Eating Only ONE Color of Food for 24 Hours!!!

Hey, guys, this is Karina, and it’s Ronald, and we are from… Sis versus–
Bro. And today we’re doing a challenge where we have to eat food of one color for 24– Hours.
But there’s a twist. (Ronald exclaims)
Our dad is joining us. (record scratches)
No, no. Yes, you are.
Yes, yes, you are. You’re been eating too many vegetables, playing too much Fortnite– Too many vegetables?
I already ate too many vegetables, I don’t need to be in the challenge. You got rekt by noobs, so you have to come join us in this challenge.
(Karina chuckles) No. Yes.
Yes. Come on, don’t be scared, little kitty, kitty. Hi, guys.
(Karina and Ronald laugh) Ultimate cringe. Okay, so we have a bowl here with a bunch of colors. That we are gonna eat. (Ronald exclaims) Yeah, all right, I’m gonna go first. I don’t want that one, actually, I want this one. No, I want this one.
What’s wrong with that one? I don’t want that one. I just wanna make sure I get a good one. Yellow, yellow. Yellow. Yellow.
What can I eat with yellow? I don’t know. What? Bananas.
Potatoes. You hate bananas. No, I don’t wanna eat bananas. Karina is like, get me some yellow candy. She’s thinking about potatoes. She can’t get bananas.
What about peppers, yellow peppers? Yellow pepper is okay. Oh, apples on the inside are kinda yellow. Yeah, I can peel the apple. All right, it’s your turn now. Yellow apples, okay, pick this one. Please.
Please be green. Red, I don’t want green. No, I got green. I hope, I really hope that you’re gonna get all the lettuce. Spinach.
No. Broccoli.
Spinach smoothies. This is unaccep-ti-ah-le. (chime boings) You’re gonna love this, oh yes. Espanola. All right, it’s your turn. Okay so, I get let’s see. (paper crinkling) I got red.
No. You get to have cranberries, apples, strawberries.
Strawberry. Raspberries.
Tomatoes. So guys, red is the best color and I got it. There’s so much candy that’s red. That’s so unfair, but guys, there is another– [Karina And Ronald] Twist. We’re not gonna be picking food for ourselves, we’re picking food for each other. (Ronald exclaims dramatically) Now, I really hope who’s ever picking food for me, will not pick lots of bananas, I hate bananas. I will pick lots of bananas once I get–
No, all right. Let’s get the other bowl with all of our names. Yes, okay you’re going first, as usual. Which one are you gonna pick? Please don’t be me, don’t be me. Karina, you can’t put it away. Okay.
Can’t put it away. Oh my God, is it me? Karina, I get to pick for myself. No, no, no.
No, no. Yes, no, I get to pick for myself.
No. You have to put it on the side. No. Karina. You said it was a twist, you pick for each other. Not ourselves.
Make another choice. Okay, which one, which one (exclaims)? That one. I’m gonna go for that one then. Get destroyed. (gasps) It’s Freddy. Yay.
Yeah. I know exactly what I’m gonna get you. Oh my gosh, yes. Yes, okay let’s put your name in.
Strawberries please? No.
And raspberries. No.
Okay, so I’m picking for Karina, Freddy is picking for me. Bro, no, don’t pick bananas, don’t pick bananas, please don’t pick bananas. Bananas, what else do you hate? No, no. (grunts thoughtfully) What else do you hate? No, not bananas. I’ll think about it, yellow apples. All right guys, now it’s time to go to the grocery store to buy groceries for each other for the entire day. Let’s go.
(Ronald exclaims) So you guys, we’re in front of the grocery store and now we’re going to rock, paper, scissors to see who’s going first, all right. [Karina And Ronald] Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yes.
(air whooshes) (Karina groans) Rock, paper, scissors, shoot. Yes, I go first, let’s go. Get toasted, get toasted, get dabbed on. But yeah, Ron, just make sure not to buy me any bananas. I’m allergic to bananas. Allergic.
