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If you could choose one vegetable to serve a king, what would it be? The extravagant French king Louis XIV demanded that cauliflower be served at all his feasts. It had something to do with a girlfriend who liked cauliflower… but maybe he knew that this common member of the cabbage family has a positively royal pedigree – when it comes to health: one cup of cauliflower has more Vitamin C than an orange; it’s high in fiber, which helps digestion; and it’s packed with cancer fighting antioxidants. When we eat cauliflower, we’re actually eating a flower! In fact, we’re eating hundreds of immature flowers that are bonded together into little lumps called curds. China and India throw the most cauliflower, but in the US, it’s California – and that’s where we’ve come to find out: How Does It Grow? We’re here in Watsonville, Santa Cruz, at Lakeside Organic Gardens – one of the country’s largest family-owned organic farms. Lakeside grows many different crops, including five million heads of cauliflower each year. First, they prepare the earth with fertilizer. (Dick): In our business we have a saying: “We farm the soil, and the soil grows the crop.” Because lakeside grows their cauliflower organically, that means they don’t use chemical sprays to kill the bugs that eat the cauliflower plant; instead, they release predators like ladybugs that like to eat the bad insects. (Dick): We grow plants that attract the good bugs. (Nicole): Is that like these white flowers that you see here? (Dick): Yeah, these are Sweet Alyssum. So you’ll see them around the edge of our field. They also use a natural soap spray, since bugs breathe through their skin when the soap covers their body they suffocate. But there’s another secret to growing cauliflower organically: penguin poop. Lakeside is the country’s largest importer of Peruvian Guano – aka seabird excrement. Guano is used as a fertilizer and is super rich in nitrogen because of all the fish those seabirds eat. And nitrogen is key to plant growth – it’s a main ingredient in chlorophyll – the substance that plants make to convert sunlight to energy. When the cauliflower is the size of a tennis ball, farmers take some of the biggest leaves, and tie them over the head. They do this for one reason only: we like our cauliflower white. If the head is exposed to the sun, it turns yellow and even though it tastes exactly the same, we won’t buy it! (Dick): what we throw away in California for cosmetic reasons could end World Hunger… When the cauliflower is 6 to 8 inches in diameter, the harvest begins. Right in the field, the cauliflower is trimmed and wrapped. Before being shipped, it will be cooled down to preserve its freshness. If the cauliflower is harvested too late, the curds begin to pull apart within just two days – that’s when you can really see how the cauliflower is just a big bouquet of flowers waiting to bloom. Cauliflower is delicious. Cut up and roasted in the oven at high heat – the natural sugars caramelize, it gets tender and sweet. But for the love of God, don’t boil it – it’ll turn to mush! And that is no way to treat a vegetable fit for a king

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  1. i planted cauliflower for the first time ,ill post video on my channel soon,,im excited to have my own cauliflower,,because its expensive here in Philippines

  2. I like mine raw maybe with some ranch sauce. That guy saying they throw away enough to end world hungry because it’s not white? Dang

  3. Until we know exactly what the "natural" soap spray is, that is chemicals.

    I have never been able to pick soap spray from nature before, and think she lie when she say it is natural.(she might just be stupid and believe the lies of the farmer)
    I think it is made in a fabric, where money is the only thing that rule.

    If you look at the video at 2:05 when they spray with this poison, you can see that the one that drive have protected him self as if it was the Black dead virus he was spraying.
    And i dont think that is because he have a strange fetish, i think it is to protect him self from the extremely poison "natural" soap.

  4. So you’re meant to tell me that I could be eating yellow cauliflower this whole time but I’m not because SOMEONE decided I wouldn’t buy it???

  5. this is by far my favorite veggie… I dont bake mine in the oven though.. I boil(or steam) the cauliflower until it just starts to become soft on the outside. Then i grab a huge piece of Parmesan cheese and cheddar cheese and make a thick cheese sauce from it. I pour the cheese over the warm cauliflower and cover it up so the cauliflower becomes a little softer but not mushy under its own heat… then eat while still warm.. its food for a king alright… a Vi-King.. 🙂

  6. So they throw out cauliflowers due to cosmetic reasons and that amount can end world hunger?!?! why are we sitting here and doing nothign about it…shame on us!!!!

  7. I boil it in salted water for about 20 minutes, or steam it. I've never tried baking it, will have to give it a go some time! 🙂

  8. organic…spraying soap they said… and the guy in the tractors looks like he is ready to go into Chernobyl​ jejejeje

  9. i dont get people, we had "cheddar" cauliflower and no one would eat it. I thought orange yellowish cauliflower was neat and it taste the same…

  10. You could end world hunger with perfectly good food your throwing away then why dont you just give it to people

  11. I'm not a huge fan of it but that's the best cauliflower cooking presentation I've ever seen… but what was being poured over it, was that olive oil?

  12. It’s terrible that any of it goes to waste. You would think there’d be something we could do with it?

  13. I am so glad I found your channel! New sub. This was a great episode. I live and grew up in the Salinas Valley. Only about 30 minutes outside of Watsonville actually. I have seen firsthand the amount of food that is thrown out and wasted by countless farms throughout the valley. It is truly sad. Simply because it is "ugly". Awesome channel and videos. Keep it up please!

  14. Organic farming is so inefficient. Shipping in poop from penguins? How much does that increase their carbon footprint? Pretending they don’t use pesticides, they do but they just have a different list of pesticides they are allowed to use.

  15. Wow, you are a precious lady. I gotta try the baked Cauliflower. I bake okra, but didn't know about the CF. Thanks!

  16. what happens when it blooms? does it make fruit or just seeds? what does it look like when its blooming?

  17. Where I live (Canada) we sell different colours of cauliflower. Esthetically, it's quite pleasing to see a variety of color within the same veggie.

  18. I never liked Cauliflower…. untiI got married. My mother in law would cook meals for me for some reason (maybe because she had all girls?) and always cauliflower. Not wanting to offend, I began eating it. OMG, they way she cooked it was amazing,especially with cheese sauce! Now I love it too. My mother in law passed away, and my wife does not eat cauliflower, so now I go without it. But I recall my mother in law would boil it. I still loved it even if this is not the way to prepare it.

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