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(energetic jazzy music) ♪ I gotta smile and say I
hope you’re feelin’ better ♪ ♪ And make believe it came from you ♪ – Hey guys, a lot of you have been asking the question, can I cook? And the answer really is, eh. – You surprise me to how (beep) you are. – I’m no Master Chef and
I think that’s no secret because you’ve seen my meal
prep video in the past, which was really more of
like a snack prep video rather than a true meal. But today, you’re gonna be cooking with me an entire meal courtesy of Blue Apron, a meal kit delivery service which brings the
ingredients and the recipes right to your door step. Enough with the talking,
it’s time to get serious. Wait, is the flower in the shot? (dramatic drumming music) Probably don’t need this right now. Let’s open the box first. The first step to cooking a great meal is picking out what you’re gonna cook and then picking up all the ingredients. But thankfully we don’t
have to do that today ’cause I have this box right here that was delivered right to my door. Let’s get cooking! So you have your chiller
bag, in case you’re not home the food stays cool with the ice. The recipe we’re gonna be cooking today is the Tahini chicken with
crispy smashed potatoes and snow pea tomato salad. Let’s take a look at what’s
fully inside this box. Knick Knacks, aka the sauces. Got the radishes, very healthy vegetable. Grape tomatoes. Boneless, skinless chicken. Snow peas. Golden potatoes. And a garlic bulb. I got my ingredients and
I’m ready to start cooking. But, I wanna get you your
own Blue Apron box deliver. So down below in the description box, I dropped a link, first
100 people who sign up will get 50 bucks off their
first Blue Apron order. Let’s get cooking. 43 carbs with 6 sugars,
52 grams of protein and a big highlight, trans fat is zero. So the first part is gonna
be preparing the potatoes, let me get my medium pot. These are pots. The medium would fall right in here. Let’s do something like
they do in clothing, we’ll go small, medium,
large, extra large. Medium pot of salt and
water boiling on high. That looked legit. Wash and dry the fresh produce. Produce washing kit. Radishes, snow peas, grape tomatoes. I don’t know if this is the
right way to wash produce, but it feels very efficient. Large dice the potatoes. I’m gonna operate on
these potatoes right now. Yeah. Advanced move, two potatoes in one. Let’s talk ingredients. Radishes, what a rockstar vegetable. They got vitamins A, E, C, B6, fiber. Then you got your grape tomatoes, which have been always
my favorite tomatoes to eat because they’re so bite sized and crunchy, I love that. They got lycopene which is a
really important antioxidant, which has a lot of health benefits. Add potatoes and cook for 11
to 13 minutes, while stirring. But where’s my cooking
spoon for the stirring? Using a strainer, drain
the cooked potatoes and pat dry with paper towels. Strain, strain, strain,
strain, strain, strain. Pat, pat, pat, pat, pat, pat. Transfer to a cutting board, using the flat side of your knife carefully smash each potato
piece once to flatten. They say a good chef
always tastes his food. Half the peas crosswise. Half the tomatoes. Place in bowl and season
with salt and pepper. Cut and discard the ends of the radishes. Half lengthwise, then
thinly slice crosswise. Look how green and colorful
this plate already looks. Peel and finely chop the garlic. Using the flat side of your knife, smash until it resembles a paste. In a large bowl, combine
the vinegar, tahini, one tablespoon olive oil,
one tablespoon of water, and as much of the
garlic paste as you like. Season with salt and
pepper, whisk until smooth. Fill a medium bowl with ice
water and a pinch of salt. Set aside. Add the half peas to the
pot of boiling water, cook, stirring frequently. Careful, coming through hot, hot, hot. They say to immediately
put them in the ice water. You know in medicine we
have to sometime shock the patient, but right now the process that I’d doing here is
called shocking the peas. Pat the chicken dry with paper towels, season with salt and pepper on both sides. In a large pan, heat two
tablespoons of olive oil on medium high until hot. Throwin’ the chicken on the pan. (sizzling) Can’t handle the heat,
get out of the kitchen. Ah! That looks good. Add the smashed potatoes in even layer, season with salt and pepper, cook four to five minutes per side, until brown and crispy. Imma be a potato Master Chef. (fire alarm beeping) No, it’s not a fire! Oh man, it’s getting hot. Oh man, it’s getting hot! (yelping) Okay, switch gloves. Now this glove is getting hot, Dan. (groaning) To the large bowl of dressing, add the shock peas, seasoned
tomatoes, and sliced radishes. (upbeat music) Look at this creation. That really does look like the picture. Now the question is, does
it taste like the picture? That’s good. Put the camera down, let’s finish this and we’ll talk after, put it down. That was a great meal. I’m not even joking, like
10 out of 10 delicious, and I cooked it by myself. If I can do it, you definitely can do it. More and more I find myself drifting away from ordering take-out
and the more I find myself wanting to prepare the meals on my own. It’s really critical to know
what goes into your foods. I have patients that come in all the time with worsening congestive heart failure, or swelling in their legs, and I, first question I ask them is
how much salt they’re consuming and most of them say well doctor I don’t salt my food at all. But, then when I ask further, they eat take-out quite often. And when you eat take-out,
you just don’t know what you’re getting. I mean there’s a whole host of things that you don’t know about how your food is being prepared. I always try to empower you at home, and even my patients in the hospital to take control of their health, and an easy first step is to monitor what foods you’re eating and watch those nutrition facts. And with a service like Blue Apron, they make it easy, no brainer. I strongly encourage you,
go in my description box, and click that link and
sign up for Blue Apron. The first 100 people who sign up will get 50 bucks off their
first two weeks of Blue Apron. That’s a no brainer. Now I know you have some comments or critiques about my cooking ability. So go ahead, jump in the comments section, I’m a big boy, I can take it. Get down there also and ask your questions because I’m active in the comments section and every month I’m
still going to be doing the Responding to Comments video. As always, stay happy and healthy. (light jazzy music)

