Eating One Meal a Day Weight Loss Results – Here’s What Happened After JUST 7 Days

what would happen to your body if you
just eating one meal a day for the next seven days? all right here we go let’s
see what our starting weight is at day seven of eating one meal a day stay
tuned what’s up busy professionals Carlo Macapinlac here from and in this edition of the “what
would happen if” challenge I’m gonna show you what happened when eating one
meal a day results for seven days and what you can expect for yourself if you did the
same thing I’m also going to share with you some tips and tricks to set yourself
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video every week alright let’s dive in and see what
happened eating one meal a day diet or omad diet for short seems to be getting a lot
of attention these days and for good reason some people refer to it as time
restricted eating or a one meal a day intermittent fasting and it’s pretty self-explanatory instead of
eating your traditional three meals a day or for some people six meals a day
and if you’ve been watching my videos you know how I feel about eating six
meals a day instead you just eating once a day results and you consume zero calories the
rest of the time now a big mistake that people make when they do the omad weight loss
is they think they can just eat whatever they want during that eating one meal a day and that
kind of defeats the purpose of doing it to begin with if you’re thinking about
eating one meal a day to lose weight going for all-you-can-eat
sushi or crushing an entire pizza during your one meal a day diet is probably not a good
idea listen the omad diet doesn’t give
you the green light to just eat whatever you want you still have to be smart and
strategic about it one quick note here I’m already doing a 16 hour fast
everyday which means that I skip breakfast and I eat a late lunch and I
have an eight hour eating window where I eat two meals also I follow a high fat
low carb moderate protein diet also known as the one meal a day keto diet which means that
I’m fat adapted and my body is in a state of nutritional ketosis what that
means is my body’s used to burning fat as a source of energy whether it’s from
the foods that I eat or stored body fat based on my personal experience and the
results of my private coaching clients being in a state of nutritional ketosis
will make your life a lot easier if you’re thinking of trying the omad diet
you’re just way less susceptible to feeling lethargic and having card
withdrawals now you’re probably asking yourself why on earth where you just eating
one meal a day results isn’t breakfast the most important meal of the day you need to
eat 6 meals a day to keep your metabolism high right wrong now this
video isn’t about convincing you that intermittent fasting which is what the
omad diet is, is good for you it is if you want to know more about how I
debunked some of those common fasting myths I’m gonna put a link somewhere at
the top here or you can find the link to my other videos in the description box
but here are some eating one meal a day benefits if you’re still a
little skeptical about it it helps reduce insulin resistance by
lowering your blood sugar levels and if you’ve been watching my videos you know
how important insulin is when it comes to losing weight the omad diet reduces
inflammation it improves blood pressure triglycerides and cholesterol levels
it improves brain function and a lot of people talk about the mental clarity
that comes with just eating one meal a day which in itself is a good enough
reason why you should try it it boosts your metabolism and if you’re trying to
lose weight increasing your metabolism is one of the best things you can do
eating one meal a day also increases human growth hormone levels which by the
way is what prevents your muscles from withering away I know that’s what a lot
of the anti fasting crowd throw out there all the time in that you’re gonna
lose muscle when you fast which is just absolutely inaccurate you have about
20,000 calories worth of energy in the form of stored fat in your body it’s not
just there for looks why on earth would your body then use
your muscles for energy instead unless you’re at around 4 percent body fat you
don’t have to worry about your body eating away at your muscles and from an
evolutionary standpoint we would not have survived as a species from our
hunter-gatherer days if we started to lose muscle when we fast the omad weight loss diet
could also delay aging extend longevity and can even help with cancer prevention
and this most likely has something to do with something called Autophagy which
literally means self eating think of it as a cleanse on a cellular level your
body gets rid of old cells an old proteins and makes new ones in
the process and this only happens when you take a break from eating and that’s
how I want you to think about it if you’re just eating one meal a day to lose weight you’re
just taking a break from eating now here are some more practical eating once a day benefits number one you save so much money if we do some simple
math here if you regularly eat three meals a day and all of a sudden you just
start eating one that’s a 67 percent reduction on your food cost even if that
one meal is a little bit bigger than your regular meal you’re still saving
money if you’re someone who likes to eat 6 meals a day you’re gonna be saving a
fortune benefit number two and most people don’t realize this it frees up so
much time in your hands according to research we make around 200
food-related decisions every day that sounds like a lot and if you reduce your
meals to just one a day that simplifies your life real fast
I mean think about it from the time that we think about the food we’re gonna eat
then you have to prepare it and cook it or maybe you have to get it from a store
then you actually have to eat it then you have to clean up then you have to
refocus and get back to what you were doing before you ate give it a couple
hours and you have to start that food thought process all over again I could
keep going with this but those are some of the big benefits that you should know
about now who should and shouldn’t do the Omad diet the Omad diet is
generally safe for everyone if you’re in good health just consult with your
doctor before you try it if you’re not sure if you’re pregnant or you’re
underweight or if you’re taking blood sugar medication or you’re chronically
stressed then you shouldn’t do it otherwise if you’re in perfectly good
health you should be perfectly fine alright let’s see how it went for me
alright here we go let’s see what our starting weight is at 127
all right day number two 125.8 day three 124.8 day 4 of eating one meal a
day 123.8 weight loss 4 pounds ok I just want to show you guys what a
typical meal looks like for me when I’m eating one meal a day results here’s my food
diary on MyFitnessPal I’m eating a lot of green vegetables because I’m a volume
eater I like having a lot of food on my plate I have some cauliflower rice
I’ve got enough protein there to still promote muscle growth and I’ll show you
exactly what my exact numbers are in a second here and I have cheese and
cashews as my “dessert” delicious and if we look at the macro
composition of this meal it’s high fat low carb diet and moderate protein which is
exactly what we want so we can stay in a state of nutritional ketosis alright
this is day 5 123.6 okay so that’s a perfect example of weight loss
not always being linear right and there’s a couple of factors that kind of
come into play here that I’m gonna mention right so depending on how much you
ate the night before or if you’ve already gone to the bathroom that
morning right like that could affect the number on the scale and as you’re about
to see here the next day it all worked out in the end day 7 of eating one meal
a day 122.8 all right overall it was a great experience
I think a lot of people would take a five pound weight loss in one week to
put that into perspective that’s almost 5% of my body weight which means that
your weight loss numbers could even be higher okay here are 5 key tips that I
want to share with you if you’re thinking about trying the omad diet
tip number one start slow if you normally eat 6 meals a day try to
eliminate those in between meals first and just eat three meals instead like a
normal human being then you want to start by eating a late breakfast if you
normally eat breakfast at 7 a.m. see if you can eat it at a later time
eventually you just want to skip eating breakfast altogether once your body is
used to eating two meals you just want to make
your eating window smaller and smaller until you can just combine your two
meals to just one bigger meal tip number two stay busy listen your body’s used to
eating food at certain times right if you don’t replace it with something else
your body’s gonna think that something’s missing and it’ll make your one meal a day intermittent fasting that
much harder this was actually such a nice benefit
for me because I had so much more time to get work done tip number three salt
is your best friend some people get headaches when they just
eat one meal a day and that’s usually caused by salt deficiency in your body
you need to replace some of the electrolytes that you lose throughout
the day because your body isn’t holding that much water and the quickest way to
do this is to just take in more salt one to three teaspoons mixed with some water
should do the trick here tip number four practice discipline I mentioned this
earlier but your one meal a day diet is not a free-for-all
you can definitely eat a little bit more during this time but again it doesn’t
give you the green light to just binge eat and hit up your local buffet tip
number five the Omad diet works better if you’re on a ketogenic diet I’m not
saying you can’t have success if you have a high carb meal but ideally your
one meal is a high fat low carb diet and moderate protein meal that way you can
stay in nutritional ketosis and get back to burning fat immediately after your
meal if you’re trying to lose weight combining Omad with a ketogenic diet
is literally one of the best things you can do now listen I love food I really
do I love a big bowl of pasta just as much as the next guy but if you’re
trying to eat healthy and lose weight you can’t possibly think that it’s okay
to eat it every day listen it’s okay to take a break from eating you’re not
gonna die as you can see for my seven days of just
eating one meal a day weight loss results nothing bad happens in fact a lot of good things
happen to your body if you just shorten your eating window to just one meal a
day the weight loss is almost just icing on the cake now if you’re someone who’s
been struggling with your weight loss efforts for years you know you’ve tried
every diet Under the Sun and you can’t seem to lose weight or maybe you’re
feeling stuck because you did take that initial step but now you’ve hit a weight
loss plateau and you can’t seem to get out of it and you realize that it’s time
to get one-on-one professional help then feel free to reach out to me head on
over to my website Newbie Fitness read
through the page and fill out the application form for a free consultation
if I think that we’re a match then I’ll personally reach out to you directly now
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more about how I debunked some of those common fasting myths then you have to refocus
and get back to what you were oh my god

