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  1. Thank you very much for your video. 
    Let me make a small suggestion: Most people from Europe, South America and Asia don't use fahrenheit degrees… We use Celcius degrees instead, so, when you say the water temperature in fahrenheit, I have to stop your video, go to a convertion website to see what that temperature would be in celcius and then go back to the video. 
    Maybe you could say the temperature em both fahrenheit and celcius degrees, so this stop to check the convertion website would not be necessary.

    Once again, thank you very much. 

  2. been doing it in hot water for years ..but yup you have to cook it all at once but then you can refreeze meat once its been cooked this way no waste or leave in fridge for about 3 days max but then it has to be used.

  3. I came here to learn a faster way to defrost meat.  I learned that but also learned that I want some bacon for dinner.  🙂 

  4. I've been doing it like this for years without telling anyone because everyone said it was unsafe. Never had an issue so I kept and will forever keep doing it, LOL!! Although I don't use the running faucet nor do I use a bowl. I just plug the sink, fill it up half way and it's good to go in 20-30 minutes. Now thicker stuff like rolls of ground meat take a bit longer (about an hour) because they are so thick but chicken breasts, packs of ground meat, bacon, etc are quick. I also use the same method when I need cheese quick since I keep cheese in the freezer as well. 

  5. This isn't new though 2014 just now learning this? if you use the defrost on the microwave you have turn and flip the meat and put the right settings on such as weight and power and that should fix all your cooking in the nuke problems. Nothing beats pulling it out early though

  6. I am doing this type of defrosting for a long time…As long as it is not taking a lot of time it's absolutely safe, as bacteria does not grow so quickly…and I know what I'm saying. Hopefully, the meat we buy doesn't have a lot of bacteria…and definitely no pathogens, like Listeria, Salmonella, E Coli or other toxins.

  7. Great video as always will it not work on bigger portions of meat because it will begin to partially cook or it will just take to long or what? [Example like a whole chicken]

  8. I've been doing this for years and I've never had a problem..  Meat can also be put in a pan, directly over the fire and cooked low and slow with a lid..

  9. oh the luxuries of living back in the USA !  hot water from the tap.. unlimited water period, and its potable! ive been living in a mountain city in the philippines for a few years now, no hot water out of the tap, its limited (source tank is filled a few ties a week from a common manifold that services a  number of homes, and its not drinkable. washing my hands under warm water is surprisingly one of the things i really take for granted lol. 
    thanks for the vid GFork

  10. Great tip thanks! Make a garden harvest video soon.

    Would this work with individually frozen and vacuum sealed fish (mahi mahi) ?

  11. Been doing this for years. Always knew bacteria does not grow that faat. Biology – 101
    Only, I just let it sit on counter. No harm will come of it.
    As for salmo, ecoli – thats tainted meat that started somewhere, got past inspectors & landed in your fridge.
    Best way to tell, inspect package, look for the coloring, especially under the meat – you know, that cloth below it. Some stores use vinegar to cleanse & reshelve… hence the stain/colouring of meat/cloth..

  12. Yup this is my preferred way to thaw meat but I use steaming water from the tap (since the frozen food will lower the temp) – I suggest bagging your meats into baggies/FoodSaver bags so they will have lots of surface area but little height, this helps things thaw faster too. I grew up with mom thawing meat on the stove top over night and the turkey in the sink for a couple days before thanksgiving … Boy have we learned a LOT!!

  13. Years ago, "as seen on TV," there was a gadget you could buy that was supposedly "thermo conductive" to defrost your meat.. my Grandma laughed when she saw it. All it is is Cast Iron pan she said.. so it tried it (for small amounts of meat) It actually worked! Just put your burgers/chicken breasts in a cast iron pan let it sit, if it is still in plastic, takes a little longer. I don't know why.. but it does work. Of course use common sense.. don't know if it's a good idea if it's 100 degrees in your house.

  14. See back in the day…lol we always thought if you used hot water you end up cooking the meat before defrosting it…so I am glad to see USDA did an update…thanks for this…ended an argument between my wife and I…lol and of course I am right and she is wrong…hot water is good.

  15. Been there, done that. 
    Btw, remember the black metal plate years ago that one could use to defrost meat quickly?  All one did was place the unwrapped meat on its surface and wait a very short time.  Surprisingly it worked great. 

  16. Great! I love it. I've been doing this for years now. Glad to know FDA approves. Haha
    One suggestion/question. Have you ever tried cooking bacon in a Dutch oven? I just throw a pound or two or three (or however much I need) and cook low and slow. Stirring occasionally. Stirring more frequently as the bacon gets closer to done. Once it starts to foam I know I'm close. Then it's just a matter of removing it when it's cooked they way you like and eat. Would love to see your take on this idea.
    I've found that it makes very little mess and splatter this way and the grease is super easy to clean up and dispose of. It's also a great way to season your cast iron Dutch oven.

