Diabetes-The Big Meat & Dairy Connection

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  1. thank you so much Markus! some of my friends suffer from diabetes and were asking how to get rid of it, I will share your video on my fabebook page!

  2. Amazing video as always!! I didn't know that Saturated fat blocks insulin!! Very good to know! Can I make a request for you to make a video on how to heal varied Respiratory Issues as well (If you haven't already)? (Ex: healing after recovering from collapsed lung, asthma, post pneumonia, calcium deposits encapsulated in the lungs, bronchitis etc? I'd very very grateful!! much love to you Markus and Cara!! keep up the great work spreading the wisdom and truth!! <3

  3. and I was just reading about diabetic drugs and it said don't eat fat while taking this drug….what Doctor tell u this…but if u don't eat fat then no diabetes….WOW

  4. Markus, I remember you said how we shouldn't remove wisdom teeth. Why? Don't they cause severe pain? What's the cause and how would you prevent it? I'm 17 and my wisdom's still haven't came in but the clock is ticking. I want to make the right choice to be the healthiest.

  5. Thank you for sharing these videos! Love them!!! Keep up the good work!! And please could you make a video on kidney disease healing. Since the medicine they give you for diabetes causes kidney failure….which my father is battling. Thanks again❤️

  6. You are fantastic. Keep up your good work. Of course you are right. One friend cured diabetics by changing diet while another ate animal bodies and products while diabetic, and we observed multiple amputations then death.

  7. Hi Markus, been doing LFHR for years, with elevated blood pressure (wouldn't take meds), cut way down on salt. Recently tried keto diet and wow my blood pressure dropped 30 points on top, 15 on bottom. Now its GREAT!  Whats going on?

  8. Is it normal to not be hungry at all after just one cup of a bitter green juice?. I feel so perfectly balanced and calm. I'm having lots of bitter green and green juices to heal my body. Over time since I'm underweight should I force myself to have more calories from these greens ? Or are these juices so nutritious they will build my body rather than cause any malnutrition? 🤔 because I do feel so good and I'm healing

  9. Thank You for simplifying the mystery of how diabetes occurs. As always, your enlightening a lot of people!!! Thanks Again. 🙂

  10. I hear people debating all the time about healthy fats like coconut oil, nuts, avocado etc. causing diabetes. I try to explain to the folks that I deal with that healthy fats are not the same as animal fats…

  11. Hi Markus. Great video!! What are your views on people (for example Mark Sissons) Who talk about people going Primal and curing their Type 2 Diabetes that way? Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on that.

  12. Markus! Always love your vids. Always hear the truth in them. It's amazing what many of us don't know! God bless you and Cara for all you do🤗

  13. Hi Markus, I love your videos, I just discovered you today and watched a few vids already and made a purchase from your store. What substitutes would you recommend in place of cows milk please? I'd assume that Full Cream Milk is the worst and that Hi Lo Milk would be better. I haven't had skim milk since I was a kid but I'd expect that it would be better then Full Cream and Hi Lo?

  14. thank you Markus!!! I am 41 and vegan sinds 1,8 year never felt beter, I wish I new this sinds I was 15. I am brought up on cowmilk in holland. I was very angry in the beginning when I discoverd this information. Had health trouble and weight problems all my life!! now it goes better and better !!!! thanks to you the message gets out there!!! and i love your products! I almost use all of them ! keep up the good work! love from europe. *

  15. I am in love with your channel! I purchased your green formula the other day, and I am so glad that I did. Gave me tons of energy, and even my mom noticed results after taking it. I am a raw vegan myself and I am trying to transition my parents to it too through your helpful recipes and informative videos. Thank you so much for all your amazing videos!

  16. There is a honest question i need to ask you. This whole idea of eating naturally avoiding any industrial food, is based on the idea that the human body is designed to fit a specific type of nutrition, based on the fact that mankind, existing for around 200.000 years ate generally the same kind of food.

    So all those recent health issues are an outcome of industrial living culture because our bodies did not have the time to adapt as rapidly as the industry did (200 years ago). I think thats your general standpoint. What im questioning is that mankind lived off of plants those 200.00 years – i mean there is evidence that men hunted animals or fed on carcasses.