100 thoughts on “Eating One Meal a Day Weight Loss Results – Here’s What Happened After JUST 7 Days

  1. This weight lost can't count because you are on ketosis, you lost the weight because of ketosis!!!!!! OMAD works but not that fast, 3 meals a day on ketosis will give you same results, please do the 3 meals on ketosis for us to compare!!!!!

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    I was also going to combine this with the odd alternate day fasting regime. Apparently it's very effective. What are your thoughts? 🙂

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  20. Hi great and informative video! I am starting OMAD tomorrow. Quick question that I have not seen asked or talked about. I understand not to eat or drink anything while fasting except for water. I know you mentioned the electrolyte factor as well. Can we take supplements while doing this? For example I take several different vitamins daily: Magnesium, Calcium, B Complex, Fish oil, vitamin C, D, some herbs and a few other supplements.

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  22. ConAgra, Yum Brands, Coca Cola, and all the rest rely on us being addicted to their deadly products. They’re the next Big Tobacco.

    Yeah, I lost one pound after a week, but I look better naked. Guess I’ll stick with it.

  23. I would say that the success is in the pictures and not in how much weight you lost…or gained. All that matters is your body composition and the number on the scale should be irrelevant.

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    I still have to eat a small snack in the morning (usually just a small fruit or some nuts) because I have Hypoglycemia

    I haven't noticed a real difference in weight loss lately but I'll keep at it.

    I also had already started cutting out junk food before I started the diet

    I haven't had instant Ramen in almost a month ,and I haven't had any chips either

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