  17. Sounds like another variation of sous vide… 😉

    I defrost ussually in just cold water and watch the condensation on the outside of the bowl/container.. If the condensations gets to the piont when the run off is wetting the counter I will heat the pan a bit (10-15 seconds at full burner blast) and put it back on the counter (on a cloth of course)
    I need to heat the water a bit every 10 minutes or so and the meat (chicken breast, steak or salmon) is defrosted in about 45 minutes…

  18. I've been defrosting this way for years, except for the stirring. Haven't gotten sick. Nice to KNOW it is a safe way. Love your videos.

  19. Frozen hamburger meat can be thawed as you cook it. In a skillet, add a quarter cup of water, the ground meat and start cooking. As the meat thaws, it also starts cooking so break off pieces with your spatula. After a while, you can break the frozen block in half. Eventually you have pan of cooking hamburger for spaghetti or whatever you are making that night.

  20. Typically I either leave it on the counter overnight, then into the frig, or I use a (non-dripping) bowl of water.  The temp of the water depends on how fast I need the item thawed.  Our home is not that warm, the bacteria can't grow that fast, and I figured the frozen item-to-water/air co-mingling keeps the process cool, plus I AM going to cook it thoroughly afterwards any way. I've never gotten sick. Please don't waste water, especially potable water…  Thanks for the entertaining vids!

  21. Just a follow up on cooking frozen meat.  Cooks Illustrated has a video showing how to cook frozen steaks and the author recommends cooking your frozen steak straight from the freezer rather than thawing it first.  I found the video at Food Republic.

  22. I would just throw the whole pound of bacon in the frying pan frozen and watch it curl up and separate while cooking………..ha-ha.

  23. Have you ever baked bacon on a cookie sheet lined with a metal cooling rack? I have, but don't love it – the bacon is somehow compromised. Maybe it should be broiled? I'm not willing to risk a good package of bacon to keep the research up, perhaps you – or McGee – have some advice.

  24. If it is mid afternoon and nothing to eat, I get something, from roasts to steak to chicken out of the freezer, unwrap it, place it on a plate, wrap tight with plastic wrap, then defrost it in the Microwave.  I do not use the defrost button or system, rather I use power 3 and 4, for 10 or 15 minutes a cycle.  In about 1/2 you can have 4 Lb roast totally defrosted, about 20 to 25 minutes for steaks or chicken. That is the way to use a Microwave oven to defrost your meat

  25. I've been doing the cold water method and the refrigerator method as well….and they both stink. I would bet you I've thrown away more meats in the last few years than I should have solely because it's never convenient to thaw them…and by the time I get to them they should be thrown out. I will definitely use this warm water method now!  By the way… of these days maybe you can unscramble the myths on how long meats can/should be frozen. There are many different ways and time frames depending on who you talk to or what you read. Thanks for the tips as always!

  26. I do pretty much the exact same thing. Picked it up while I was learning about Sous Vide cooking, but I don't have all the fancy equipment for it. this way also helps get the meat to a higher cooking temperature before you actually cook it.

  27. I defrost while doing dishes….I double wrap frozen meat in bags while doing the dishes in the sink–thawed or nearly so by the time I'm done washing.

  28. Most meat products today recommend cooking from frozen. It usually states this on the packaging. For many years now I have also been placing whole frozen joints of meat including poultry, into a warm oven and cooked slowly until (about an hour) depending on the size of joint, then increased oven temp to complete the cooking process. Submerging smaller frozen joints into a container of warm water has also been a method used for many years now. I worked for 15 years at a country diner and we used these methods all the time. As long as any joint/piece of meat is cooked thoroughly, I will be fine. Enjoy your cooking everyone

  29. Your tip is gonna help me stay on track with my diet as I have a freezer bag full of pre marinated chicken that's about to get defrosted and cooked so I don't eat snacks instead 😆

  30. My family has been defrosting meat this way as far back as i can remember. I had no idea that there was questions about it being unsafe. I just thought it was the normal way to defrost meat and everyone did it…. Interesting.

  31. the effort they're making to make the video as professional and funny is so freaken adorable😂😂💚

  32. My induction cooker has temperature control. I set it for 60 centigrade{about 140F} and the water in the pot remains at that temperature. Then I just submerge the meat in the water. We don't have the luxury of hot running water. I can also set the timer to maintain this at 60 for up to 4 hours which is useful in case something comes up and you can't cook immediately. The meat does not cook and is outside the danger zone. There is negligible water evaporated at this temperature or even at 70 centigrade.

  33. I've always defrosted like this.I just heard that you need to use cold now everyone says you can use hot water

  34. Another good thing to use a sous video  idea………………………….great channel…………………

  35. I have used this method for thawing fish for years, I dont check temp just hot from tap, frozen fish still in wrap but in hot water which cools , every few minutes replace the water in bowl. Yes this meat gets cooked immediately, never had a problem. I only thaw the fish that will be ate at that sitting.

  36. My Italian Grandmother used to defrost whole chickens in a sink of hot water. Took about an hour, but it was ready to cook by supper. Love your videos. You always make me smile.

  37. I have a large bag of porkchops that I'm trying to defrost in the fridge. I'm not gonna coock them all so I can't do this. Forgot to separate them into smaller portions.

  38. Why not just start cookin it in pan with water submerged. Cook low temp, then wen its defrosted thawed, bring up the temps and start cooking it. Then back low after like 5 min

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