Einstein’s Life in America Shown in Stunning Home Movies

38 thoughts on “Einstein’s Life in America Shown in Stunning Home Movies

  1. "i dont drink so i dont care"
    when asked his opinion on prohibition.
    I wish more people would have that philosophy in life these days

  2. Wow ! Probably the greatest mind of the 20th century and he had an accountant ? Creating equations to explain space and time but paying someone to do his taxes.

  3. He's basically the Micheal Jordan of science. A true inspiration, I really do love the man, wish he was around during our times.

  4. Einstein was a fraud! They promoted him and pushed Tesla under the rug! We live in the world where almost everything is a lie!

  5. I was born and lived on Long Island for forty years but i never knew Albert Einstein lived there.I'm so glad I saw this video.

  6. USARMENIA Einstein’s. Гений. Человечествах и до сих пор теория относительности не прнимаеться и в науке. А скаже Что эта теория. В нашей. Жизни по сей день. Актуальна. Браво. Гений🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🎬🇦🇲007

  7. the dim light in his eyes shows great levels of empathy whitch is the natural thing to emotionaly balanced and inteligent people..

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