creeper in my apartment

So, I kept on finding food missing in my apartment that I knew I wasn’t eating. I confronted my girlfriend, who lives with me about it and SHE claimed she wasn’t eating it. So, I decided *I’m* going to set up a video camera and I’m going to go CATCH her. This is what I found… [adjusts camera and microphone] [Floorboards creeking]

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  1. Update – I'll answer all of your questions. Visit here – Like & Message me & I'll answer. Also subscribe to this channel & hit bell notification icon, update coming w/ more footage I found that I thought was lost! It's pretty crazy watching me try to confront her.

  2. Ok first of all who has a door in the ceiling? That is a cubby hole or small crawl space that she is sitting in and you can see her while he’s setting up the camera (so no it wasn’t 2 hours later like he states)! Second of all, that apartment looks extremely small, therefore there is NO way he didn’t see her “hiding” when he walked out- you can totally see that him wanting to the kitchen was completely staged- even the way he was walking you could tell that it was planned out for him to walk to the kitchen and then coincidentally drink from the same container. She makes a lot of noise as well and like I said, the apartment is small and there no way he didn’t hear her! Not to mention as soon as he went back to bed she came back out right away so there’s no way he didn’t hear her then either! And this video is all over YouTube in videos like “top 10 creepiest videos” and such.

  3. Exactly what was that she was hiding in, a closet or cabinet of some sort? Did it have a door or was open? Also, if she never bathed, I'm surprised he didn't also notice a bad smell in the kitchen.

  4. Where did she come from is that an attic where does that lead and go that she crawled out of and into ???? did u catch her in the act what happened. Please update me

  5. I love how the dude wakes up exactly at the same time she’s out and about and instead to go see and check out what’s making noise he just goes straight for the carton like yeah totally not fake 🧐is it? But there is more evidence of why I think it’s fake.

  6. Im the so called creeper we met at a club and he tried to kick me out i pretended to leave then came back and jumped into that hole and been there for about 4 weeks

  7. No no no


  8. So it's fake then? Okay lol. I was wondering how she would know how and when to get in the apartment and know about the space to begin with. Then the "Check out my acting" annotations popped up.

  9. 2019 – She's a homeless woman? #notsohomeless lol. Legit though,
    Fake: you deserve to have your food eaten by a squatter.
    Real: you deserve to have your food eaten by a squatter.

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