100 thoughts on “COOKING WITH DOCTOR MIKE! | Healthy Chicken Recipe | Meal Subscription

  1. Appreciating your own cooked food is the best way to enjoy cooking. Two 👍🏻👍🏻 for a job well done. As always stay happy and healthy. 😊😊

  2. High fructose corn syrup is the new transfat but the government still hasn't banned it. But instead they want to ban the harmless amino acid aspartame…..?

  3. This guys a doctor super cute, great sense of humour and like a child and funny guy. Normally doctors are serious and boring old age.

  4. If you really want cooking advice….. I would suggest starting with a hot pan and sear it on the sides, then lower the heat to get the chicken brown, perhaps also lower temperature on the potatoes. I would also use way more garlic but that's to each of their own. This leads me to a question….

    Why is it that your breath smells terrible after you have eaten garlic but if your GF also eats garlic none of you notice anything.

    PS. cooks have told me about 5% salt is needed for the best taste of meats if you would like to achieve ultimate taste, this is so sad because it's true and no way near the medical guide lines ;(

  5. I can just imagine gordan ramsey shouting at you while u cook… Lol
    By the way can can you invite gordan ramsey to teach you to cook?

  6. Dr Mike I only cook with cast iron pans and know know a few things about them. One tip I have is to get a silicone handle for the cast iron pan so you don’t need a glove

  7. I find it so strange as a Dane to see how so many kitchens in the US uses gas instead of electric convection or induction stoves. In Denmark gas is something you mostly only use if you are "off-the-grid" like camping or if you work in a pre-induction era industrial kitchen (a canteen). It seems so unsafe to have most or less capable people using gas on every floor of a skyscraper… 🥴

  8. The only issu with this kind of delivery boxes is: OVER PACKAGING and use of tons of plastic… Please don’t encourage this kind of business, you’ll be killing the earth doin’ so!

  9. Oh my god! What am I gonna do with your beautiful smile? ??? It's literally killing me! !!!!😁😁😁😁😁

  10. DOCTORS MIKE! Like surgery Gloves get some Oven Mitts!!!! Lmaooooo get your A game on! Boy Gordon Ramsay is going to give you a gold medal for your cutting skills haha. Love you tho!!!!

  11. I'm sorry but don't you wash your chicken with water and vinegar tip do that because that is good and then is your chicken clean Because if you do not clean it there are all bacteria and dirty things on it and that is not good soryy it was just an idea

  12. This is a silly comment but, I have asperger syndrome, and if I ever get married, I’d like my husband to be like you. You seem funny, gentle and so independent ! The fact that you always explain medical facts, kinda randomly, also shows that you are pretty intelligent too.
    But, also, you look like the kind of person I’d like to become also, which is genuine, helpful and in good terms with themselves ( and others ) !
    May God bless you, and thank you for all your videos 🙏🏾✨

  13. So what is your channel abaut?Do you share tips and because you are beautiful, are you successful?And I don't even know why you're appearing on my channel?

  14. Friend: What's your ideal man?
    Me: Doctor Mike 😁

    Every girls' ideal man. Passionate, Caring, Handsome, Funny, and good in kitchen 💕 This is doctor Mike 😎

  15. I like the concept of having meals delivered, that can be prepared quickly. However, this company should rethink their packaging. I’d rather see produce delivered in glass containers that we send back, rather than wrapped in individual plastic. We need to be proactive towards our planet.

  16. Hi Dr. Mike my name is Ian I’m 13 I hope to become an anesthesiologist and I am from Boston how are you one thing to maximize the flavor of the salted water when boiling vegetables pasta etc. you wait for the water to become at least 212° or a rolling boil and then add your salt to maximize flavor just a thought stay happy and healthy

  17. Please make another meal cooking video💖 The food looks yummy👍🏻 yeah you are washing the vegetables right just use your hand to remove the dirt and thats it🤘🏻And after boiling peel off the boiled potatoes then mash🙂 and here you go👍🏻

  18. Mike I would love to suggest you to try your hand in cooking an Indian dish like chicken or paneer butter masala just for fun. It's so much of from starting a ginger garlic paste to all the necessary masala needed to put on it, you will know what actually cooking looks like !! Just a humble suggestion from my side, am sure you will enjoy it too.

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