Chinese Girl Tries American Chinese Food

Paila when is this lousy six-year-old another video and actually I am in snowy America seems kind of weird that I’m not in China right now but I am at a Chinese restaurant now every time I bring my wife to America we kind of gorge on these fatty delicious sweet filling foods in America and it gets to be too much after some time so we always end up finding ourselves looking for Chinese food it’s kind of save that urge to eat some freshly cooked vegetables and kind of Chinese style food now the problem is is we have to seek out restaurants that actually offer a Chinese only menu because that’s the only way you’re going to get authentic Chinese food now my wife who is Chinese has never had the American style of Chinese food before so I took her to my hometown and I actually took her to this local Chinese restaurant and we’re gonna order some of the most popular dishes that Americans like to eat in Chinese restaurants and she is going to rate them based on authenticity and also taste so join me I’m gonna go inside so now I know this one is like glue and a key thing the cost soup which is totally different than the Chinese one and that’s just hot but this what the heck is this that’s like so American Way just east of them this is one time one time fetch it wait that’s kind of weird it actually tastes like being a nice food to me because they actually have this kind it’s three create event they’re just so far off what about the taste well taste it okay we’re gonna give it a five good yeah this is called beef broccoli let me try mmm if you’re gonna admit the beef quality is actually really good like way better than any restaurant like random restaurant I can ever go from China and the taste it’s okay but it’s not like it’s a little bit different because like a lot of things they use it just like really Stewie um like sticky so I think it actually reminds me of the jung-soo area shanghai area kind of cuisine so um tastes pretty good if I can compare with the dish in China just maybe also call like a beef and broccoli and stuff um they’re quite similar but I got a myth the beef quality is way higher I like it is this a Chinese dish I give a eight out of ten the taste rating is seven out of ten not to correct you but why are you using a fork oh by the way yeah why full American what’s this a vegetarian dish what is this this is called chow mein which is chun-yin wait what where’s a noodle there’s no new knows something I lost in translation and chun-yin is America is actually called a lo mein which is the noodles and chun-yin is actually brought stir-fried vegetables what disappointed I want to tell me is a real helm in the noodle and fry fry fry fry fry I’m not a vegetarian really ah okay I’m just vegetable and compared with some slop that my mom cook and you just call it slaw yeah Wow and compare with them if this have anything similar with the Chinese food yes it’s like if you have a lot of vegetable in your fridge you don’t know how to cook it throw in one pot that’s the thing authenticity yes is five five of ten tasty and one out of ten that looks really delicious I’m a Chinese okay um what’s this like close looks like roasted rib piece hmm I like this I could that taste pretty good mmm I had this before in the Hong Kong restaurant so the taste I can say like eight out of ten and the similarity a top ten wait that just looked like cool or oh go so what’s their name in America this is called General Tso’s chicken excuse me that doesn’t sounds nice yeah it is so that’s a swearing words okay let me try it that just cool or oh and chime it’s exactly the same um tastes pretty good so I’m a out of ten so similarity it’s 10 out of 10 it’s exactly so what do you guys call this one this is called an egg roll okay so I in Canada senchan meandering they call dungeon and tongan it’s like um it’s more like a theme something so I don’t know why they will have it in Chinese restaurant probably you guys prefer crispy things so let me try that tastes totally different it’s more like a really to have a lot of batter in it and kind of dry so the shape is definitely exactly the same and the taste is kind of different so if that’s a I give her the score it will be around like four out of ten the similarity gralton my expectation about American Chinese food will be totally like off to charge weird but actually they’re pretty similar and but this actually surprised me this this they call it chow mein that that hurts my feeling other than that yeah I love the quality about the food if I have to order one of this dishes again this is what I rank in it Ethan abruptly pays like home I know you guys are here for the Chinese girls reaction to the food but let me tell you I’m half Chinese already I’ve been in China seven years now so this is going to be just as shocking to me this is the beef and broccoli let’s try this out see if it stacks up I don’t know what she was on about it there’s like nothing in China where you been eating I mean as a remotely similar I guess it tastes like canned vegetables and kind of like hey better beef it’s quite good actually but it doesn’t dislike anything I’ve had in China hi I’m Roger Bock local contractor here in Bennington New York my name is David Collins I’m a carpenter guy like Tyler you’ve been doing this for 37 years now just always loved it loved the rice beef the broccoli has been my favorite forever we’re on high school time well for lunches and stuff like that is to get some Chinese and this experiment find a way I like know what I don’t like I’ve been to New York and LA where it’s you know you find the real places the mom-and-pop the back that place is cut up this is similar but I don’t know if it would be the same taste same looking but same taste I don’t know I usually get beef and broccoli chicken and broccoli I like the soup I like them one time – I like that I usually get to lo mein or to be from broccoli is things that are consistently the same if you go to Chinese restaurant like here the food is always consistently the same it’s good it seems fresh there’s a couple other places that you go to and it just it’s totally off the wall it tastes so much different than what you get here thank you so much lo iners I hope you enjoyed the video but wait there’s more actually Winston serpens a day has been driving across the country with his wife and actually stopped at Panda Express so why don’t you check out this clip here and go click on the card in the top right corner of the screen if you want to see more my favorite not your favorite try some of this weakness of onslaughts let’s see what you think s’okay what are you in there they called fortune cookie how about me forget that’s just the thing that not going to happen in China you gotta give that a zero authenticity right a right oh you go with your fortune mmm your existence has positive contribution to men time Wow Wow look at you the big sentence look ha ha ha

