Carol Asks Congress to Save Lunch | Meals on Wheels

He was a beautiful person, and it was far beyond what I thought love could be. You know life flows. Everything flows. So you’re here, and then you’re not here, just like my husband is here but not here. Even though I could stay committed to my memories of Frank without this house I still think it helps me to stay centered. I had a series of falls and I had to rehab each time but it was never as intense as this time. Meals on Wheels is one of the biggest factors for me staying independent and in this home. Just lifting pans is sometimes out of my range. You know if I didn’t, what would I be doing eating peanut butter and jelly all the time? Without the help of our government, without Meals on Wheels, a lot of people would wonder where their next meal was coming from. And you can’t live life very fully or pursue happiness or feel a sense of liberty if you’re hungry, if you’re unattended to, if people have crossed you off their list. Members of Congress, I’m speaking to you as one person in the name of many people. I invite you, I ask you to come, even if you want to all come to my house, just come and see what Meals on Wheels is doing for me and for so many others. Members of Congress, let’s save lunch. Let’s do it together.

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