I should’ve ordered the next level down
which is zero because this is spicy for me I almost died now if you want to explore
some good culinary Bandung is a perfect city for that one of the
specialty dishes here to eat is seblak it’s a dish that is cooked with a
generous amount of chili maybe too much in my case oh that looks spicy I am Marissa Iskandar now let’s get to eating alrighty so I am in Bandung right now and this is one of the culinary dishes to try seblak sultan it is spicy woaaa…. and the texture is a little
tough I don’t know what I’m biting into but oh it’s hard to chew and very spicy and then I am like terrified of eating ceker ayam the chicken feet and
they definitely have it inside here but the broth is really hot its very soupy
and I can see why people like it because it’s a spicy dish and there’s so much
different textures going on in one dish so much and this is the complete woaa…. the texture of the noodle is really good
fantastic oooww.. and it’s a wide noodle and it’s really good almost like a big
fettuccine noodle whoa the noodle is my favorite part with this yummy spicy broth whoa it is spicy very spicy thank you okay this bowl is super small and they have so many toppings fifteen toppings to be exact I’m just gonna put the bones away to the side because it’s really hard to eat no wonder the broth tastes really good and delicious because they marinate the chicken bones inside the broth and it is
super fresh in taste woaaa…. actually I ordered medium spicy and this is really spicy for me woa… this is bakso ooo this is spicy so you heard the guy
it is a must dish to eat in Bandung while your in Bandung this is a really good
dish its so tasty mmm…. if one seblak dish wasn’t enough then
here is another spot to satisfy your seblak craving okay so yesterday I tried seblak sultan that and since I really liked it I’m here at another spot
to try it again and I ordered level one yesterday was a little too spicy so I am going to play on the safe side and just ordered level one this seblak has five spicy levels to
choose from and DAMMM but this looks like a level five oooo… alrighty lets eats ooo…. this looks so good and it looks really spicy actually more spicy than the one I had yesterday that broth is so rich and red woaa… this might be dangerous arhhhooaa.. (choking with all the spice) ooo my god that is spicy woaaa.. I ordered level one and this is more spicy than the one I had yesterday it is spicy woaa… woaaa….. but the broth is really flavorful it’s
good but it’s just it’s spicy I bit into the to the the chili peppers and woaa….. it hit me as far as the toppings they are really good
I like the crunch I think this is a little bit more
crunchy than the last one that I tried and this was another favorite Bandung
place to eat seblak and I can see why people really like it because the broth
is really good and Indonesian people really love spicy and this is spicy man but that broth woaa….. Ohh… ooo my god it’s SPICY and another thing that I
noticed is the chili in this broth it doesn’t it taste a little bit more fresher it feels like they just put a whole bunch of
chillies right there in the broth I can taste all the chilis woaa…. crunch… crunch…..crunch… crunch… one thing that I liked about the
toppings that I picked the siomay the batagor and then the
tofu its really crunchy mmmm … its good but don’t forget its spicy sshhhhh…. ugh…. I shoulda ordered the next level down
which is zero maybe next time I will order a zero because ithis is spicy for me the
freshness of the chili is wooooaaa…. it’s spicy definitely more spicy than the last one
that I tried ssehhhh…. woaaaa…. slurp… ssehh…. this tastes like somebody just poured a
whole bottle of chili sauce on here ssseeehhh…. and this is seblak laughing hahhahaha ( but dying) wooa…. sssehhh…. ugh…. I’m not going to push myself to eat this
because this is too spicy for me but man I can’t even imagine level 5 can you imagine spicy level 5 oh my gosh I almost died….. thankfully I survived this round oh man
we will see how I feel tomorrow until then keep living keep exploring keep eating

100 thoughts on “BULE GAK KUAT PEDASNYA SEBLAK/AMERICAN ALMOST DIED Eating Horror spicy food!!