    Just think about the Northern hemisphere where the peoples existence is formed around catching prey because there are no plants, at least half the year. Inuit as an examp or other native tribes that roughly live today like thier ancestors used to, some thousand years ago – those are a minority of course. Those people ate and eat meat but not in a industrialized manner – Appearing rather healthy to me – not suffering from modern illness like Diabetes.

    I would appreciate it a lot if you culd share your thoughts on that.

  17. Is this for type 1 and 2 diabetes? Because a friends of mine who was type 1 diabetes was told that her body just doesn't produce insulin anymore and can't reverse it, is this true? Thanks X

  18. My dog got diabetes I am sure I caused it because I used to
    make my own dog food and fill it with pasta and rice. When he got it I watched
    the documentary you mention raw in 30 then I learnt t that dogs are 98% same DNA
    to a grey wolf and are carnivores .

    I put him on raw meat diet it was so hard, basically kangaroo
    was the only meat that didn’t spike his levels I tried everything even going to
    markets and buying whole carcasses liver kidneys eggs etc. I only gave him human
    grade meat I tried everything you name it.
    I gave him same amount morning and night and his reading
    where all over the place.  I had to give him 2 units of insulin around lunch time to keep his levels stable I tried so
    hard  to cure it by going raw.
    This was hard for me because I am vegetarian but I just wanted him to be healthy again he
    finally passed away a little shell of his former self. Broke  my heart still hurts talking about it .

  19. So your hypothesis is that the cause of diabetes is that "Animal fats clog up insulin receptors" — any actual evidence for this assertion? This should be relatively easy to test.

  20. markus! can u please tell us how we can correct our vision? I would would really love to have 20/20 back! thanks!

  21. Thank you, Markus. Diabetes runs on both sides of my family. My daughter and I are religious about our diet, and you and Cara have improved our diet 10 fold. Btw: China Study was mind blowing info. Ozone also does amazing things for diabetics. We substituted our milk for chia seed water. Please do more ozone videos!

  22. hi sir can you make a video why the baby have juandis ? if the mother go raw vegan if the possible the baby got juandis?

  23. While watching your videos in german, you inspired me to make videos in turkish which is my actual mother tongue. The turkish people are so f**king much into bread, cheese, and flesh that I made it my mission to help those. I bet the meat industry will knock on my door soon 😀
    good luck everybody. du bist der beste Markus.

  24. Markus Please talk about milk is cheese and yogurt and more.
    people think milk is not good for us but cheeses are ok 😨😵😱
    can't listen this nonsense

  25. I heard about the link to type 1 in milk ages ago, but what about colostrum which is in milk, we need that, can we get it any other way other than through milk? Also i've just read on the mercola site that saturated fat is not as bad as we have all been told. Everyone used lard for cooking in the 60s and 70s and there was a lot less coronary and cancer problems back then. Also butter is saturated fat, are you saying don't cook with that, and also what about coconut oil for cooking?

  26. Markus du bist eine große Inspiration für so viele Menschen, einschließlich mich☺️ Vielen Dank für deine wundervollen Videos die du mit uns teilst❤️

  27. Hi. I love what you are doing and believe that you provide fantastic information. I however do not entirely agree that diabetes is caused by animal products….from what I have studied and looked into with Dr Joel Wallach the true issue is a serious mineral deficiency. This brings me to the next thing, it is more about quality. Over the years the quality of meats and animal products including eggs has gone down big time as all other kinds of food. Eggs when the chickens are raised right and the egg yolk is orange and not light yellow is one of the best most complete foods you can eat. The body requires cholesterol and little by little the conventional medical system is finally starting to admit that eating eggs will not raise your cholesterol in the body. If you are talking about poor quality meats, not raised right I agree it is real bad to eat, but if the meat comes from grass fed cows and pasture raised chickens you are way better off. One of the main minerals lacking that truly helps diabetics is chromium. What you are doing is eating a super clean diet which of course it helps…of course you are healthy but not ONLY bc you are a raw vegan but because you are eating better than 99% of the population. If I eat the same way you do but add in eggs and high quality meats and chicken/fish I will still be better than 99% than most americans. You can't compare mc donalds or other restaurant meat to home cooked grass fed new york strip in coconut oil. There are so many variables that change everything….I love when you talk about common sense because it is really true. You can take a raw vegan and you can take a paleo guy and both will be very healthy if done right ..why? and the answer to me is pretty simple, its bc BOTH are eating waay better than most, they are eating high quality foods and are keeping their bodies fed and healthy regardless of what "plan" they follow. Thats just my take on it

  28. what a pretty pink shirt! love your mission Markus! keep doing what your doing! it helps people who want to change!