No, you’re not. No you’re not. Okay guys, so I’m gonna go first and I’m gonna go hoo-hoo. Okay guys, so I have my trusty cart and we are gonna go shopping for some Karina food. So her color is yellow and I see some yellow juice, so maybe we should get some of this. Oh, this one says no added sugar, I’m gonna grab that ’cause Karina loves sugar as we all know. Yay, okay so let’s go to the banana section. Look at these bananas, they’re nice and crispy. Okay let’s, I don’t think bananas are crispy but okay so let’s get this banana, let’s put it in there, only one bunch. We’re gonna save her some banana eating. Next thing on the magical list. We need to get some yellow apples. So we’re gonna grab these, oh that’s cold. Look at all of these yellow things. I mean, some of them are kinda orange, but I mean, like (exclaims with dissatisfaction). Okay let’s get a bag, we need a bag, take one. Oh, potatoes, guys, I see potatoes. You know, maybe every once in a while you want some raw potatoes. (packaging crinkling) There you go, I saw some cantaloupe. Should we get her cantaloupe? There is our assembly of stuff, I don’t know if that’s enough or we need to please her more. Is there such thing as a, (gasps), yellow pepper. I was gonna say, is there such thing as yellow grapes but now I found yellow pepper. Look at these shinies. Do I need a bag for these? Okay guys, so I tried to grab some peppers but this guy came to help and he put it in a bag put sticker on it, so yeah. So we don’t have to worry about that, which is awesome. So, what other yellow things are there? Honestly, oh, okay to finish it off some sin gluten cornflakes. Okay, I think this will be our very last item, there we go. Okay Ronald’s done, let’s hope that Ronald did not buy any bananas, but I have a feeling wrong Ronald bought lots and lots and lots of bananas. But now time to figure out who’s going second. Okay, rock, paper, scissors, shoot. I’m going a second, yes, I got plenty of green stuff in my mind for Ronald, let’s go. No, no. I think Ronald will like, let’s see here. We got some green juices, I think this is with avocado and it looks green, so yeah. That’s gonna be his drink. Green kiwis, okay, I think he’s gonna like it. We can have some green apples. What are these? Okay let’s pick a few of those. Nice, brussel sprouts, right here. These are green, fresh veggies. We got broccoli here, that’s green and we also have green pepper. Cumbers are really delicious, some asparagus and green peas. And I think we just need some lettuce and we’ll be done. So guys now we’re in a different store ’cause they kicked us out of the other one. So I got my shopping cart ready and I’m looking for the candy, I can’t quite find it. All right, so this is our candy selection. I think this is licorice, I guess. All right, we’re gonna get this. I don’t know, this is red, so I’m gonna get it. (sighs) It’s hard, I don’t know what to get. I have an idea, what if I put tomato sauce, candy inside tomato sauce? That would taste disgusting. I can get hot sauce, oh that’s perfect. Tomato juice, oh that’s perfect. I can get meat, perfect. Guys, my dad is a vegetarian so he’s gonna flip. Wait, what if I mix some strawberry jam with something. It’s kinda red, yeah that’s red. I don’t know if this will fill my dad up for an entire day, but you know, it’ll be close to decent. I’ve been walking around this place for a while now and I don’t think I can get anything else, so I’m gonna go check out and get all this stuff. Wait guys, I also found a huge watermelon so I could put a bunch of surprise stuff inside this watermelon, oh gosh, it’s heavy. So I could put a bunch of stuff in this and he’ll never know, perfect. All right, I think now we’re ready to check out. So guys, it’s the next day and we dressed up as our color. I’m yellow, Ronald’s green and dad is red. Yay.
And now we’re preparing to make our breakfasts for each other. I’m really excited to make breakfast for dad. Oh no, what am I gonna eat? Karina, you’re gonna have just bananas. (ominous orchestra music) Wait, no, I don’t want bananas, no. I bought many bananas for you, so don’t worry, you’ll get your bananas. Ronald, don’t be so happy, you get all the greens. No, don’t, no.
All right, okay, so I think I should start making the breakfast first, ’cause ladies go first. Fine.
All right, so you guys shoo while I make dad’s breakfast. So guys, we’re in the kitchen and I think I figured out what I wanna make. I have all my foods here, so I think I’m gonna make some watermelon, cut some watermelon, gonna put some candies, some hot sauce, maybe some tomato juice on it to be a little extra. And also I’m gonna have a watermelon smoothie as well, put a bunch of hot sauce, maybe some candy, some more of this stuff. It’s gonna be super gross. On the side we’re gonna have some Jell-O and some salami. This is gonna be really gross, so I’m super, super excited about it. All right, let’s start with the watermelon. So guys, I got some watermelon inside my little smoothie blender and I got my hot sauce bottle. So I’m gonna dump whole bunch of hot sauce in here.
