Coffee | American Kids Try Food from Around the World – Ep 7 | Kids Try | Cut

I think this is from the place you’re a bunch of adults are crazy on coffee, and that will be called Asia. My gosh, I’m not used to drinking fancy drinks like this. Hmm, I’m scared. (Alight, in five seconds take a sip?) I’ll take a puggly any war It’s okay. I can have it. Okay. I can have it first. I’m What is it? What is it [it]? [it’s] a sour. Oh Yeah, oh, gosh. You are right Carolina. Oh, no, it is bad. Oh, what is that? oh No I think this is totally not from Seattle’s Country Porcelain And it is oh my gosh my place. Hello. What’s your name ah? coming through [Gummi] Milk Foam and eating phone right now No, no, no don’t think about it. Don’t even say it. Oh [ah] bitter ah Yeah, my coffee, but not this time coffee Starbucks Rain pay why do you guys keep giving me coffee? the taste of Crazy adults, [oh] Yeah, I like it it is you have more? Which is [drinking]? I can’t I don’t go to make it more green Green does not go with drinks It just isn’t a good combination That proves my point good. What’s in this pot? Yeah, that’s the whole point And I open my eyes oh so cute [it] [smells] win [haha] My gosh. Oh my gosh. Oh my oh my oh my oh house complete $50, [please] Suddenly tell me listen. [you’re] talkin milk When I get a blade [I] Know I can tell Hit somebody’s head with this pan and guess who it is and guess who the putin is Gonna be Why does he make me drink coffee all the time? [cookie] as why I knew it Yes, I thought that was many to visit. I thought the people were talking Wait that people aren’t cookies. No, do they have to please I don’t go to keys What’s this this is totally coffee and smelling? It’s that green coffee again [then] we really I hate Cats cookie hopefully I love us me do My head’s in the stars my head’s in the start Could you explain this oh? It looks good This is my resume. We that is really good. I love it I Need some time to adjust nevermind Mmm. Top is good ah You deceive me white oh you came [getting] wrinkles me Click keep this hey next thing they Never give us something don’t you make it with one minute? She just stole my ball kid for no reason and that’s what how I [feel] fifty dollars from hole warning And I think my punishment is going to be by 2002

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