Chris Evans Spoiled Captain America’s Avengers: Endgame Twist for Anthony Mackie

-I haven’t had a chance to see
you after “Avengers” came out. But it went on to make
like $2.9 billion. -Yeah, it made a few bucks.
-Yeah, it did. It’s like the biggest grossing
movie in the history of film. -Right, yeah.
-Not too shabby, buddy. Congrats on that.
-Yeah, not too shabby. I’ll take it. I’ll take it.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. And everyone’s probably already
asked you all these questions, so I won’t — -Lay them on me.
What do you got? -Well, I mean,
was it sentimental? Did you — Were you sad when you
had to do the end — last scene? And —
-Yeah, it was very emotional. I mean, it’s
surprisingly emotional. These movies are
a huge part of your life. And so, when they
come to an end, it really — It has an impact. -Were you wearing, like,
dots on your face or CGI, like, ping-pong balls
on your face? -No, luckily, I don’t
have to do that nonsense. But it still — It still — You know, it still
had an effect. -Well, yeah, I mean,
but you’re doing the thing. But in the movie when you see
it, I mean you have the — I can’t spoil it
at this point, right? -No, no, yeah. This is so nice
’cause this is after — -People have seen it.
-We can say anything we want. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] But you’re old.
-Yeah. -They did such an amazing job
making you old. Did that freak you out?
-They did a good job. Well, they did — They did —
A lot of it was prosthetic. They left my mouth
without the prosthetic so they could add that CGI. I guess that’s actually still —
still hard to do. But they left my mouth the same, but even just having the whole
face, you know, you kind of — It’s like looking
at your grandfather. -Yeah.
-It’s a strange feeling. -Well, the good news is
you’re a good-looking old man. [ Laughter ]
You’re going to age very well. -That’s what I heard,
yeah, yeah. -Did Anthony Mackie — I know all the scripts and all
the scenes are very secretive. And did he know that you were
going to give him the shield? -You know, there’s actually
a really great story with that. The secret — The scripts
are so lock and key, but they had given me the scene where I pass the shield
to Mackie. Oh, it’s so nice
to be able to say that. You know, it doesn’t
have to be a secret. -It’s like therapy. I want you to lay
down on the couch and just talk about
the Marvel secrets, yeah. -But — But — I did know that
Mackie was getting the shield, and while we — This is actually
a really nice story. While we were filming
in Atlanta, you know, I had already
read the scene. I had a few people over to watch
a football game or something, and Mackie was the first one
to show up. I didn’t know he didn’t know
what was going to happen. And he showed up first,
and I said, “Hey, man, you know,
isn’t that scene fantastic?” And he said, “What scene?” And I said, “The — The scene
where I give you the shield.” And he said,
“You’re giving me the shield?” [ Laughter ] And I said, “Oh, no. Oh, no.” Well, yeah.” And so I ran
to my room, and I got the scene, and I gave it to him, and I got
to watch him read the scene for the first time
where he’s getting the shield. And he was so happy, and, you
know, you immediately feel like, man, maybe I — Maybe I robbed
this moment from — Maybe Kevin Feige deserved this. But it was so nice to share it
with him. He was so happy and, you know,
so deserving, and it was just — -It was a great moment. -It was a nice way
to kind of have, just between us,
the transition of characters. It was great. -I got to see it
in a theater full of people, and one of the biggest
parts of the movie that got a big reaction is
when you pick up Thor’s hammer. -Yeah.
-That was a big moment. Yeah, I mean —
Everyone went nuts. Like, “What?! I knew he could do it!”
Like, yelling. “I knew he always –”
Was that — -I don’t think
Hemsworth liked it. [ Laughter ] -“Hey, there’s only one Thor,”
yeah. What would feel better, picking
up the shield for the first time or Thor’s hammer
for the first time? -Hammer.
-Really? [ Laughs ] -Yeah. Well, you know, the shield was destined
for the character. The hammer was kind of this,
you know, period at the end of a sentence
in terms of his worth, and, yeah, it was nice. And the Russos really know
how to build those moments up. -They were great.
-I’ll say the hammer. -They did such a great job
with that. Everyone just knocked it
out of the park. Let’s talk about your new film,
“Knives Out.” -Yeah.
-A totally different character than Captain America.
-Yeah. Well, we finished
the last scenes of “Endgame,” and I went into “Knives Out”
only a week later. So it really was a —
It was a real 180… -Wow.
-…in terms of character. -Can you explain what the movie
is about to everybody? -I can try.
It’s kind of a murder mystery in the vein of Agatha Christie. Everyone is vile.
Everyone is awful. Everyone’s a suspect. But those are the movies I love. You know, those — Those are
the movies — It’s like “Clue.” -Yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah.
-These are the movies — -With a great cast.
-Yeah, yeah. -Daniel Craig is in it.
Michael Shannon. -So many — Jamie Lee Curtis. -Jamie Lee Curtis. Don Johnson.
-Don Johnson. -This guy — I love that.
-Toni Collette? Come on.
-Oh, Toni Collette. I mean, you stop right there.
-She can do no wrong. -Yeah, exactly.
-And that’s just — I mean, across the board,
everyone was — -You don’t know
who’s telling the truth and who’s lying
the whole way through, which is what you want
a good mystery to be like. Are you a good liar
in real life? -No, I’m a terrible liar,
which is so weird, because I act for a living. -Yeah.
[ Laughter ] -But, you know,
you when have lines that you’re supposed to say
in the context of filming, it’s great. When it’s actually real-life
lying, I feel like I — I have every tell
you could possibly have. I get red. I sweat. My eyes gaze.
I’m touching my face. [ Laughter ] -You can’t —
You don’t have a poker face. -I’m horrible at poker, which is such a shame,
’cause I love the game, but the second the cards
are dealt, I’m like — [ Giggling ] -“Ah, I got an ace!
Oh, no, I didn’t.” [ Both babbling ] Like, we can’t play
with you anymore, dude. -Out the gate. It’d be easier
if I just give you my money, and I’m gonna go
have a drink at the bar.

