Nakano. I will be in Tokyo the week after next week. Please give some directions so I can find the Scallop restaurant!!!! Tabi Eats Rocks!

  22. It really looks amazing! I'm coming in November th 15th until 1st of Dicember. What to you suggest to visit in Nakano? Thank you sooo much 🙂

  23. The food looks amazing and the owner seems so nice! What a lovely restaurant! You guys make me want to visit so badly.

  24. Everything in this video looks so delicious! Definitely adding it to my list of restaurants to check out next time I’m in Tokyo! Thanks as always for taking the time to make us such great restaurant food-finds in Tokyo! 😍

  25. I’ve been to nakano neighborhood, loved that place and intend to go back there. Will definitely try this place- I love scallops too!

  26. Your videos are such a wonderful way to make everyone yearn to visit Japan. I have been taking notes of all the towns and places to visit. Also writing down all of the places you have eaten so I can eat there too!

  27. I would have loved to be there with you during this amazing scallop meal. I can only dream about it. Many thanks for sharing this!

  28. Wow! My gosh! I’m not a huge fan of scallops, but I would totally try that restaurant! I loved how engaging the owner was with you guys. Did they open the restaurant just for you to film? I noticed that the sign at the front door said “closed.” What an awesome video! The scallop skewers and that chicken karaage…..I’m starving now, and it’s barely 7:00 AM here. 😂

    I love that the owner will give a drink on the house for mentioning this video and TabiEats! You boys rock!!

  29. I love your videos. I live in the UK and a lot of this food is miles away from me. (South Coast). If I ever get on a plane….I'm going where you guys went 🙂

  30. Fantastic video… made me really miss Hokkaido from my time there as a JET 😭 My wife and I are starting to plan a trip for next year, because I want her to experience Japan as well. After watching this video, I'll definitely check this place out to get the taste of Hokkaido I've been missing!

  31. Looks like a very nice restaurant. Looks like a great atmosphere and very kind owner 🙂 I have never tried scallops but now I want to ( they look very yummy )

  32. Bookmarked this restaurant for my trip in September! Can’t wait! Wish I could meet you both! I’ve planned my trip with so many of your videos

  33. The owner is so young, so fit, he’s traveled & brought back what he learned to your area & looks like he’s been successful! (Constant smile, such kind demeanor; him & his boys at the end was a perfect ending to the restaurant visit…continued success to him, he deserves it!)

  34. "Yes, it's still alive"
    While I understand. Still, I can't get past the picturing of them ripping it apart while it's still alive.

  35. This place is absolutely going on the must-try list for my next visit to Japan. The food looks great and the staff looks super nice.

  36. Oh my gosh! I am definitely putting this on my list of places to eat when I'm in Tokyo next week!! Looks so good 👌🏻

  37. Brilliant video – thanks!! Being a foodie I watch your videos for places to eat here in Tokyo as I've realised we tend to share the same taste. We can safely say that I've become somewhat of a food stalker. I hope the offer of a free drink still stands, regardless I'm going there as soon as possible because scallops are my favourite seafood and I had no idea that there was an actual restaurant dedicated to only scallops – dream come true…

  38. I appreciate the restaurant fellow speaking in English. I'm not into seafood but it looked as if you two had a wonderful meal.

  39. Scallopsss, yumm. Love seafood. Being from Lima,Perù ,we have a large Japanese and Chinese influence plus i'm from a small fisherman town. Thank you shinichi and satoshi. Say hi to justin! 😎🐶

  40. I just love you guys! I wish I had made my first trip to Asia to meet you guys but Thailand first for my 60th birthday THEN YOU GUYS!!!!!!!

  41. What an amazing concept for a restaurant! I absolutely adore scallops…my favorite seafood! The owner really was gracious, knowledgeable and accomodating. The food looked gorgeous and delicious. Thank you for sharing Shinichi and Shanoshi! 😊❤

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