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– It’s the eyeball! I’m holding it. Ah.
(Interviewers laugh) (imitates gulp) – Oh, ew! – Chewy! (light guitar music) – Huh? Looks like paint. – I swear it just moved. – I have no idea what that is. (sounds of disgust) – It’s fine. – I’m gonna cut it into pieces. – This stuff tastes like bacon. – An island? – Hawaii! – Yep. – We’ve been there! Probably not now. – Is that like larva in there? – Egg. Tomato. (screams of craziness) – You have a drink? it’s spicy. – Ooh! It’s good. – I know.
– It tastes like chicken. – Pork belly? (retches) – The sausage in the pork belly is just delicious. So is the powdered beef. – Powdered beef, powdered beef. – Um, I’m gonna guess it’s from. -Turkey? – I think I’ve heard of that. I think it’s a school? – Ah! – Ah. Pickles. – Is that ice cream? (groans) – Sauerkraut. -That’s why it tastes sour. You said do like, Does this would be good? But it’s not good though. – Porsche. – That’s a car! – Oh, whoops. – Russia! – Okay, I’m not going there. – Ew. Smells like dog poo. It does, just smell it! You know, it smells like… (gags)
(chuckles) – I don’t like asparagus. Because it makes your pee smell. – Okay. The big fatty bone one. – Are you sure this is chicken? – I would scream and yell and say… no, no, no! – Turkey. – Bunnies. – No! – Bunny? – Noo! – Yummy! – But I like lambs better. (gasps) Yes! Lettuce! – Hold the phone, is this pizza? – “Pida!” – This type of hummus, though, looks weird. – Tastes like eggs. – Baba what now? – Baba ganoush! – If someone had a name like that, they would be so sad. “Babagadoosh.” – This is the bane of my existence. – Mm. What’s schnitzel? – Sounds like a dog. – Mm. – I’ve heard of Israel. – Empire to the bible and… – That there’s a lot of Jewish people there. – I hear that they have a war going on or something? Is that true? – Yeah. Ooh. It smells like chicken. – Ew! – Looks like fish. – Uh… – Yes, this is fish. – I don’t eat this meat I only eat land meat. – Ew… It has hair on the fish. – I’m not eating this! – I’ll eat it! – How do I… …eat this? – Can I take the head off first? (talks in mouthful of disgust) – Oh! It’s so hot. (speaks Chinese) – Here’s the vertebrae. – Aha! It’s from China. (makes ninja noises) Because China that’s where they have ninjas. (imitates dead noise) – Am I gonna eat the eyeball?? – No! (stammers) It’s looking at me. I’m gonna do it. – The eyeball is the most delicious part. – The eyeball taste like blood. – I think Chinese kids have a good opportunity
to eat fish eyeballs. (gasps) Another eyeball! Yes!

100 thoughts on “Dinners | American Kids Try Food From Around the World – Ep 3 | Kids Try | Cut

  1. i know they are just children but i think it says something about american culture when kids immediately think that foods from other countries and cultures are inedible or disgusting "non foods" lol

  2. Where can I find a place like this for my kids?

    But are these foods that KIDS eat in these countries? I think it's most fair if you find foods that at least half the kids in a country eat without issues.

  3. For some reason I feel like those kids are so shortsighted and unattached to the world these days they don’t even know normal food

  4. 2:16 i live in israel and this is not what we eat in israel we eat sandwiches and fruits at breakfast and dinner

  5. for the people getting angry that these KIDS are not enjoying the foods from other cultures, don't make it so deep lmao. they're KIDS who grow up eating much simpler things. people are soooooo sensitive hahah

  6. 0:40
    Kid: we've been there
    Interviewer: will you go back?
    Kid: (sliding the plate ) probably not now

  7. As a Chinese,in fact,we have that as our lunch more often…… We prefer noodles, steamed buns, dumplings and wonton as our breakfast.

  8. I love the expression of the kid who said “looks like paint” 🤣🤣 because that’s exactly what i thought!

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