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  1. sushi rice is usually seasoned with a mixture of sugar/salt/vinegar after cooking, the final product will taste alot better!

  2. I’m not vegan but I don’t eat dairy , pork, fish or eggs and very little beef and chicken.. I’m drooling over so many recipes on this channel

  3. Could you please make a video about your full breakfast/lunch/dinner meal? For example Monday breakfast/lunch/dinner and so on.. but not just a suggestion but what exactly your week looks like to have an idea including snacks if you can in it. If you could do that I would appreciate it so much!!😭

  4. The Roasted garlic, potato, and arugula pizza is so good! Made it for dinner last night and had to stop myself from eating the entire thing😍

  5. I love this channel. U make eveyehting seem so beautiful and simple. Motivates me to start cooking again 🙂

  6. I feel inspired! Just came across your channel when I decided to make my first home made hummus. I’ve now watched a couple videos and I love them! New sub ☺️❤️

  7. Im not even a vegan but Im trying your recipes. Anyway I literally love you ♥️ thank you ❤️

  8. Damn these look so good but all have garlic 🙁 garlic makes me nauseous, could you make some recipe ideas without?

  9. I wish I was vegan but I can't do all them beans and high carb stuff😣 also most of the things are not readily available in my country or they are very expensive. so I'm stuck with white cabbage white sweet potato. pack choi and callaloo and the occasional egg plant. it gets boring pretty quick

  10. I’m going to have a vegan week starting tomorrow to challenge myself (I’m a vegetarian) and see how I’ll manage it. I realised I already eat vegan most of the time so it shouldn’t be a problem tbh. I’m excited!!!

  11. All this food looks so delicious! But the ingredients are a little pricey on some of them. Can you do recipes for people who are broke?

  12. great vid, but thats a twist on korean gimbop, not japanese sushi. Also, that does not look like the japanese nori — it looks like korean gim. They are slightly different.

  13. Sushi roll is called “gim” (nori) “bab” (rice) in Korea with various types of fillings. It also goes really well with stir-fried carrots, burdock roots, steamed spinich and fresh cucumber!

  14. great! thank you for that video! Do you know korean food? your rainbow sushi, It's Kimbab which common snack in Korea. If you are interested in healthy food, I recommend Korean. 🙂

  15. I recomend cutting the pizza before adding th fresh toppings! Helped me keep it a lot less messy 🙂

  16. Oh my goodness, all the recipes look so good but I'm mostly impressed with the soup! I will def try it! I hope it's good!

  17. You are my hero. I love these. Pls do more. Esp summer salads. It's finally getting hot in Amsterdam. 🙂

  18. My gosh … Ur really really too good of a cook… U can make our mouths water just by watching u cook…

  19. I live in a Russian town and I think I've never seen sweet potatoes here, so can I replace it with a regular potato for the first recipe?

  20. Yum! I've been waiting to make sushi until I can afford some fish, but this veggie option seems cheaper!

  21. Thanks for the recipes, love especially the tempeh ones as I’ve only seen deep fried recipes with tempeh before!

  22. Hi. I have a weird allergy to avocados… I know right?? if you are a vegan how can you survive without Avocado?? But there you go. that is my issue 🙁 Would you have any recommendations for an avocado substitute??? would be really grateful if you could help me out with this.

  23. The first time you make sushi can be difficult but don't get dismayed! It gets easier with practice and this looks like a perfect summer lunch!!

  24. Thanks for the recipe Sadia as always 🙂 just one thing, it is not sushi but KIMBAB. It's your recipe but looks like kimbab(korean food)

  25. alioli is made with garlic and olive oil (it literally means "garlic and oil" in catalan), so there's no need to do a vegan mayonaise.

  26. No, honestly I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart. That Thai curry was one of the BESTTTTT meals I’ve ever had in my life!!! I swapped the chick peas for canelli beans. It was sooooo divine I will keep this recipe for the rest of my life!!!!’ THANK YOU

  27. Recently decided to be Vegan (a little over 2 months)
    So glad to have found your Channel. Love your recipes they are easy and look amazing

  28. When I see this kind of recipes I just know I couldn’t be vegan, sorry 😐… completely hate curry smell and garlic smell… couldn’t stand the thought of smelling like that any day or night…

  29. I find cooking and recipes especially, super intimidating because I always feel there is so much information to digest and I doubt my abilities. However, watching your simple recipe videos as someone who wants to transition into a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle who can easily get overwhelmed by cooking tasks, your videos have made me excited to cook and venture more into meal making. Thank you for your advice, positive attitude and dedication. I can't wait to see and learn more! 🙂

  30. Most look delicious, awesome job! But sushi should have rice vinegar in it (slightly after it has cooled down halfway), just fyi!

  31. it seems that your sushii looks like kimbap. One of the korean sushii since you spread the sesame seeds on its top. 😀

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