But why, why would do that? Oh wow, squeeze it in. Look at all that, oh, that’s gonna taste so gross. Okay, so my meal is ready. Dad are you ready? I’m ready, let’s go. I’m here to react as well. Okay.
I’m gonna sit here, okay. I’m excited. So now, let’s do this. I’m gonna watch you. Okay.
It smells weird. It smells like strawberries. All right, I got your plate. Okay, I can’t wait. Here’s your breakfast. What, no way. Wait, I also got you. I got red meat? Yeah.
I didn’t say no red meat? Oh my goodness. I also got you a nice smoothie. Oh, that looks good. What is this? A smoothie.
It looks like she put– Okay, okay, one more thing, okay. I mean, one thing here, the red meat I cannot eat. You wanna switch?
No. You got some Jell-O. Okay, let’s try this, so.
And you got candy. Candy’s gonna go last, let’s try the smoothie. You know, I would eat no worse thing first because then it– (dramatic orchestra flourish)
Your mouth. Does it taste good? Oh my God, it’s terrible. Did you put meat in it?
What is this? Did you put–
Tabasco sauce? It’s a red one smoothie with some other red thing. Oh, that’s terrible, oh my gosh. Wait, you put meat in it. No, no meat. Okay guys, I tried the smoothie, it’s super hot. Now I’m gonna try the watermelon because obviously that is delicious. Too bad you couldn’t put like hot sauce on it.
Okay, let’s go. Bruh. Did you? I don’t know, you have to try it. (ominous orchestra music) (grunts with satisfaction) Okay this is the real thing, okay. Okay, next is Jell-O, I think. Okay, yeah, thank you. Okay, so I can eat all of this. I can drink the juice, watermelon, the Jell-O, licorice, whatever it is. But I don’t know what to do about meat, because I am vegetarian and I haven’t had pork in about eight years now. Eight years?
Yeah, I haven’t had pork in about eight. So this is really scary, this is so scary. Okay, take like one bite. If you don’t want to eat it, then fine, but you’ll go a little bit hungry until lunch. You’re just gonna let me off the hook like this? Yeah, I mean since you’re vegetarian and you don’t wanna eat it, then fine, but you’re gonna be hungry into a lunch. Yay, okay.
(chime dings) This is super spicy, okay, I’m sweating when I try this so guys, don’t try it at home. Try it and then you just try it, don’t try it at home. This is home for your information. How much hot, oh my God. (groans) (breathing heavily) I only put a few drops. Okay guys, now I’m doing breakfast for Ronald. It’s gonna be all green, it is awesome guys. Check this out, I’m gonna give him some lettuce, green pepper, that’s the drink I’m gonna give him, maybe some kiwis and it’s gonna be so delicious and nutritious, oh my God. Ronald, so are you ready? Yes. Come in, let’s go, it’s ready. Okay. Sit down, I’m gonna bring it to you. It smells disgusting. Guys, I’m panicking it smells disgusting. Here is your breakfast Ronald. (utensils clattering) What? How do you like it?
Ew. Okay, these, I’m not eating these and that, no, no, no. Okay you have to wat it, you have to eat it try. You have to at least try it, Ronald. Okay, smoothie first. (gags dramatically) Spinach and kale? Maybe, I don’t know, try it. (groans in disgust) (screams in distress) You put green pepper in there? Okay, I’m gonna try this. It’s not that bad, but it’s pretty terrible. Come on, it’s green pepper, it’s delicious. No, ugh. Ron, you’re gonna be really hungry today. (groans) Lettuce is not that bad, I have lettuce like everyday. Is that the best part so far? Okay guys, the lettuce is not that bad, I really like kiwi and I’m about to have that. So I’m excited to eat that. I really don’t like green peppers and I’m not having this smoothie at all or whatever this is. Okay, now let’s have the kiwi. (lighthearted orchestra music) (groans in satisfaction) Tasty. Guys, I am not the chosen one to get this green. Dad should’ve got it. I should’ve, I would’ve traded this green for my hot sauce. Really?