100 thoughts on “Chris Evans Spoiled Captain America’s Avengers: Endgame Twist for Anthony Mackie

  1. The only thing about Captain America's final bow that I struggled with was that Cap would never have remained in the past to make a life for himself. I say this for several reasons:
    1. He had already met his first love's children and grandchildren. By going back time to be with her, none of them would ever exist AND she wouldn't have had a part in that choice. He essentially undid her family without her consent. This is entirely selfish and out of character for Cap.
    2. As the most senior member of team leadership available on earth, Cap would not have abandoned the Avengers at such a mission critical time of development.
    3. It was inconsistent with the source material and what we know about Cap. In fact, despite having several opportunities to be with his first love in the comics, he never did.

    I agree Chris Evan was 100% the right man for the job, but I wish they would have honored his character a little better with a different ending- like going on mission with Captain Marvel in another galaxy or something more open-ended where he could still pass the shield on, but his legacy as a self-sacrificing hero carried on.

  2. I loved seeing Chris being Steve Rogers in MCU but IM so excited about the new phase in which I'm gonna get the opportunity to see Anthony Mackie as Captain America, I’ve always prepared for this moment since the time i saw Anthony as Sam Wilson for the first time in Captain America and the Winter Soldier.

  3. casts of endgame should do another round of press tour now that everybody watched the movie and no more cautious talking in case of a spoiler.

  4. Chris Evans is just so genuine and a personable person that deserves every bit of recognition that he gets. he’s so into each question and answer, he’s just so sweet 🙂

  5. It’s funny to hear them talking about Chris Evans’ CGI to get old, because when I went to the theater to watch EndGame there was this woman looking at Old Captain America and saying: “That’s Stan Lee!”

  6. Too bad the awesomeness that was Cap picking up Thor’s hammer is going to be totally undermined by Jane Foster getting to do the exact same thing in two years!

  7. He might have picked the hammer….but you know they CGI'd that weilding and cap hitting Thanos 😂. His smile is therapy

  8. The Avengers won’t be the same for me personally without Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man or Chris Evans as Captain America. I love RDJ’s wittiness!

  9. I loved that movie so much I don’t no if i can watch it again knowing he won’t be in it anymore first movie I was like this guys a dick now he’s my favourite ❤️😢 he’s so serious as Cap in real life he’s such a sweetheart lol

  10. I want to know what the hell did Steve do with the hammer when he went back in time I haven't seen anyone ask that YET

  11. World's greatest secret
    1. Christian Bale is Batman
    2. Hugh Jackman is The Wolverine
    3. RDJ is Iron Man
    4. Chris Evans is Captain America

  12. I can't see The Falcon being the next Captain America. Only Chris Evans can fit into those shoes. Anthony doesn't have what it takes to take on such a big role like that.

    No offense. Just being honest.

  13. I had mixed feelings when Cap A got the hammer.

    At first it was cool and unexpected but then it was like: Hey! That's Thor's and it only belongs to him.

  14. The Russo Brothers, they can make us feel emotional about a shield breaking, someone picking up a hammer and a metal man dying

  15. I don’t think I’m gonna watch knives out but I’m gonna throw in my prediction as to who the murderer is… everybody did it!

  16. Chris Evans is the opposite of Captain America
    Hugh Jackman is nothing like Wolverine

    RDJ, on the other hand.. is Tony Stark 100%

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