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We’re attending Sheer
Talent in Phoenix, Arizona. [cheering] Phoenix is tough. I say that every time we go. Everyone is in
the group routine. The piece is contemporary. The name of the routine
is “Food for Thought.” It’s about veganism. I have a friend of mine
who has written a song. He’s going to come in later
and share it with you. All right, let’s go! Get up. Spread apart. Warm up. Why is she promoting his
music, but she also has his– I know she’s– MOM: She has so many
kids in there that sing. But– exactly,
she’s never done that for any of the other girls. There he is. What’s going on? Oh, he brought– are
they vegan cookies? These are vegan cookies.
Where’s Ab? Where’s Ab?
In here? ABBY: Girls. Hi. Hi. How are you? You got a haircut. I did. Jordy is Abby’s
very close friend, and they’ve known
each other forever. [giggles] Miss Abby said I can’t. [laughs] [music playing] This is a very
meaningful song for me. So please bring
your heart into it. All right? Thanks for coming in. I appreciate it. Do it well. Do it well. You guys got it. All right? It seems gimmicky. MOM: It’s hokey.
It’s stupid. It’s really, like, gimmicky. Say it what it is. Oh, my god. I’m kind of annoyed with
Abby right now because clearly her focus is on her “boyfriend”
and promoting his new “song.” And it’s not about providing
the best possible dance routine for our girls at competition. This could be their last
chance to dance with Abby. And this is how she
wants to be remembered? We are doing a group dance
called “Food for Thought.” And we’re dancing to
Abby’s boy toy’s song. Gag. Ugh. Disgusting. So girls, you understand that
you are animals protesting. So these lyrics, “speaking
up against the wrong, I ain’t scared of no friction. Peace is all it is. It does not have to be fiction.” I do not think
Jordy will be winning any Grammys for this song. We’re going to look so stupid. No one’s going to get
that it’s a vegan dance. I mean, even listening to
the word, you don’t get it. There are so many things
wrong with this right now. Yeah, it’s bad. I don’t want this nonsense
to be the last dance that our fans remember. But she’s too lazy
too put thought into anything that’s going
to benefit her teen kids that are moving forward. And she’s like,
they’re all going to be working and getting jobs. Not with [bleep]. Nope. All right, well,
girls, get into makeup. [laughter] I look like a businesswoman
at a Halloween party. No, the shirts were
to be the corporate side of the beef industry or
the chicken industry. This, to me, is starting to look
like a high school talent show. And Abby’s not even here. Guys, come over here. OK, sell the story. Because if you don’t
believe it, they’re not going to believe it. OK, guys, go ahead.
Go ahead. Go ahead. [interposing voices] Hi. ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the
stage “Food for Thought.” [applause] [MUSIC – JORDY, “SLEEPLESS
up for what’s wrong. I ain’t scared of no friction. Peace is all it is. It does not have to be fiction. On my sleepless nights. [applause] They knew. They figured it out. I can’t believe
that they got it. I’m just praying that
the judges did too. ANNOUNCER: All right, are
we ready for some rewards? Yes? The overall high score for group
production, “Food for Thought.” [cheering] I’m eating crow
right now, which I know is not on the vegan diet. I cannot believe they won. [music playing] [cheering] Girls, I’m so
proud of everybody. Although not my
favorite dance, I would say this is
the best time I’ve seen this eight dance together.

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  1. Everyone always saying this dance is weird because of what the moms said form “opinions” of your own…I don’t understand how a dance about protecting animals is weird….and the choreo was some of the best from her before season 8…

  2. Last time I was this early maddie and Abby both had their first kiss on the same day

    Edit: OMG thank you for this many likes! I’ve never had this many likes before

  3. since you guys are going back through season 7 footage, it would be amazing if you could post some unaired dances because I know people want to see them 💚
    – Queen C (Camryn Solo)
    – Never Can Say Goodbye/ We Can't Say Goodbye (Elli/Lilly Duet)
    – Make Me Over (Camryn/Nia Duet)
    – Unmasked (Kendall Solo)
    – Not Having It (Elli/Lilly Duet)

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