Chubby Cheeseburger Challenge: A Fast 15 Minutes vs FreakEating | First Food Challenge in Utah

we’re here at chubbies neighborhood cafe
and I’m gonna take on the chubby cheese burger challenge. so I have 15 minutes to
eat a 1 pound burger stuffed between three grilled cheese sandwiches with a
pound of fries I finish I win a gift card or t-shirt so with no fanfare no BS
no stalling let’s just get down to it Hey so this time start when I think the
first buyer – when you start okay a lot of food here alright let’s go welcome back to another freak eating
challenge for the first time ever comin at you from the state of Utah we went on
a family trip to see Zion and Bryce national parks so I took the opportunity
to tackle some eating challenges along the way first on the plate is Chubby’s
burgers you get 15 minutes to eat a one pound burger that’s slathered between
three grilled cheese sandwiches there’s also plenty of cheese onion rings
lettuce and tomato to work with you also need to get through a pound of french
fries to get the win honestly I don’t know if I’d be finishing all this food
in 15 minutes it tasted delightful but this wasn’t time for tasting this was
time for eating fast eatin the grilled cheese sandwiches for buns will
definitely slow me down a bit I’m also not the best french fry eater in the
world so I knew my work was cut out for me I apologize for making such a big
mess of myself the time pressure was real and I was trying to push where I
could though I must say the cool thing about a challenge with a very short time
limit is it will all be over soon win or lose you won’t have to sit there
a Ganassi yourself to the bitter end and true to form I knew I would struggle
with the fries a bit this challenge is actually very modestly priced it costs
$12.99 and that you pay that win or lose and if you do win you get a choice
either a $10 gift card or a t-shirt my duty Aldo’s a record not finished like 11
something and boom goes the dynamite I thought I wanted a $10 gift card but I
went for the cool t-shirt instead the staff here was amazing and if you’re in
Utah you should give this challenge ago that was the chubby cheese burger
challenge if you enjoyed it be sure to hit that thumbs up button subscribe the
freaky thing and I’ll see all of you in the next video till we eat again stay in
school don’t do drugs and eat like a freak

24 thoughts on “Chubby Cheeseburger Challenge: A Fast 15 Minutes vs FreakEating | First Food Challenge in Utah

  1. Come on, dude, I KNEW you were gonna knock this one out! PLUS it looked delicious! Always good to see you. (I think soon your beard is going to have it's own channel! Lol 😂) Another nice video 👍 Bravo! 🍔

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