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hello this is chef john from food wishes
comm with a cherry tomato and cheese –gel ads that’s right do not let that
fancy french word at the end scare you a galette is nothing more than a free-form
pie or tart made without a pan and while it’s a perfect delivery system for all
the same fruits you put in pies and tarts today we’re actually going to use
it to feature sweet cherry tomatoes which of course are also a fruit so I
think what I just said is that this technique is good for fruit as well as
fruit and now that everyone’s clear with that we can go ahead and get started
with this very simple crust which I’m gonna do in a food processor but you
don’t have to and I’ll explain how in the blog post
and what we’ll do is toss in some all-purpose flour along with a couple
tablespoons of cornmeal which I’m not exactly sure why I added but I’m glad I
did and then we’ll also need to toss in some salt as well as one stick of
unsalted butter that I cut into cubes and stuck in the freezer for about 20
minutes alright one of the keys to this crust success is using very very cold
butter and then once all that’s in there what we’re gonna want to do before we
put any wet ingredients in this his pulse this on and off until we have
something that resembles coarse crumbs in other words until we have something
that looks like this and because we froze our butter first what you’re
seeing here is thousands and thousands of little pieces of butter coated in
flour instead of like a paste made from butter and flour which is what’s going
to happen if the butter is too warm and then once that said we can finish this
with our wet ingredients which is a little touch of cider vinegar plus a
nice big splash ice water or just very very cold water and that’s it we will
simply pulse this on and off again until it all comes together and if we’re using
my dump all the liquid in at once technique we’re gonna want to stop after
like 5 or 6 pulses and scrape down the sides all right the other method for
this is you turn the machine on and then you slowly drizzle in the liquid from
the top by using that method I think there’s more of a danger to overwork the
butter so I prefer this method and once we have those side scrape down will
continue to pulse it on and off until we achieve we’ll be calling the business
clump of vacation which is basically gonna look something like this
all right a lot of recipes say do it until the dough ball forms but that’s
too much okay we want to stop before it becomes a ball of dough and it’s still
sort of in loose clumps like this but if we give it a little press it sticks
together very easily and then what we’ll do once that’s been accomplished is
carefully transfer that onto some plastic wrap and we’ll sort of press it
and push it together with their hands to form a lump at which point we can go
ahead and wrap this up and then flip it over and then we will use the plastic to
help us finish forming this and to basically a disc of dough which should
not be confused with disco dough and that’s it we can now simply transfer
that into the fridge for about an hour or until thoroughly chilled and while
we’re waiting we can move on to make our cheese filling which for me is going to
involve about a half a pound of fresh goat cheese to which I’m gonna add one
egg yolk and of course I’m gonna save the white for an egg white omelet and
yes of course I’m kidding there’s nothing worse and I will also go
ahead and season this up with some kosher salt some freshly ground black
pepper as well as a few shakes of cayenne and then last but not least a
whole bunch of freshly sliced basil also known as sweet summer tomatoes best
friend and then we will take a spatula and give this a mix and by the way if
you’re not into goat cheese anything with a similar texture will work so use
what you want I mean you are after all the hey Suz of
your cheese’s give it a second but anyway the point is that things like
farmer’s cheese or ricotta or cream cheese will also work here just not as
extraordinarily well as goat cheese which for me just has the perfect
tankiness to pair with those sweet tomatoes and then what we’ll do once
that’s been spatulate it into a very smooth soft mixture is set that aside
and we’ll move on to rolling our demo and assuming our dough has been chilled
thoroughly we’ll go ahead and transfer that onto a floured surface as well as
we will generously flour the top and then what we’ll do here is attempt to
roll this out into a circle that’s approximately 1/8 of an inch thick and
if you’re using one of these 12-inch pizza pans like I am that means rolling
it out about an inch or so bigger than that and then once we feel like we’ve
rolled that out big enough what we’ll do is roll it up on our pin like this which
makes it a lot easier to transfer onto our pan without tearing or otherwise
mangling it and by the time this dough has been rolled out and transferred on
to the pan it’s probably warmed up to almost room
temp which is a little warmer than we want to work with it so what we’ll do at
this stage because we want to work with a cold is transfer that into the fridge
while we prep our Tomatoes and by prep I simply mean cut in half and this will
work with any cherry tomato but if you can find this mix of what they call toy
box Tomatoes I think that’s gonna make this glut look extra beautiful and the
