(ENG SUB)ASMR eating Korean Homemade Food mukbang SPICY KIMCHI & EGG & Short Rib Soup

welcome!! Nice to meet you!! ★ Crunchy Today, the viewer gave me a small gift for the health of the ‘RealMouth’!Because you worried about his health I prepared sparkling water! (joy) Have a great time today! (!!!) (delicious!!!) (?!….)Really big! Two in a bag! (The texture is soft!) I was surprised that the meat wasn’t chewy at all! Crispy Kimchi I wanted to introduce wonderful Korean food to you guys!One bite of meat, one piece of kimchi… I’m hungry It’s not spicy peppers! Another rice thief appeared! The meat is so tender! Put Kimchi on Gimbap! delicious! Fried egg on rice Put crispy kimchi on it !! (Mouth stretch) Oh! Obviously this was bigger than his face …? Until the last broth soup! Thank you so much today! (PoP!)

100 thoughts on “(ENG SUB)ASMR eating Korean Homemade Food mukbang SPICY KIMCHI & EGG & Short Rib Soup

  1. 어찌 이렇게 부드러울 수 있단 말이오!..😋
    건강한 한끼였습니다!
    I really enjoyed it!😋
    It was a healthy meal!

    감사합니다 🧡

    Thank you very much 🧡

    Terima kasih banyak 🧡

    どうもありがとうございました. 🧡

    Çok teşekkür ederim 🧡

    Dziękuję Ci bardzo 🧡

    большое спасибо 🧡

    Cảm ơn rât nhiều 🧡

    Merci beaucoup 🧡

    Muchas gracias 🧡

    Muito obrigado 🧡

    Tack så mycket 🧡

    Najlepša hvala 🧡

    मुरी मुरी धन्यवाद 🧡

    Дуже дякую 🧡

    Көп рақмет 🧡

    Tusen takk 🧡

    Veel dank 🧡

    Mange tak 🧡

    Grazie mille 🧡

    ขอบคุณมาก 🧡
    Ти благодарам🧡

    شكرا جزيلا لك 🧡

  2. 初見です なんか可愛い😍


  3. Sorry RealMouth☹
    I was sleeping i coundlt watch your videos but its so satisfied thought

    -Subcribe to Realmouth or karma in your life😁

  4. 맨날 챙겨보는데 정말 기여우신거 같아요ㅜㅜㅜ❤️❤️앞으로도 마니 올려주세용!!🥴❤️

  5. I actually don’t care about what he drinks, all I have to ask is : why isn’t he burping after drinking all types of sparkling soda??


  6. Hello Real mouth! Everything is perfect with Slovenian trasleteon but there is a small mistake it's not hrustljava Kimchi the correct ward is hrusttljavi kimchi pozdravček iz Slovenije

  7. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you <3 food is my life. if i could, i would spend all day eating. instead, i'll just watch Real Mouth 🙂

  8. Day 11: of requesting mochi or ice cream mochi

    XD i’m latee😭😭real mouth never fails to make my day though😂

  9. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 와 미쳤다 잔망잔망하고 진짜 복스럽게 잘먹는다아.. 주멍쨩 넘 귀여워ㅜㅜㅜㅜ

  10. 너의 맛있는 😋 남자는 재미 있었기 때문에 나는 당신의 YouTube 비디오를 좋아합니다 Love 😍❤️

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