Dirty Rice for a Crowd Cajun Style | Plant-Based Recipe

Hey guys. Its me, Naija Barbie. I’m back today with another video if this is your first time stopping by my channel thank you so much if you’re a returning guest thank you so much for all of your love and support I greatly appreciate it I hope you find this concept valuable and if you do make sure you keep that subscribe button below so I know that you want more content like this so today we’ve got this dirty rice video for you guys today and it’s for a crowd if you want to have a major party and you still want to have vegan options this is a great recipe this is a recipe we make for our weekly ballroom dance classes and people seem to really like it we’ve had requests to film the recipe so that’s what we have for you today today you all have the privilege of seeing my fiance actually cook in the kitchen the He tends to make most the recipes for our Thursday night classes so he’s in the kitchen today preparing our dirty rice Cajun style for crown hope you guys like it be sure to give it thumbs up if you do thanks so much for your support bye guys all the ingredients are listed here and they’re also listed below in the description box for your convenience it is best to go ahead and prep all your veggies and your meat ahead of time here’s a good look visual look at everything they’re running used for the recipe so everything’s already chopped up and all the seasonings are already laid out our mise en place is ready so this makes it so much easier because you get to just dump and go once your mise en place is set up rinse and drain your rice until the water runs clear we make 8 cups of rice between two pots if you have a pot large enough feel free to make it in 1 we add a tablespoon of the better than bouillon vegetable paste and 2 bay leaves to create a broth and then we pour the rice in so we did something between two pots but we don’t have a pot quite large enough to fit all that rice into one pot in another small pot add 2 cups of water a tablespoon of the better than bouillon paste creating a vegetable stock that we’re going to use for our meatless mixture in a sec while the rice is cooking let’s heat up the beefless ground beef as well as the Field Roast sausages. Once they’re heated through we’ll begin adding in the diced vegetables and mix once the veggie meat mixture is well mixed add the pot of heated veggie stock to the meatless mixture now here’s the best part time to season it up so we started with some minced garlic some granulated garlic powder some dried thyme and again the proportions are down below in the description box Old Bay seasoning Tony Chachere cajun seasoning black pepper we use two kinds of black pepper we use the cracked and the ground and then we mix now let it simmer for about 15 minutes so now your rice should be finished discard the bay leaves and start to put it in your presentation tray and that’s it guys add the rice add the meatless mixture mix it up and you’re ready to go there is my baby mixing it all up. He’s so cute. and there he is the man the myth the legend the talent my baby I love you so much thanks guys hope you liked this video and if you do be sure to give it a thumbs up see you next week

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