amounts are gonna be a little tricky for something like this but I’ll say we need
about three cups to begin with and then what we’ll do once those have been
sliced and transferred into a bowl is toss them with two things some
extra-virgin olive oil which is not surprising plus one teaspoon of Dijon
which I guess could be sort of surprising but it’s a proven scientific
fact that mustard makes baked tomatoes taste better so we will go ahead and mix
all that together and know we didn’t forget the salt
okay I think if we solved these now what we’ll pull out too much water so what
we’ll do if it needs more salt is sprinkle some on after its baked and
that’s it once we have that mixed we can set it aside and pull out our chilled
dough and we’ll go ahead and spread on our cheese mixture and it’s probably
unnecessary because this filling is so soft but because we don’t want to tear
the dough what us high-end pastry chefs will normally do is go ahead and sort of
distribute the filling by spoonful and then spread it out with a spatula and
basically that just gives us a little head start but regardless we’ll go ahead
and spread that out as evenly as possible leaving approximately an inch
and a half unspread around the outside around the outside around the outside
and that’s a once our dough has been cheesed we can go ahead and transfer on
our tomatoes and please note I’m using a slotted spoon to do this so as not to
transfer on too much liquid which there shouldn’t be too much because we just
cut these Bob better safe than sorry oh and if they’re already liquids left in
the bowl make sure you drink them or dip across the bread in it because those are
going to be insanely delicious and then what we’re gonna do once our tomatoes
have been transferred on and any spots needing it tomato have been filled we’ll
go ahead and form our galette by folding up and over the excess dough creating a
pleat every three inches or so okay so just go around as shown sort of folding
and gently pressing and then turning the pad two or three inches in doing it
until we get to that last fold oh and if you were tempted earlier to trim the
edge of the dough to make it all perfectly neat cuz you’re one of those
people don’t do it it’s not necessary okay not only are these slate
irregularities not going to matter they’re actually going to make it look
better once this is baked and that’s it once our GLaDOS form we only have a
couple things to do before it goes in the oven the first of which would be to
paint the dough all over with an egg wash which is simply an egg being with a
couple teaspoons of water and then we will finish this up with a very light
dusting of Parmesan cheese of course the real stuff parmigiano-reggiano accept no
substitutes and that’s it once that’s been graded over this is ready to
transfer into the center of a 425 degree oven for about 30 minutes or so or until
very well browned and hopefully looking a little something like this which i
think looks absolutely gorgeous and by the way when I said browned
I didn’t just mean the top and the sides the bottom needs to be golden brown as
well so don’t be afraid to peek and that’s it we are now faced with the
hardest part of this recipe waiting for this to cool down completely all right
this is not good hot it is not good warm but room temperature or chilled there is
nothing better so for the sake of this video let’s just say that’s what I did
at which point I garnished with a little bit of basil so I could take some
pictures but truth be told here the Sun was going down
so I was kind of forced to cut into this while was still a little bit warm I mean
it was close but it wasn’t quite room temp which is
why things are gonna seem a little bit soft because they are okay once it cools
the cheese is gonna firm up and our tomatoes are gonna get nice and jammy
but having said all that this still really was outstanding
okay the combination of that buttery flaky crust with that little bit of
gritty crunch from the cornmeal plus that savory herbaceous tangy cheese
which is just a marriage made in heaven for those incredibly sweet tomatoes and
by the way these tomatoes were super sweet before they went in the oven but
once roasted especially with a little bit of Dijon on there they basically
turn into candy except without the guilt and since this was a tad warm I did go
with the fork but if you let this cool down all the way you should be able to
eat it like a slice of pizza if as directed you make sure that bottom
crust gets browned okay so please be sure to bake this long enough oh and I
did forget one thing to show you because I was so taken by this thing’s beauty
and deliciousness but once this cools down before you
serve it it’s not a bad idea to drizzle the top with some olive oil as well as a
nice sprinkling of sea salt okay our crust is seasoned and our
cheese filling seasoned but I do find a little bit of extra salt on top does
help bring out all the flavors even further but anyway that’s it what we’re
calling cherry tomato and cheese galette this is dedicated to everyone out there
they planned that one extra cherry tomato planner and are now trying to
figure out how to use all those I thought whether you grow your own or
have to buy some I really do hope you give this a try soon so head over to
food wishes dot-com for all the ingredient amounts of more info as usual
and as always you

