Copy Rice || Baku Series S2:E6

Just got the new Xbox 360 S Plus. Ya’ll gotta get hip. Gamertag? Ight, let’s see. uhhhhhh B A K U “Sorry this name has been taken.” How? *phone rings* *phone rings* Yo, dis Microsoft. Look. I JUST got the new Xbox. And I got Xbox Live. and apparently my gamertag already got took. Okay. So, y’all gonna give me the gamertag? What’s the name? Baku. Capital 🅱 That’s it? Yeah. Really? Any numbers? Underscore? For what? ok The user who has the gamertag “Baku” has had his account for 17 years and has earned a gamerscore of EIGHT BILLION He ain’t shit This player seems very active, I can’t give you the gamertag. Bruh. THAT’S MY F U C K I N N A M E He had it first. nah You really don’t understand. That’s MY name. HOW THE FUCK is he allowed to take that shit when I got the COPY RICE? Copyrights? Dawg you wanna just see the damn 🅱 I R F C E R T I F I C A T E Sir this is not a legal issue. There’s no need to- Y’ALL ON SOME FUCKIN BULL. What? Where Steve Jobs at? dead And This isn’t Apple. PUT EM ON THE PHONE. uhhh One second. Hello, this is Steve Jobs. Y’ALL CORPORATION AINT S H I T What’s the issue, sir? I need the gamertag “Baku”. And This ugly hoe said he won’t do it. Okay, sir. Don’t worry about it, I’ll get that set up for you right away. Ight. Okay, log back in and you should see your updated name. Thank fuck. Glad I could help. Have a great day. Steve Jobs, that’s the homie.

100 thoughts on “Copy Rice || Baku Series S2:E6

  1. It was only a day ago when I watched this in class with the volume high up without the teacher in there, then 8 BILLION comes up and the teacher walks in like who play that BOIIII.

  2. It should be like how Discord does it where you can choose whatever name you want but each user has their own number assigned to them. I really think Microsoft and other companies and services should do the same. Do you know how many times I tried to get the name eddiespaghetti on whatever platform but every single form of the name has been taken.

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