BYND Stock – is Beyond Meat Stock a Good Buy Today? Should We Buy Beyond Meat Stock-Best Investment

64 thoughts on “BYND Stock – is Beyond Meat Stock a Good Buy Today? Should We Buy Beyond Meat Stock-Best Investment

  1. BYND is up big time I'd wait for lower prices before buying the valuation is high at the moment relative to competitors great analysis!

  2. It's quite hard to come up with a reasonable valuation for bynd. Too many uncertainties. But I love your presentations! Visual and easy to understand.

  3. As a consumer of this product I know there’s a waiting list of restaurants to add beyond meat to their menus. This company can’t make their burgers fast enough. I hope your subscribers listen to you and don’t buy bynd, this way I can snatch this stock at a lower price.

  4. Yes you are correct Jimmie, they are currently over valued. In addition to what you said there are other factors at play which will potentially create a headwind for the development of BYD in a similar way that Tesla have experienced. The meat industry will not lie down and accept someone else drinking their milkshake and so I expect fear, uncertainty and doubt propaganda to start being introduced into the the narrative within the next few months which will probably drive their price down to where it really should be in 2019. Great analysis btw, keep up the great work…!

  5. Bynd meat a good day trader. Short squeeze and speculation.
    It will crash badly, only a matter of when not if.
    I agree with using price to sales 2x. If love of the stock still exists, and it continues to innovate I could see 4x.

  6. clear and logical as usual, Jimmy. Also, apart from the current fad of the brand (ie marketing the product as "meat", instead of a "vegetarian alternative to meat") I don't see a sustainable moat for such an easily copied food product. The list of potential competitors is long…

  7. As a vegetarian I love this company and I found the video very informative, but at $194 the stock price looks very rich.

  8. I mixed about what to do. I was fortunate to buy this stock at $80 but I'm thinking it might crash ahead of next week's earnings report (and certainly when the 6 month vesting period on the stocks purchased at the IPO are up) so I'm thinking of selling at least half but inclined to sell it all. What do you think I should do?

  9. This was amazing Jimmy! Huge FAN. Loved the breakdown and agree, way overvalued currently, all the growth for the company is already priced in LOL

  10. No, Price has gone way to high over the hype. There are only so many people willing to eat fake meat, and they are already buying this. In a recession people will eat what is cheapest.

  11. I think it’s over valued, because the current price is factoring in future earnings. With that said, it may still go up before it comes back down.

  12. Float is too small to short. Don't even consider it till they announce stock split or equity financing. Those who shorted at $100 are now broke.

  13. Too overvalued at this point. Benjamin Graham would be spinning in his grave. An investment at this point would be pure speculation. I’d play Blackjack at a Casino before investing at Beyond Meat at this point.

  14. I like the concept, and if people start adjusting their food consumption to curb climate change we will see products like vegetables and meat substitutes grow in production. I would probably search for a stock in organic farming that has a fairer evaluation, and a dividend would be nice since it’s a consumer staple.

  15. I try to use test / use every product before I invest into a company… so I purposely sought out a BYND Burger.
    BYND Burgers are not readily available in my area… but (while on vacation) I found a high-end restaurant in Hilton Head, SC offering them.
    So me being me… instead of buying a Steak… I bought a BYND Burger.

    I know there will some (perhaps many) people who will disagree… but I would never eat this "burger" again.
    It was awful. It didn't taste or "feel like" a "meat burger". It looked like a veggie burger.

    And I thought the selling points of BYND was
    – it looked (appearance) / felt (consistency) / tasted like a traditional "animal based burger".

    It failed my test on all 3 measures… and it was more expensive than a "regular burger".

    I will not buy BYND.

  16. I saw a BYND analyst outline her assumptions and valuation target on Fast Money… They should have invited you instead. I think you nailed it.

  17. The total value of the stock price will cool off.  It's at 197 today on "news" and not earnings to justify the price.

  18. I’ve been vegan for 2 years and beyond meat is by far miles ahead of competition with taste for meatless meats. Nothing else is even close. I’ll buy stock when there’s a price drop, the rise in veganism worldwide and or reduction of meat eating is fastly increasing, and millennials with their current highest purchasing power are demanding this and ethical clothing etc…The snowballing affect has put them far enough out ahead I believe, Tyson’s ‘Raised and Rooted’ looks like vege burgers from over a decade ago… beyond meat’s goal is to reduce price to be cheaper than meat, when people realize we can’t sustain meat eating on this planet well…. Great video!