Of course, hot sauce was terrible. Please help me. Okay guys, so now I’m gonna make food for Karina and she’s gonna be like, oh no, oh no, I don’t want bananas. And then she’ll be like, om, om, om, I have to have the bananas. No there’s no way Jose I’m gonna be eating a banana. Oh, there are many hoses and there is a way that you are gonna eat bananas. I’m not eating bananas, I prefer to eat nothing. Okay guys, welcome to Ronald’s master chef kitchen, it is so magical, best TV show ever. And today, we are gonna make some breakfast for Karina. So I think what we’re gonna do is, I think we can have like an apple or something, some juice. I mean, Karina is gonna be like the only person that’s gonna get a good juice. Karina’s very lucky, but she might get good juice, but she might not get good meals. You see, we’re gonna put a few banana slices in there or just bananas. Well, I guess these potatoes will be for dinner. A melon, okay, first of all, we got our apples, our juice and our bananas. Oh we can also, no, peppers for dinner. I guess corn flakes, yeah, we can give her some corn flakes as well. She’s gonna have a pretty good breakfast. So yeah, I’m gonna cook this now ’cause I’m a master chef. Okay guys, I am ready, Karina, you can come now. Oh no, what is it? It’s pretty good actually. Okay, bananas, ew, apples, not too bad. And what are these Ronald? Corn flakes. Corn flakes, okay, got some orange juice. Okay, it’s not too bad, except for these. All right, I’m gonna first try the apple. I don’t really like yellow apples but you know this can’t be too bad, it’s just an apple. (crunches loudly) Karina, you’re so lucky you have all of this and I had like vegetables, lettuce, ugh. That one doesn’t taste too bad, it’s pretty sweet. I’m gonna try a corn flake. (crunches loudly) Is it good? Tastes like corn, yeah. All right, I’m gonna try it orange juice. (slurping loudly) Just normal orange juice from the store. Tastes like normal orange juice, nothing bad about it. Okay, now the banana. Wait do I eat the banana with my hands? I don’t have a fork. Wait, Karina, the fork isn’t yellow. Well, it’s fine. Okay, all these pieces are like brown, I’m gonna get this one it’s not too brown. No, okay. Eat it, it’s so not bad, Karina. It smells awful. Just, ah, just chuck it down, you can hold your nose. (suspenseful orchestra music) That’s the smallest bite I ever seen in the history of mankind. I don’t like it, it’s gross. I don’t like it, ew. So guys, I think I’m the luckiest out of all of us because I got some pretty good stuff, except the banana I’m not gonna touch, ew, my apple is touching the banana ew, okay. All right, so I’m gonna munch on everything else, except the banana, I’m just gonna leave the bananas to rot. You can eat them later if you really want. No, I can’t.
Oh yeah, you can’t them. We have to wait 24 hours. Oh yeah, so eat the rest. (crunches loudly) So guys, now it’s lunch time and I prepared something for my dad I think he’ll sort of like. So right here I got some tomato juice, he likes tomato juice so I got him that. He like the Jell-O from breakfast so I got him some more of that. I also got him some raspberry jam as some dip for the candies. So I got some candy here licorice, I hate licorice made my hand smells so bad. Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold the phone. You got him a whole bunch of candy? So, no, Ron, don’t scream or he’s gonna hear. Okay, but pleas make lunch for me, Karina. Well, I can’t make lunch for you, you could only eat green. No, Karina, it’s unfair he gets all of this stuff. Ron, once he eats all of this, he’s gonna get sick. So? So, he’s gonna be sick. But like candies, Karina, I love candies, it’s unfair. You were the one that said he had to eat more vegetables and you’re giving him candy. Well, there’s nothing else that’s red. Ronald, try shopping for him in a completely different store for red things. Okay fine. Dad, I got you your lunch. Are you playing Fortnite? Not yet. What do you got for me? I got you lunch. Wow.
Look at all these candies, you got.
Finally something good. All right.
Or is it? Well, since I gave you such a hard time at breakfast, I decided to be a little nicer for lunch. Hopefully he’s like that to me. Okay, thank you is this hot sauce? No, no hot sauce. Only sweet sauce?
I don’t know, I didn’t watch her.
Well, you have to try it to figure out what it is. Okay, this looks really good actually. I got licorice, candy, not sure what this is but it looks sweet. I got jam and Jell-O or something like Jell-O. Blast this, I’m gonna try this right away. I think it’s tomatoes. (grunts with satisfaction) It is tomato juice. Is there any sauce? There’s something in it. There’s nothing in it. It’s Karina’s evilness, that’s what’s in it.