  1. Seblak bandung rasa nya gurih sekali dan enak tapiii…😭😭😭😭 to danger spicy!
    Actually Seblak tastes really good but its super dangerous spicy😭

    Keep Living, Keep Exploring, Keep Eating🤘🏻

    My Instagram

  2. Level 5 is not spicy…
    It's "spacey"… Put you in the "blank" state, dont know what to do, dont know what u eat, and definitely dont know whether u will live or not by tomorrow 🤣
    Bon appetit 👍🏻

  3. Ini hal terNEKAT & terGILA (In a good way) yang pernah saya lihat dalam videonya Marissa. Empat jempol buat Marissa. 😀 😀 😀

  4. Hahahha to be honest Marissa as an Indonesian, i havent even tried Seblak before but i really need to try that once especially when i saw your expression of that spicy Seblak hahahahaha.

  5. Level 1 it's 10 chilli bird
    Level 2 it's 30 chilli bird
    Level 3 its 50 chilli bird
    Level 4 its 80 chilli bird
    Level 5 its 100 chilli bird

    Even level 0 they still put 5 chilli bird…LOL

  6. You should try the level 0 one, it’s actually really good dish if we don’t get diverted by the unforgiving spiciness

    I’m Canadian but my boyfriend is from Bandung, it was him who introduced me to seblak, he ordered level 1 for me back then and I was just like you; couldn’t handle the spiciness lol, but the second time he took me to eat seblak, he ordered the level 0, and after eating it I realized how tasty it is

  7. Is your stomach ok? Do you prepared some medicine for your stomach? Seriously two days straight eating seblak…wow you're so brave!!

  8. Seblak itu ga jauh beda dengan kwetiau. Bahan utamanya kerupuk mentah, diolah macam nasgor dll dsb. Yang menu pedas itu cabai di campur lada. Lumayan keringatan klo makan.

  9. because bandung is chiller than any other city in indonesia, we need something that can make our body warmer. and seblak is simple, cheap and delicious, most of foods in java island is not so spicy like the sumatera's style, but different with bandung.

  10. Yg sy tau Orang Bule byk yg GAK kuat pedasss..salut sy liat nya.mnum susu stelah mkn pedas tuk mnghilangkn rasa pedas d mulut

  11. Do you get stomach ache {diarrhea even} after eating extra spicy food?

    I sometimes use ultra-carbon to calm my tummy

  12. I love youuu and I adore your channel ❤️❤️ thank you for coming to Bandung, thank you for loving Indonesia❤️❤️❤️

  13. Omg even me as an indonesian won't ever try mie goreng abang adek again! 😭🔥🔥

  14. For me as Indonesian, seblak is so damn spicy! And you tried it out! Dont force it, it's dangerous for your stomach.

  15. Kaki ayam atau ceker ayam ini sangat enak sekali. Dahulu saya tidak suka dengan itu tetapi setelah saya coba untuk pertama kali, rasanya benar benar sangat enak. Harus dicoba Marissa 😀

  16. LOL…the bones only to add flavor…not to eat, bu marissa
    actually the dish is known at year around 2005 to 2006, become famous since people from bandung actually never eat food as spicy as that. so its new
    next time, if you like ask for warm tea or milk. it help you a lot fighting the spicy
    the chilli not fresh bu marissa, it's been dried and turn into dust

  17. do you know why Indonesian people like spicy food a lot? because when we're angry, "spicy" words came out from our mouth :v

  18. Mucho caliente 😂 Marisa where America Latin you from Venezuela,Mexico,el Salvador,Guatemala or Peru Brazil,…??

  19. Hahaha ketawa lucu lihat marissa kepedesan,se akan mau marah aja lihat mkanan pedes Tapii habis juga ya makanan nya 😀

  20. Makan, makanan pedas itu butuh latihan apabila makin sering makan maka makin tidak terasa pedasnya. Jadi terus lah berlatih. Hehehe…😁

  21. the moment I saw that reddish soup, told myself i dared you to eat that and you did and it made my stomach turn upside down by seeing that, lol! I'm Indonesian and I love spicy foods but definitely cant handle extreme one. I think you shouldn't try BBQ chicken at Richeese Factory, it's damn spicy makes your head spinning.

  22. Sekali2 pengen lihat kamu pakai pakaian adat dari daerah yang kamu kunjungi. Bagus juga kalau mau mengunjungi sanggar tari dan mencoba menari. hehehe….. 🙂

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