Don’t Choose the Wrong McDonald’s Happy Meal Slime Challenge! | JKrew

here but there will also be McDonald’s
food items that is not very good with slide it belongs in your mouth not in
the slime that’s what I tell you boy if we don’t because before you started see
you kissed you they’re happy girl oh my eye line everything you get so scared I’m trying to smell the fishiness teal
or blue ones these are such a pretty color okay so no one bothered to bake
our Fitness on here hold your phone see I got mustard and honey mustard I love
honey mustard with stuff but it’s slide it’s about ready it’s not fair oh there’s nothing blue this is so bad my
slide thank you oh this is not very good to be
makes in the salon right now just look at that it’s pink and blue don’t cannot
relate to this song right now I’m just reading my shirt show me your secrets
sense all these balls mustard oh my why this is guide to my nose the nuns it
doesn’t like malakut I can regret anything I’ve ever did obviously we’re happy who this is I
don’t know if I’m gonna get any glue anymore sprout is round three choose
you’re happy no Maddie come on not this one I smell something fishy
she has Tris I don’t know what they are though let’s look me nylon now look me
in the eyeball take care what is her pranks but her her
tricks that’s good actually more tell me or
should I pour this way empty Maggie would like to pick one for me good let’s
do this Wow I don’t waste chicken nuggets
chicken nuggets I don’t like chicken nuggets hmm fancy that is one fancy McDonald’s
meal oh yes you keep our life reminds of you which one of you is the happiest
which one could it be but you have eyes you picked it up I know if he has or
girl everything I just did this looks great Michael ooh like we got
the neon green right here nice nice with my glue perfect and then we have the
blue then blue nice nothing blue pretty blue that’s the stuff it’s brings out
the green you know and like I have blue glue hat green blue and then purple this
looks like an alien like look this sign is really pretty so far my opinion I
love this heavy no use of the powers back yes why don’t you give the people
an EMP Wow Wow it’s not a little fries it’s
blue glue armor okay let’s put my blue glue what a great color McDonald’s for
giving me a bracelet to wear their toys they praise like you and you know what
how’s this praising to turn into it like it’s so magical I think everyone should
get it they turns your hats you’re gonna hook
my turrets rates all my glasses are there oh yeah they care so much about
you i evoke that mcdonald’s i love you it’s
a little lamb I also want to thank McDonnell for
making me a part of this anyways we’re worried oh yes let’s put this put it in
girl what you do win I’m trying to get every last bit of glue yes I said forks down look at the glitter
it’s looking good yeah okay good if Anakin I look really pretty
oh geez I forget the fries and chicken I’m sorry um
yeah turn grey okay Wow I’m Ashley mighty dry exactly great don’t really
the blue gray I’m in the color spots Wow this texture is really good especially
with the Buster you didn’t know that there was nothing here I
Frank somebody and so that they touch Buster I can tell you that and it’s
really pretty but when you spread it know you can see the front resident you
cannot get but it without friends rather than chicken nuggets it would be like a
cotton candy slot but there’s actually reminds me of a carnival turned out so
much better so you guys enjoy this video and it just goes to Natalie and you get
some atrocity and you’re gonna show them if you didn’t but it does bubble tea to
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