Draw Tip Tuesday – Fall Feast

Welcome to Draw Tip Tuesday! Let’s start with a blank page in our sketchbook,
water, a brush and watercolors. I want to make a fal-themed page, so I mix
yellow and red to create a warm orange. With that, I draw simple leaf shapes. I am not
being too careful – just blobs of color that slightly resemble the shapes of leaves will
do. Then I pick up some brown, and add egg shapes,
where-ever it feels right in the white space. By mixing yellow and blue, I create green,
and divide more leaf shapes in the white space that’s left.
One more color: yellow, for small drip shaped blobs. Let’s leave this to dry. Now that the paint has dried, the page doesn’t
look like much, does it? I choose a black fine liner. This is a uni-pin
05, but you can use whatever you have. With the bold black lines, I draw the leave
shapes on top of the paint. I am not tracing the paint, but using it as a background color
for the shapes that I am drawing. I do the same with the brown shapes: I make
them acorns and add little stalks. For each color, I choose a different shape, to create
a playful and loose pattern. Now this looks fun, but let’s add some more.
for the orange leave I choose to simply add a middle line and some dots.
By crosshatching the hats of the acorns, I add structure,
the green leaves show their veins, and for the small yellow ones, I add hatching
lines in all kinds of directions, creating a little pattern within the shape. It’s fun, and really simple, and you too,
can Make Awesome Art. If you need some help with that, go to my
website Koosjekoene.nl, to sign up for one of my classes today!

2 thoughts on “Draw Tip Tuesday – Fall Feast

  1. That was a very cute tutorial! Thank you so much for sharing this DTT. I have a question for you, do you use smooth paper (ie hot pressed) for such art? Thank you once again!

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