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  2. American style Chinese food is too sweet and saucy. When i'm in China, i never had anything that's saucy or sticky like here in America. The Chinese seem to be under the impression that Americans only like bland and sweet foods.

    Even in China, i've ran into the situation where they tell me to order something different because Americans don't eat that stuff, But that's usually an indication that i'll like it. In Xiamen, i got the "that's too spicy for americans" at our lunch spot……. I told the waitress to make it extra spicy then. Luckily my Chinese coworker assured the waitress that Americans do, in fact, eat crazy spicy food.

  3. Fuckin dumb wannabe Chinese lololol fuckin delusional!!!!! because you fuck a Chinese chick for a few years you say your half Chinese??!!! Lmao😂 while speaking in a pompous ass accent that hardly any Americans talk like….. May God strike this pretentious douche down soon

  4. 8:50…. I've been to NY & LA where you get real Chinese food….
    Visit China, have REAL Chinese food, no the crap that is adjusted for western taste….

  5. Most restaurant food is pretty disgusting, Why? the cheaper the crap they serve you the more profit….Italian restaurants almost always serve you mediocre crap (with rancid oil in it) no matter where you go…No comparison to high quality homemade Italian food….I went to a catered party last week, the chicken and eggplant parm were both inedible…

  6. Chow mein here has noodles. I love chinese, but you definitely have to try different places. They are ALL different. From place to place it varies widely. I have my favorite places. I also have places I avoid like the plague. That General Tso she ate looked awful. I could tell by the color, I wouldn't like it. The beef and broccoli looked good.

  7. My childhood favorite is a swear word!!! Bummer, gotta say real Chinese I better! I can't eat the sugar covered American stuff to much or I'm sick! (Still get my cravings)

  8. Should have ordered the Egg Foo Young with extra Brown Gravy. When you read your Chinese fortune you got to add the words "In Bed" to the fortune.

  9. The husband needs to send his wife back to the kitchen and show those guys at this restaurant how to make real Chinese food or start a real Chinese food restaurant in South Cali.

  10. Just saw your vid 8/15/2019 some of your wife's comments are what we thought ourselves. I live in NYC not borough of Manhattan. borough of Brooklyn. Here's what we though. 1. that many of the dishes we are offered at our Chinese restaurants were NOT "commoners" food, we thought that perhaps what we were being offered is probably cuisine offered to Peisha? or Emperors. We only know two types of Chinese food in America, food from Canton cuisine forever and Scehe (says shwan) cuisine, that's all we ever knew from Chinese cuisine. 2. Somethings have changed within the last 15 years. All of our Chinese restaurants, nothing I mean nothing happening in the world or in the American economy had ever touched our Chinese restaurants, they were there pumping a long through thick and thin. If you had a Chinese restaurant in your neighborhood the restaurant was there, a part of the neighborhood seeing you grow up and even your own children grow old. In the last 25 years there was always seating to dine and the wonderful tea to drink with your meal Sit down dining now is far and few between any more. Suddenly in 15 years many restaurants have closed and are replaced by what we are calling new Chinese restaurants. These new restaurants are different than the Canton cuisine we are used to, ignorantly i'm thinking this is maybe Taiwan food or some other Chinese province we have never been introduced to. We are not happy with the taste or the prices and as a result they may not last long either.