100 thoughts on “Cherry Tomato & Cheese Galette – Food Wishes

  1. Hi Chef John, tnx for the video. Could I when I make this add some thin slices of red onion and some feta cheese? Maybe even a little dressed watercress salad on the side? Or is that pushing it?

  2. I would like try the recipe but in the blogspot I cant't find how to make the dough without food processor…
    I really like how you explain in you videos not only how to do things but also why you do the things. In the end I would like to that one day how to make sfogliatelle pastry video.

  3. Cool! I was never able to make empadao (brazilian dish) because my hands are too warm and destroy the dough. I will most certainly try the food processor technique

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  5. This was so good, thanks! I didn't have corn meal so I used masa hirana, and I chopped up a normal tomato to make up for having only a cup of cherry tomatoes on hand. I managed to restrain myself while it cooled, well worth the effort! Everyone should try it!

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    (By which I mean, "Make me want to eat it!" while I heat some instant mashed potates . . . lol :/

  8. Another great recipe for the weekend. Speaking of weekends…. Chef John, I've tried making your diner pancakes and the dough keeps coming out too thick. So thick that it'll barely run. At risk of being "that guy" could you take a look at that recipe and confirm the portions?

  9. I have added corn meal to pizza dough before and its awesome and I used 3/1 ratio 3 cups flour one cup corn meal.. try it

  10. This is the first video I've ever watched from Food Wishes, and the second he said tomatoes are also a fruit, so therefore this dish is good for fruit and also fruit, I knew I was gonna like this guy.

  11. Chef John, I have a very important question. What's is your stance on frozen puff pastry? I know I would probably get a better result making it by hand, but I just cant when the sheets are so readily available. Am I going to food hell?

  12. Update: Yummy. Q: When preparing the goat cheese you said "coarse salt" in the video yet the recipe states fine salt. I used fine but wanted to double check. Also there's a typo for the amount of pepper.

    Great recipes! I'd be lost without them.

  13. Interesting effect of the vinegar. For sweet crusts, I sometimes use rum or brandy, but this might be too tender for a galette. The sneaky chemistry of having a part non water piece in the crust (the acid in vinegar here, alcohol in mine) lowers the tough part of a dough. On review, I think this could go full pizza, either lightly with some crumbled fresh italian sausage on the top, or more heavy with a layer of sliced meat such as pepperoni. salami, or several others or combinations by choice, but not to thick, so the tomato mixes a little with the cheese layer.

  14. Know what I've found is the best use for a not-needed egg white? Just add an egg to it, scramble it and cook it up in the microwave or on the stove, as you like. It doesn't have the same flavor as two whole eggs but tastes a LOT better than the egg white alone. Or add two whole eggs, whisk them together and make an omelet. You might not even be able to taste the difference.

  15. OMG I am going to die if I don't make this soon! My 5 year old grandson loves watching your videos. He said, "Let's make this RIGHT NOW!"

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  19. So I made this this weekend; key info which I heard In the video, but did not read on the blog post was “use a slotted spoon to remove the tomatoes” I ended up cooking the Galette for close to an hour and it still came out a tad soft in the middle so it tasted great, but left a lot to be desired visually. I’ll keep at it, as I think there was also an issue with my pan but just wanted to tell others, use a cookie sheet, and not a pizza stone like I did.

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    I've never heard it before, it sounds dirty …
    OK, so it's me. 😛

  24. Amateur here, just made this and I'm grateful for the recipe. I used an herb covered goat cheese and I must say, this is the fanciest pizza I've ever eaten.

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