  29. Markus,

    I am beyond thrilled that I have discovered you and this video in particular. Can you please point me to a strict regimen so I can follow and help myself with the types2 diabetes I am struggling ?

    Thanks in advance.

  30. I like your video but I have a question. I am not sure about our ansestors diet but I think they ate meat,pork etc… so how did we survived so many years. And by the way I will try to follow your advise, I was just wondering about that… thanks

  31. thank you very helpful. keep up the good work and spreading your knowledge so others can feel better and healthier. you have a gift to help others. thank you very much and God bless

  32. been listening to a mastering diabetes summit going on online at the moment and this is exactly what the research is showing. fat intake is indicated as factor in diabetes. as far as improvements with sugar on paleo that can happen initially one speaker said but over time you might have other disease issues. also you can have tight blood sugar according to this doc and still have disease processes happening. there are so many things that can be a factor as Marcus mentioned in comments. I would say look at the blue zones where people live longer. there may be some animal products…fish maybe a bit of lamb or pork but these folks are doing very minimal amounts and eating mostly plant based with high fiber intake. i dont imagie they are eating twinkies or soda either. you could get diabetic issues from environmental allergies causing inflamation i would venture so if you arent seeing improvents dont throw out supported evidence based research because there can be many variables to consider .

  33. I recently started following you and I made my dad look at one video of yours and he is hooked. There's so much stuff that we don't know and that we should learn to improve our lives. I'm going to continue watching your videos and appreciate your knowledge. thank you

  34. Markus! I just wanted your opinion on what substitute should I use for my 15mo. old, instead of milk? Thank you!

  35. Sorry Markus. I believe in you and you have great advice, but I don't agree with this theory of animal products being the only thing majorly causing diebetes nowadays. We didn't have this issue back in the day and we had dairy. I think there are other factors involved that we aren't taking into consideration. There were lots of people without issues with diabete and now it's rampant. So something has changed. I think hormones, vaccines, antibiotics and any other foreign substances they add to the dairy/meat is contributing to diebetes.

  36. there is a good reason why the Bible says that we're not supposed to kill (Thou shall not kill), yeah! that means even animals… hey we're animals too.

  37. I like how passionate you're about giving this great information to the rest of humanity… I really like to say thanks for caring so much about our health. Very awesome video. I'm gonna subscribe to your channel. Again thank you.

  38. Easy to say get off animal fat. I agree. But what options do you have? vegan/ fruitarian is not easy for a 'common' man as it is really expensive. You could always be hungry ..forcing you to over-eat. If you eat non organic-you consume 15 ibs of pesticides/day. If you eat organic-there is not enough nutrition in it due to soil being depleted of minerals. Veggies don't have enough calories in them -so you cannot survive on them alone. today's apple is not an apple-its a poor mimicry of what used to be an apple before 1950. today's spinach is not spinach-it just masquerades as one. We have poor stomach acid, thanks to al the toxins and pollution – living off grid won't help as you still get the same polluted rain. We are a dying, diseased species-self centred for petty profits while at the same time tacitly massacring the future generation ruthlessly.
    I educated myself of these dangers…so what? I cannot afford to eat fruits-forget organic. I cannot eat rice, beans starch-since they spike my sugar-complex carbs. I eat dandelions from the sidewalk as I cannot afford the fancy richy rich 'baby spinach' manufactured for the elite. I tried to forage in the woods and couldn't find no fruits. Animal fats will spike my sugar for weeks-so I cannot eat that.

      The solution seems to be- make your body efficient. So I did a 21 day fast. my sugar stayed 'normal –dropped from 20 to 6. ie from 360 to 108 (IS). but the issue of inability to metabolize fat -is outstanding. I feel mineral deficiencies are surfacing after 16 mths of a fruit/ leafy green diet. Fruits make me stay hungry all the time. Fat makes me full, but spikes my sugar for days. there's nothing like 'little' fat. Even little does the same damage.

