Eatbook Gives: Cooking A Christmas Feast For Strangers! | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 51

Hi! Welcome to another episode of Eatbook vlogs Alright today is Christmas what do you do on Christmas ah Chiara? Eat la! Eat eat eat eat So the producers actually told us that we should cook up a feast for a lot of people A lot So what are you going to whip up? I think I’m just really gonna do a simple chocolate dessert as well as a tossed salad What about you leh? I think I’m gonna do a shepherd’s pie it’s a Christmas food and everybody loves shepherd’s pie and maybe some ham skewers? So we’re gonna head off to the supermarket to buy our ingredients today right? and then we need to come back to get it all prepped, get it all chopped up We’ve got a long day ahead but you know good to go! We’ve got this Let’s go So we’re back from grocery shopping and we’re gonna start prepping our shepherd’s pie because it take a longer period of time to cook and to prep I’m gonna start with the minced chicken So I’m gonna use some sea salt and then add some black pepper I’m just gonna really remove the skin off this onion So when you wanna dice an onion you just wanna cut the back side out first then you cut the slices but they don’t go all the way through you just cut like this So I cut this way like this and another time then I’ll just really cut very finely Now I’m gonna finely chop up some garlic So once you’re done with the garlic I can start with my whipped potatoes and I’m just gonna mix it with butter now I’m gonna use the hand blender to really mash up all these potatoes Ok so while Suphon is whipping up the mashed potato I’m gonna start with the minced chicken So first you need to put a lot of olive oil and then you add some onions followed by a bit of garlic and let it simmer until the onion turns a little translucent So when it’s slightly more cooked you wanna add tons of carrots and now we’ll add our minced chicken Ok and in the meantime you need to season it with salt, black pepper rosemary and thyme tomato paste Ok now we’re gonna add frozen peas To give you minced chicken a thicker consistency you add a little bit of flour Ok and now I’m done with my minced meat! Suphon! Let’s assemble our shepherd’s pie Your chicken goes first Ok and then I’ve got this really light and fluffy whipped potatoes Just gonna place it on top of the meat filling Ok and then you just give a generous scatter of shredded cheddar Alright so now we’re just gonna bake it and while we’re doing it we’re gonna make the other dishes as well Oh my gosh I can’t wait it’s yours right? Yeah! Ok so I’m just gonna start with my chocolate cake This looks like a job for me So actually you just need 200g of dark chocolate I also need you help to cut it into really small pieces So we’re actually just gonna melt the chocolate over a bowl you can’t really melt chocolate directly on the stove because it will burn Alright and we’re all done with the melted chocolate and right now we’re just gonna add a bit more fat to it with some butter and then we gotta mix the butter with the chocolate What did Sushi A say to Sushi B? Wasabi (What’s up B) I’m just gonna roll my eyes So let’s just crack our eggs inside So the eggs actually needs to be cracked in one by one so we crack the egg and then we mix it in and we’re just gonna add one tablespoon of flour to really make sure that it’s a bit more dense So can you kindly just pour C: Do I pour all?
S: Ya just pour all Ok now I’m just gonna really smoothen it out Then we give it a bit of thump Alright so I’m just gonna put it in the oven that is at 190 degrees for around 25 minutes Ok now on to the sides I’m gonna do ham pops Basically what you get is a slice of ham, some Japanese cucumber and a cherry tomato on top of a toothpick Eh, looks damn nice Ok your turn I’m just gonna do a very simple side salad I’m gonna cut the romaine lettuce then we have some purple cabbage so we’ll cut it really fine and what we’re gonna do is actually make our dressing right now So it’s a very simple dressing it’s just a balsamic vinegrette So it’s 3 part olive oil to 1 part balsamic vinegar a very classic combination to know when it’s done is when it gets really nice and thick Then once done, all you have to do is to mix it all up Are we done? Are we done? Are we done?! Yes! We’re actually done! Alright so all we have to do is actually to pack it all up and we can actually just go and feast We’re actually here at Dhoby Ghaut Green today So the feast that we’ve cooked up right is actually for our foreign friends here in Singapore So not only have they contributed to our lives but to our families as well Ya so Christmas is all about giving and sharing and what we wanna do is give back to them and share with them all the lovely food we have cooked up Alright so, let’s go! Hi everyone! Merry Christmas! Hi everyone! Today we’d like to celebrate Christmas with you guys So we’ve brought some food along with us So if you want food come on down! What’s your name? So how long have you been here in Singapore for? So do you miss your family back home on Christmas? Oh that’s nice So how long have you been in Singapore for? How do you normally celebrate Christmas? How long have you been in Singapore for? Do you miss home during Christmas? Is Christmas the time where you miss home the most? So how do you normally celebrate Christmas in Singapore? What about in the Philippines? How do you all celebrate Christmas? Is it different? So do you all call back home on Christmas day? Have you all tried our food yet? I just wanna wish you all a Merry Christmas Aunty! Ok so everyone, this is my Aunty here and she has been here with our family for over 30 years right? So what is your name Aunty? My name is Tessie Do you miss home when it’s Christmas time? You dont miss home? Aunty am I a good girl? Out of my and my siblings who do like the most? How often do you cook for us at home? Then how often do we cook for you? Ok this year Christmas I cook shepherd’s pie ok Then you only cook 1 turkey can already As we celebrate Christmas this season Let us not forget the people around us Our foreign friends who are here without their loved ones While they are here to earn a living They, have also become a part of our family and community Let us not forget their contribution and hardwork To our lives Join us, this season to appreciate and honour them Merry Christmas from everyone at Eatbook Thank you for watching this very special episode of Eatbook vlogs and all of us over here would like to wish you a Merry Christmas!

28 thoughts on “Eatbook Gives: Cooking A Christmas Feast For Strangers! | Eatbook Vlogs | EP 51

  1. Ooooo the food looks divine. I bet it tasted wonderful. A huge thank you to the Eatbook team for treating these people to some good food during this time of the year! Also, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Onward to 2019 next!

  2. really heartwarming to watch!!! maybe yall can do this for cny for the office also HAHAHAHA ,, and plss do more cooking episodes!!

  3. Ooh..i got goosebumps all over,its so sweet & warm for what you guys did for our foreigner friends.Keep up the good work everyone at Eatbook! Merry Christmas!😁🌲🎉

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