I didn’t put anything in it. What is this?
I didn’t put anything in it. Karina is like, it’s store bought, that’s what it is. I didn’t put anything in it, I swear. Okay, let’s try this. Wait, yeah, put in the dip. Okay. In the jam.
Let’s dippy dip dip. Oh my goodness, ah, you can’t do this to me. Oh yes, oh. Oh my goodness stop it. No, oh my goodness.
Amazing. I have to hide.
Oh this is the best, thank you, Karina, oh my goodness, this is the best lunch I’ve ever had. You’re welcome. So guys, it’s lunchtime for Ronald and I prepared something that he’s really, really gonna love. I got his favorite green juice from breakfast, he loved it so much, oh yeah. And I got green plums with green peas and green apples. I have no choice, okay. This is all green because he got green. So let’s give it to him, okay. I hope he’s gonna love it. Ronald, are you ready for your lunch? I got lunch for you. Oh, it’s green again? Of course.
Yeah, you got green. It’s only green, so this is your favorite juice from breakfast enjoy it, okay, you can have a sip. (exclaims in disgust) It tastes so good, right? No, I’m not having this. Okay, peas are okay, apples are okay. Let’s put this away ’cause this is off the list. What are those?
What are those? (chuckling) (grunts in satisfaction) They’re good? Yeah. Okay. (grunting in satisfaction) These are pretty good. I think they’re really sweet, right, this is the best. So is it a good lunch or what? It’s okay, for my color. Okay guys, for lunch I’m gonna stick with the fruits. Apples are okay, plums are really good, I’m gonna be tasty. (record scratching)
Wait, what? Okay guys, so I’ve been preparing lunch for Karina and I came across this. So I opened the melon and I saw this. (exclaims in horror) It’s green so that means I can have it, yay. I’m just kidding I can’t ’cause I bought, so I can’t have it. Okay guys, I’m about to give her her melon. Hopefully she doesn’t complain that it’s green. (ethereal piano music) Welcome to Ronald’s meal day. Today for lunch, we have yellow, totally yellow melon. Melon, I don’t like melon. That’s it, just melon? Yes, it’s just melon, I was lazy. (electronic chiming) I don’t like melon though. Yes, you do, now today you do on Ronald’s Professional Cooking Show. No, it smells worse than the banana. What?
Yeah. Okay, just munch, it’s the only thing you have. Okay. (dramatic orchestra music) Well, it doesn’t taste that good. But Ronald, it’s not yellow it’s green. It’s mostly yellow. That’s not yellow, that’s like white. No, Karina, it’s yellow, yes it is. It’s not yellow, Ronald, you have to get me something else, it’s not yellow. But you just ate it. You’re out of the challenge. No.
You’re out of the challenge, you ate something that isn’t yellow. It’s not my fault, okay, well, you gave me this. You ate it, you are out of the– No, I’m not, Ronald, I ate the white bit. But guys, Ronald gave me this, so I’m not out of the challenge but I guess I have to continue eating this. Or I could just not eat it. Yeah, no, keep on eating it. Okay. Good girl. All part of the plan. Guys, Karina left but I can eat the green ones. It’s not cheating, it’s green. (grunts in satisfaction) Guys, look, Aria is wearing white and the only thing that she’s eating today is milk, so now she’s part of the challenge. Aria, do you think you’re winning? Are you winning the challenge, Aria? She’s like, yeah, I already won, you guys are losers. So guys, now it’s dinner and I made something for my dad super, super special and I was really creative about this one. I made it super special so you will never forget about this challenge. So what I did was made pasta out of licorice and tomato sauce and some jam. (low rumbling) Yeah, I did that and also I made some tea. It looks a little purple, but it looked red before, so I think it’s fine. And that’s the dinner, I hope he likes it. So guys, I’m ready. Are you ready? I am so ready. All right, sit down and wait for your meal. I’m scared too, oh my goodness. What am I gonna get? You’re gonna love it, all right. I got you some gourmet pasta and some tea. Wow, what is this, this is not even pasta. It’s licorice pasta. Licorice? Sugar with pasta sauce and jam? Yeah. Oh my gosh, this is so bad this is not even pasta. It’s pasta, you always make pasta so you should like this. So guys, the only thing that is right about this dish is that it’s red, okay, nothing else. I mean, the jam doesn’t go with tomato