    I'm thinking of doing a 40 day fast although I'm underweight. The more efficient your body becomes-the less food you require. However.stress incresed cortisol and insulin- low bile production due to less cholesterol.-less stomach acid-less absorption and assimilation of minerals, amino acids.  so any detox remedy shall work only if stress is taken care off , else you'll be sucked into the same warp again. But when you don't know where your next meal is going to come from-can you delude yourself by saying, "God loves you."
    takes half the life forming convictions-only to realise the impracticallty of following them. One who sees the  outside-sees the colours of life. One who sees deep- sees the threads of this cloth of life – which only mute him.
    And yet we have no choice of what we can see!

  39. I respect your information, but, I'm confused. Others say that type 2 diabetes are caused by starchy carbs and refined, which causes a fatty liver etc. Your information says by animal fat.

  40. Ur info is right, but sugar isn’t the problem with cancer. A healthy immune system and a surplus of antioxidants with few toxins takes care of all cancers. We can’t blame sugar for cancer when there are a plethora of organic and inorganic carcinogens in meat and dairy. Type two diabetes is bs. Type one is much harder to stop but the casein in milk has nearly the same order of amino acids as crucial pancreas cells’ proteins. When antibodies attack casein they attack the pancreas and blam you can’t produce insulin.

  41. can we be more specific, like we have animal fat vs plant fat, and i dont think any type of fat clogs anything

  42. I'm pregnant and my mother constantly tells me that I have to have milk. She gets upset that I don't touch it! I keep telling her that milk is not good for me or my baby and she tells me I'm lying when I tell her why milk is not good.

  43. Partly right!
    Animal Fat might contribute in diabetes for those who consume Animal fats while their bodies burn sugar. The body will not use the fat and it will accumulate and clog the insulin receptors. But for those who burn fat efficiently (like those on the Ketogenic diet), the fat they eat never accumulate to clog insulin receptors because the body uses it for energy.
    But sugar by itself will cause diabetes. Someone doesn't have to eat Animal fat to have diabetes.
    Anyone who eats excess carbs (even natural carbs) will get diabetes (That's how many children become diabetics; by eating lots of low fat candies). Many vegetarian are not diabetic because they exercise and they don't eat a lot of carbs (many eat less than maintenance).
    But someone who eats excess Animal fat on the Ketogenic diet will never become diabetic. That means fat is not the cause!!!
    Please don't confuse people; health is very important.

  44. Didn't Neanderthals and different kinds of early humans eat meat? They had to hunt it and it was healthier meat but I think they ate meat so I don't get saying it's unnatural altogether.

  45. It's hard for me to give up my daily milkshakes with my meals, they don't go well with salads.I guess I must have a high metabolism still can fit into my 31 inch waist jeans. When I get older I will do.Thanks

  46. No one believes me about dairy and animal products. My family and I constantly argue about this. With a baby weeks away from entering the world we are now arguing over dairy. I do not want my child consuming dairy and my family says he will consume it and has to. I really need my family to change their ways with their eating habits. This is driving me insane, what my family eats and tells me what to eat.

    I have been yelled at for not consuming dairy during my pregnancy. Literally almost on a daily basis talked to and people are actually concerned about my baby because I do not like and will not have dairy. This is just insane. People are so brainwashed about milk. I don't know what to do anymore about the no dairy discussions. I won't give up on it but the arguing with my family is really tiresome and I am tired of hearing that I have to consume milk to be healthy. I am so tired of it.

    Obviously we do not need to consume milk for a healthy pregnancy. I cannot stand dairy products and my pregnancy is extremely healthy. I have had absolutely 0 complications and I avoided diabetes. Actually, my diabetes numbers were extremely low and my doctor was surprised that my numbers were under 100 when tested. Most pregnant women have higher numbers or have to take the 3 hour test. Nope, not me! I know that I had good numbers because I do not consume any dairy.

    Pregnancy has been weird and I have craved chicken, which I know is also extremely unhealthy but I did not consume it often. I stuck to mostly plant based, vegan. Because of sticking to plant based, vegan I have also kept my weight in the right range. I was told I should gain between 25 to 35 pounds. I am literally 1-3 weeks from birth and I have only gained 28 pounds. Bloating, puffiness, very little to none of that either! A lot of women gain well over the recommended weight.