  11. Chinese America Food actually made by the Chinese to feed Americans. Americans could smell the food that the Chinese men were cooking during the building of a he railroads. The other men mostly Irish and German offered their hard earned money to eat from the Chinese camps.
    Someone got smart and opened up a Chinese restaurant and adapted to dish to the palette of their customers. But Google it. Even the cookie was invited in the U.S. lol..

  12. Oh now you are in trouble, never call your mom’s food slop. It is always tasty and good for you even when mom has no idea how to cook.

  13. The wonton strips are popular in yunnan as toppings on noodles. Beef is not better quality. Beef is marinated with baking soda so it becomes very tender. This ugly chinese chick doesn't know shit.

  14. "Chinese" food made in the U.S. is awful! Anything made with MSG or soy makes me sick: indigestion, splitting headaches…UGH !!! I'll bet it tastes very different in China.

  15. That vegetable slob dish looks disgusting 🤢🤢 give me some spicy garlic chicken with rice or some bbq beef ribs with rice anyday

  16. The Chinese here in NYC go to restaurants that serve authentic dishes, but it's mosty vegetables, muchrooms, and the meat is limited. Most Chinese places that cater to Americans are really serving junk food.

  17. I live in Texas and have eaten at many Chinese restaurants, I've never seen chow mein like that. Definitely not chow mein. I don't know if that's a yankee thing or just that restaurant or whatever, but they fucked up.

  18. Vivi's evaluation of American Chinese food was very impartial. (I am Chinese-Canadian.) I agree with everything she said.

  19. Aren't you the asshole who says insulting and racist shit about how you hate your Chinese wife on the tv in her homeland. Fuck you shitball. I hope she escapes your abusive stranglehold over her.

  20. I would say that is actually quite true American Chinese food doesn't always have the same taste or quality or authenticity as the real deal Chinese food in china… But it still is okay to go to an American Chinese food restaurant sometimes anyway

  21. My wife's from Sichuan and she HATES American Chinese food. According to her they don't have anything like that in Sichuan. She did like Panda Express, though. Eating authentic Chinese food in China completely ruined American Chinese food for me. I used to love it and now I hate it. The food in Sichuan is sooooo good. It might be my favorite food period and I can't find it anywhere in any of the places I've lived in America.

  22. Awesome video guys. Vivi is so lovely, she makes me smile. I see the big Americans in the back ground . This is their snack shop before lunch at McDonald’s. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌺👍

  23. Y'all gotta go to a chinese restaurant in san Francisco, we're the only place with good ass chinese food, the rest of americas chinese food is ass

  24. Perhaps, Vivi should start her own authentic Chinese restaurant where you she lives in America. Might be a good opportunity.

  25. 这是个爱吃肉肉的南方的女孩。

  26. Please learn how to use a fork with the left hand. Also, please please don't wave your food around. And eat with your mouth closed.

  27. Chinese food is not like Americanized Chinese food.  Americanized Chinese food is sweeter on the average.  When I went to Vancouver my wife's cousin took me to restaurants that offered Shanghainese food. Hawaii has some restaurants that have authentic Chinese food.  My wife only prefers a few select restaurants in Hawaii.  She is originally from Shanghai.

  28. Every Chinese restaurant I have been to, chow mein is served with crispy noodles, and usually has chicken, pork, or beef in with the vegetables. Chop suey is similar, but without the noodles, and was invented by Chinese railroad workers here in America.

  29. I am super disappointed that everything was ranked so high. I absolutely hate Panda Express (please still give my son his paycheck). PF Chang's is gross. But if you are ever in Las Vegas, go to Ping Pang Pong at the Gold Coast casino. It's one of my favorite restaurants. And always how I imagine "authentic" Chinese food to be like. The crispy duck is my favorite and the street noodles come in second! ❤️❤️❤️
    PS. What is the bad word in general chicken? I need to know!

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