Coconut Rice Recipe

hello and welcome to be good for you
living this video is part of the cooking basics
series well I’m going show you a simple two-step method that’s going to be a foundation to all
your cooking today is a quick recipe its coconut rice it has enough flavour to be a stand in line meal well for us no fuss blokes anyway or its extra-special as an accompaniment in those Asian style dishes I’ve taken it to
barbecues and always gone up well. So let me tell
you about these two-step principal. first it’s about oil
and water you separate ingredients that you going
cooking oil and those that you going to cook in water and second everything’s a salad so if you have ever made a salad before you can make this one without a problem so I hope this is going to be good for
you and let’s get into the kitchen ok we’re starting with our wok or fry pan set too hot, and let’s have a
look at our ingredients the oil ingredients ginger and our water
ingredients are cooked rice and coconut cream OK a quick check of temperature and I’m adding some butter as our oil, you
don’t need too much but you can be generous if you like. As
you can see it’s just enough so every bit of ginger is well covered. I’m turning the heat down to a medium so the butter it doesn’t burn and the ginger sautes nicely. no
need to be crazy fast on this dish it’s going to be quick anyway. OK once
that has had a chance to cook we can add our rice, it has to be cooked
rice raw grains a rice won’t work, whether
it’s cold and made the night before or hot and freshly made it doesn’t matter as long as the rice already has been
cooked all the way through. So all we’re doing
is treating this like a salad and meeting and tossing the ingredients
around OK the rice is now nice and warm and we can move on a bit of seasoning and our salad dressing first some pepper and I like to cook a
pepper when the food is still relatively dry So now let’s give it a bit of a mix now for the dressing which is just
coconut cream just enough to give the rice generous coating and again we mix. I prefer to use coconut cream its thicker than coconut milk and for
this you want a coating over the rice not a
runny sauce so it’s just a matter of mixing and
stirring and cooking letting the sauce or dressing reduce and
thicken that little bit more now a very important ingredient, the salt and plenty of it, be very generous with
this if you are not sure taste some of the rice and add more if you need it’s always easier
to add salt than it is to take away from food at the same time you should really be
able to taste the coconut flavor now that’s looking very nice you can say there’s not much of a sauce
at the bottom of the wok that’s mainly what we are looking for. So this is a very simple recipe everyone that tastes this always ask me
how I make it there are not many ingredients but the
method follows the same two-step principles as my other cooking, first separating
the ingredients that you cook in oil and those that you cook in water, and second everything is a salad it’s a matter of mixing and tossing the
ingredients and then refining your salad dressing and mixing that through. Now you can dress this up with some cooked peeled prawns to
give it a bit of a summer flavour Ah you can see that the rice is quite
sticky with the cream thats good, or I’m just going to top it
off with some of these shallots and there it is Wow – coconut rice quick and simple full of flavour and ever so moreish well the secret is that we packed it full of salt but that’s okay if you live a healthy and
balanced lifestyle him body will allow you to indulge at
times and your body will love it too the idea is for
you to take control love your cooking and your consumption.
so why did these principles work well first oil and water it’s more about
temperature control once you have put your water
intense ingredients in you wont be able to take your cooking
pass 100 degrees centigrade or 212 Fahrenheit which is boiling point and remember everything is a salad so you
dont complicate your cooking stir fries are a salad, soup is a salad what we’re doing is we’re just mixing
the ingredients up a salad is a salad and me and three veg
that’s a salad as well it’s just not well mixed like most things you going to have to have
good preparation to succeed so practice you cooking enjoy easting and start creating your own signature
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