sauce. You know, I just wanted a little touch of flavor. I would’ve added some hot sauce as well, but I thought that would be a bit too much. Okay, the moment of truth I’m gonna try it. Ah, smells bad. (suspenseful orchestra music) Oh my God, that is disgusting. That is disgusting, candy with tomatoes, pasta sauce. What is this? It’s not candy, it’s just pasta. So guys, I thought I had the best color ever. Red, it’s supposed to be delicious, yummy, nutritious, everything, okay. I’m getting pasta sauce with licorice, this is a terrible combination, with jam on top. What is even going on? I don’t know why I agreed to this challenge, okay. I was supposed to have the best and now I got the worst. Ew. Guys you gotta vote for me, okay. I’m doing this and I gotta win this, you have to vote– But you’re not even eating it. I am eating it, look. (gags dramatically) I like how you make the most noises before you even chomp down on it. (Karina giggling) ‘Cause I already tried it, I know it’s terrible, okay. I’m just gonna have my tea ’cause that is the only thing good here. Karina took candy, which is supposed to be good, and maked it bad. How is that possible? Well, with just a little bit of magic, you can make anything possible. So guys, now it’s my turn to get my dinner and I hope Ronald did something delicious for me. Well, you are not in luck because I got you some peppers and potatoes. That’s amazing
Really? I love peppers and I love potatoes. (crickets chirping) I thought you didn’t like it. Why, it’s delicious. (mellow jazz music) (grunts with satisfaction) So guys, I got pretty lucky about this challenge. I thought I was gonna get lots and lots and lots of bananas, that’s all I was gonna eat. But it’s actually not too bad, except for lunch, lunch was not very good. But this is really good, I love potatoes, especially these kind of potatoes and I love peppers. They’re so good, thank you, Ronald. I should have gave you like 10 bunches of bananas, oh, that would be perfect. Every single meal, bananas and then one piece of pepper on top. No, that would be terrible. And spice it all off with a bunch of mustard. Yes.
No. Oh I should’ve got mustard, I should’ve got mustard. I hate mustard, don’t ever buy me mustard. Okay guys, I’m so excited, I have delicious and nutritious dinner for Ronald. He’s never seen anything like this before. Check this out, we got all greens that’s because he got green today. See, he’s so lucky, okay, I would love this. So, Ronald, are you ready? Yeah.
Come in. The dinner is served.
No, I’m not eating any of this. Not that, not that, not that, not that. Ronald, it is so delicious you’re gonna love it. Sit down, enjoy your dinner. I’m not eating this, this is the same juice. Guys, what monstrosity is this? I’m not even taking a try of any of this. Oh, it smells terrible, this smells the worst. (gagging dramatically) So, Ronald, that means you’re out? No, I’m eating.
(dramatic orchestra flourish) I’m eating, I’m not out, I’m not out of the challenge. So guys, I think I got the worst thing, this green stuff, ew. Vote for me please. So guys diner was the last meal. Now it’s you’re turn to comment down below who won. Who had got the worst meals and did the best at eating it. I think it was me, I had to eat bananas, that’s so gross. Wait, whoa, look at this. What is this? Vote for me, what on Earth, Karina. I don’t see the challenge here, it all looks really good, I would eat this. You are weird. Guys, not a chance, vote for me. I had the worst pasta ever. Licorice with tomato. What?
You had candy, you had candy, I have vegetables. But it was insane, you’ve seen it and I had the hot sauce for breakfast.
I’ve seen it, yeah. Vote for me guys, I think I’m the winner here. Vote for me guys, I think I’m the winner here. So guys, if our comments are disabled on YouTube, make sure to go to our Instagram which will be down below and comment that I won. No, you should comment that I won, I had the worst challenge experience. But you guys, you know what– I think I had the best, no, no– Okay, anyway, I won. Now, we hope you like this video, if you did, smash that like button. And we’ll see you all next time. Good bye. Wait guys, maybe Aria should win ’cause she’s been drinking milk all day long and she hasn’t complained once. Right, Aria? Are you the winner, are you the winner, Aria? Mwah, mwah. (mellow guitar music)

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