  19. who ever says this is over valued bla bla bla lmfao u have no brains… just purchased $20,000 worth in shares.. this company is literally worth 100billion dollars.

  20. Great video Jimmy! Have a video coming out on BYND as well and valuing this stock is more or less a shot in the dark. We'll get a clearer picture of growth and metrics after next week's earnings!

  21. It is simply a massive short squeeze. The short stock rate is 160%……. They simply did not issue enough shares to the public so there is a serious imbalance and the short rate just exacerbates the problem. It is absolutely not a buy…. But i wouldn't be short either. It is in no way shape or form worth paying 160% APR to borrow the shares to short. The stock should go down but we go back to the good ole quote "The markets can stay irrational longer than you can remain solvent". BUt is is funny the stock is trading 120x forward sales and 375x current cash

  22. I was lucky to buy the second day after they went public. My money has triple now. I am still not selling. There is a tremendous potential for this company. Good luck everyone!

  23. Waaaay overvalued and tastes terrible think it’s just hyped and will go down, like dude a veggie burger or bean based burger is waaay better

  24. Great Vid….BYND goes against every rule of investing in my book. If you do invest in it be prepared to gain or lose 50% of your money.

  25. I'll say this…I'm a gym rat and everyone is eating this stuff…at the restaurants, at the barbecues it's crazy.

  26. Part of the reason why this stock exposes your investable universe is that You’re purely looking at valuations, as with any growth stocks the metrics never make sense be it $150 or $235 per share.
    Practitioners/end users understand the product and are for now willing to pay the premium , but once the dominant players in the market get the science down and start producing alternatives to BYND then the average family who now pays $6 for 2 parties will start to reconsider.
    Just like Tesla was a darling for those who could afford it , the manufacturing prowess of the entrenched players will and partly has eroded Tesla’s competitiveness. If they can do electric cars 80% as well as Tesla at less than half the cost- consumers will walk. Similarly if Tyson & competitors put out products 80% as good at a much lower cost – BYND share price should fall back to earth. But for now – stay long

  27. Curious about the key innovation. There are many competitors out there and why BYND can keep all consumers’ attention? I feel like other big companies already start developing their own plant-based stuff. Also, the key, it tastes not better than real meat.

  28. BYND left so much money on the table. Currently $14B valuation. They sold 9 million some shares at $25. The people who bought into the IPO are probably dying to sell their shares. As soon as the lockup is over, it's going to be very interesting.

  29. The fake meat company has been fueled by shorts who were forced to cover. It's cap ex doesn't add up. Institutional analyst have been pumping this stock.

    Caveat Emptor.

  30. You have assumptions based on hope and expectations of new product introductions. I know the intent is to feed a DCF which drives present value of stock price. Too much fluff. Two years ago, Bitcoin was going to the moon because all investors needed to buy into the new asset base. See the fluff?

    I expect BYND to exist with many other competitors. Some of their competitors have better distribution. I don't think anywhere close to 10% of the market will leave Molly Moo cow for engineered pea protein. The barriers for entry are very low so the best scenario is for BYND to be bought out. I see this happening not at today's share price but somewhere around $100 ps.

  31. What will prevent competitors in the US and elsewhere from creating their own plant-based meat? Sounds a bit like Ueber.

  32. I think 100 percent of meat eaters will switch to a plant based option based on a few factors that must not be overlooked

    the product must taste better
    product must have less health disadvantages
    product must have more health advantages
    product must cost less
    product must be as easy to acquire

    and most importantly, the product must not have a stigma attached to it. people should not be embarrassed to eat a plant based meat.

    that 10 percent number must be wrong when you poll die hard meat eaters. most will agree with my requirements to change the minds of people.

    the trend is towards saving the lives of animals, eating healthier, and less carbon footprint. there should be no stigma attached to these things.

    the price action of bynd speaks for this stigma going away. not for its profitability using static numbers today projecting ten years from now.

    go back ten years and look at the incredible stigma for eating plant burgers. compare that with the trend today and use dynamic numbers to predict ten years from not

    definitely not a fad.

  33. As always perfect…. just I don’t know if you want to keep it a secret for you but i love to also see your estimated fair price of the stocks at the end of your videos

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