    Anyway, this plant based, raw, vegan diet really does work. It works extremely well and it does keep us healthy. I just wish my entire family would just realize it and stop the fussing and arguing with me over it. It is the only good and safe diet to be on and no one understands or gets it. They just want to keep telling me that meat and dairy are healthy and we need them to be healthy.

  47. I was after my husband for years after I cured my arthritis to get off of dairy as he didn't need it and the protein, casein, we a bad one, was the reason I had arthritis. That was before I listened to Dr. T. Colin Campbell and Dr. Esselton and their experiments where they could turn on and turn off cancer with casein to turn it on and plant-protein to turn it off. My husband was too addicted to listen. He had his Prostate removed more than a year ago because dairy-free milk didn't taste as good as he had stage four cancer. Caught him eating my soymilk ice cream. Bah!!!! He's off of dairy now and he is still incontinent from the surgery! Still doesn't want to make any effort to lose weight and keeps stuffing animal protein in his mouth even though I've shown him how to eat.

    People are being raised to be perpetual babies and if you have to be the bearer of bad tidings, it isn't what they are doing to themselves: "You hurt my feelings!" I spent 5 years nicey-nicey and fortunately his cancer struck 4 months before he retired so that the medical insurance through his work paid the cost of the $150,000 operation! Was it a wake-up call? Yes, but for me. I take everything much more seriously and have lost 50 lbs.

    My husband is like a lot of meat and dairy users, they don't think it will happen to them and then when it does, continue to live in denial. I tell him what he should and should not eat but he isn't interested in doing any reading or even listen to videos which he could maybe understand better. This is the power of the brainwashing we are under and I hate it. People are killing themselves and you know it reminds me of, the first "Time Machine" movie where all the people in the future who lived as Eloi and the Morlocks lived below ground and ran the machines and grew the Eloi for food and they just marched in underground and let themselves get eaten.

    Some people have poisoned others very slowly and thought they were getting away with murder. We have let the cattle and dairy industry get away with what is truly killing people and when people see short little advertisements, looks so pretty and colorful, how could it be wrong?

    Why would someone want to live life brainwashed? Just about everything we took as fact from the time I grew up, I've learned is not true.

    I do not believe what I can't prove to myself now.

    I know being vegan works, I've proved it to myself. I do not have the ferocious appetite I had when I ate meat, but it took me years to transition. That is the power of the brainwashing. We are trained to not use will power and think it is a nasty concept. If we don't help ourselves, why should the doctor care either?

  48. Take a look inside the mouth of your house cat. Now that is the mouth of hunter carnivore. Far from the chompers us humans have. Eat meat in moderation… The only thing you do not moderate is veggie consumption. Our mouths were made for them. I was prediabetic but not overweight. A meat lover. One week of eating more veggies and less meat. Blood sugars have dropped into the normal range and my headaches are gone. This after years of visiting the doctor and being told I am healthy. I did not feel healthy but was not getting help. Suffer from constant headaches. Get a glucose monitor and see what is up after what you eat. Test your blood 2hrs after each meal. Test it when you feel good. Test it when you feel bad. Man alive, I feel awakened.

  49. So true people want to continue consuming sh———t for food then complain about how sick they are blah blah blah wake up and stop eating cow pig and garbage that you can’t pronounce geeezzz

  50. Almost cried… U need to keep doing this man.. it's so important and I love u… I'm pretty sure I love u.. I mean I really like u alot but love is distant for me… Anyway .. you rock

  51. How much did I just learn in this video!!! WOW thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Why wouldn't doctors be all over this? Let me guess MONEY, big pharmaceutical!!!

  52. Peace &#9774;
    What are your thoughts on the carnivore diet and it’s positive effects on people with immune deficiencies ie: Mikhaila Peterson /Jordan Peterson?

  53. Governments are in bed with pharma. Antibiotic-resistant alien bacteria from livestock are already gestating in the guts of most human beings causes diabetes and more. Help us Ripley.

  54. I do not eat sugar bread fast food junk food zero sugary drinks I'm down to drinking non sweet tea and water! Also no Dairy absolutely no processed foods…. diagnosed pre-diabetic about a month ago, but I'm losing tons of weight due to the wonderful new diet I'm on with you guys! I will keep going

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