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Heghineh Cooking Show – Cured Meat Recipe – Basturma Recipe This cured meat (basturma) or as we call it in Armenian: Ապուխտ (apukht) may be the most popular and well known Armenian appetizer. We make it on regular basis, but mostly it’s made before the New Year. Cured meat ( basturma) is one of the “must” appetizers for our New Year table. The entire process of making this kind of cured meat is very simple, and takes from 7-10 days overall. However, I know that many take up to a month to make this delicious appetizer, depending on temperature and methods they’d use to cure it. The most important thing is to make your cured meat with the fresh , never frozen meat, preferably the fillet steak part, that will guarantee that basturma will turn out tender tasty and easy to bite on. I’ll go ahead and share my simple method of making cured meat ( basturma) and hope you will try and enjoy it!

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  1. Being a dad changes you… I find your kids interruptions lovely and homely, like I'm learning a recipe from a real armenian mom and not just a commercial TV production.

  2. Great job on the Basterma!!!! I’m Armenian and we eat it every year during the holidays. It’s great cooked with eggs, too! I can’t wait to make it!

  3. Hello Haghineh. Can I dry the meat in side my apartment or I have to dry outside. Love your channel. And you are very sweet lady

  4. Yunanında anasını sikem Ermeninde amk çocukları ne bok varsa çalıyor. Bari isim değiştir yok bastıtma yok çemene çaman demek falan

  5. Pastirma is both Turkish and Armenian dish. But still, some Turkish and Armenian chauvinists can't even share their culture. Whereas we come from the same land. I hope all the fights between Turks and Armenians are over… Greetings from Turkey <3

  6. I'm a Turkish man who admired your kind of cute woman. I was trying to learn and I've learned home made pastırma recipe thorough your video. Thank you very much!

  7. It gets more and more popular…..the meet is a bomb:) With beer or wine, it's crazy and just to east it, you can barely stop eating it. No idea what it didn't go viral on western world till nowadays. And it stays for months…'s one way of preparing meat if you would travel on foot for God knows what, to God knows where …:D

  8. It was really fun to watch you work and talk . Very pleasant face. In Lebanon where I come from we’ve got many types of basturma , but if we wanted the best type , we go to the Arminian districts where they serve the BEST basturma . Thanks very much for uploading it ❤️❤️. You’re lovely .

  9. So this shows us how to accommodated a non disciplined kid, who will possibly turn into a democrat and may be a school shooter.

  10. Great job. Thank you. As an Arabic guy living in turkey I am so delighted to listen to you and your information. I am your subscriber now.

  11. Great job. Thank you. As an Arabic guy living in turkey I am so delighted to listen to your description and information. I know all the food eaten in the eastern part of turkey is Armenian food because ıt was all full of Armenians at the beginning of last century until 1915 and they kept eating the food which they have learnt to cook from you guys. I am your subscriber now.

  12. Armenian style pastirma is the best tasting pastirma i have ever tried, the meat is so tender and delicious and the spices are so nice, i used to work at a small deli and this old armenian man used to bring his pastirma in to be sliced and he would give us some of it! Best pastirma ever

  13. Егине джан,шат лав бахадратомсер,анпайман ксаркем.ненц кузенаи дзер ет сурч хмел.

  14. Thanks for the video. A couple of questions if you please. How long can a pastirma piece be preserved does it expire after a while ? Does it have to be kept on the refrigerator after we cut of some slices? Can we use garlic dry powder instead of fresh smashed garlic? Looking forward for your reply.

  15. Это Туркцкий рецепт откуда взяли что армянский? От имени ясно что Турецкий БАСТУРМА 😡 Бастурма это слова Турецкий озночаеть сжимать. Толька умеете воровать чужые идеии

  16. I just made/tasted Basturma for the first time I loved it. I wasn't old that it tasted like traditional Basturma. My question is. Is Basturma a pretty salty meat or should I soak it after salting for 4 day longer than 1 hour, I didn't mind the salty taste I loved it. I'm just wondering. I love your videos heghineh

  17. Super Mom/Youtuber, very charming, the way you handle your kids when they interrupt you is amazing! And the recipe… It looks great!

  18. saw something like this in Iraq and Jordan…but with Mutton….You have inspired me to try and make some of the food I experienced in Jordan and Iraq….not to mention South Eastern Turkey

  19. جميله جدا وشرح مبسط وتسلم ايديكي بس لو مقادير بالغه العربيه ع ف تكات كده مش فاهمه يعني هي قالت يومين ف التلاجه ويوم تتصفا بس ف التلاجه ولا بره ونسيبها تنشف كام يوم وبعد ما حطتت الكفر اعدت كام يوم ولا كام اسبوع ياريت لو حد يتكرم ويقولي ع الاسئله دي له مني جزيل الشكر

  20. I always heard that arminian people is the best making meat production and they got great famous in Alexandria and Cairo where originally I come from …a lot of arminian people had big business in Egypt until 60s …people still remember you over there now I knew why ….I would love to try this and I would love to make sausage as well so if you can give the recipe of original arminian sausage …I appreciate your great job here really amazing ….keep the great job always done ..hat on
    Looking forward to sausage recipe and more of your fabulous arminian food recipe
    Greetings to you from Egyptian British
    Falafel koshri in Egypt and fish and chips in England

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