Cooking Seafood In The Philippines | CHEAP $10 FEAST

in a previous episode I went on a
seafood buying binge at the Tagbilaran morning fish market
picking up softshell crabs, sea grapes, swordfish, tuna, and some veggies and
after a day of waterfall hopping, I’m back at home to cook up a feast with my
hosts, best of all I spent less than ten dollars Canadian for the entire feast, so
these are my preparations I got some limes to squeeze on on the fish lots of
ginger to get rid of the fishiness, I actually ended up chopping a pepper but
getting rid of the seeds, next up we’re making a simple ensaladang lato or
sea grape salad all we need are chopped tomatoes, garlic,
onions, and of course filipino vinegar the sea grapes are crunchy and pop in
your mouth kind of like popping boba so while the crabs are simmering in a
tangy tomato sauce we start preparing the swordfish soup, in addition to “ensaladang lato”, we’re making another similar salad “ensaladang guso” so the
seaweed is tougher so needs to be boiled first and it becomes a bright green
color okay so now we’re heading out to the
garden and we’re going to get kamenggay leaves. Is that a gecko? Armed with
kamenggay and cabbage it’s time to decorate our swordfish soup and as a bonus we’re grilling some tuna
over a hot fire we got so many flavors here, of course got strong swordfish flavor but it’s spicy it’s definitely spicy, ginger and of
course I’m tasting a lot of napa the crab sauce is a tangy coconut and tomato paste mix with a strong crab flavor, it’s absolutely delicious, I give it a 10 out
of 10 in fact I gotta make some rice so the sauce doesn’t go to waste. so dinner
is set I’m not gonna be rude by vlogging during dinner but afterwards we kick
back the Filipino way with some good old karaoke hi my name is Jesse and I’m on an
adventurous quest to face all my fears and learn as many skills as possible

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