Build SOLID MUSCLE With This MEAL + WORKOUT | 2018

100 thoughts on “Build SOLID MUSCLE With This MEAL + WORKOUT | 2018

  1. more nutrition video (example like for a whole day/week) or give us more insight on nutrition for weight lost or gaining muscle ?

  2. Can you make a video on your opinions on intermittent fasting, alternate day fasting, and counting macros? 🙂

  3. Hey Chris I love your workout but I had a question though. Can you do a video on nutrition for vegetarians??
    Caleathenics is very energy draining but can't match up the nutrition accordingly. So can you please do a video for vegetarians too.
    Love from Nepal.

  4. Yes! More food! I am a food freak over here. Curious about fruit. Is there a place for it? I am a lover of pineapples, mangoes, bananas, and apples. 😉 What do you say Chris?

  5. Chris you have to become an actor now… Plus Hollywood needs more Asian and Latinos on the big screen. We need as much diversity in life as we can get… Now let's work out. His wife and son have to be so proud.

  6. Hey Brow! How to get many repetitions in the Excercise?…I Have 17 Years-old and I can't get the advanced workouts in Heria Pro app. I'm Sad!

  7. Can you do a video describing the difference between the Heria Pro app and the actually Thenx app ? What’s the benefit of having both if they have the same/similar workouts ?

  8. You seem distracted but I like that you push through… because you know the results you will achieve!… Takes away all of our excuses.😍😘 Inspiring

  9. @chrisheria bro much love from ny I’m there with you all the time getting this money keep posting up the videos please!!

  10. Yeah Dude please post videos talking about nutrition that you eating and how many meals you eat in a day ,
    these are questions that i eager to hear from you
    all the best for you

  11. How do you handstand push up i can do one and i can walk on my hands for a very long time but loose my balence on the second do you have a vid on it thenx

  12. Hey Chris, I love your videos bro. I have got one question. Do you do martial arts? Tae Kwon do in particular. There is one video, that dude looks like you. Greetings from Europe. ☮️

  13. That song from 7:20 is killer. Keep working bro. I will start your workouts from app heria pro soon thanks for motivation salute from Bulgaria! 🙂

  14. I'm 50 years of age been doing the Calisthenics for a month, seen huge gains already in just a month. Here is my problem, I can only afford $250.00 month in food, can you plz plz do a video on budget eating, the best and cheapest way to go about getting my protein and calories and so on with very little money. Thank You Chris, You have been a huge inspiration to me.

  15. it's really great to see that you have added subtitles in French in most videos. it's a good help to avoid missing some valuable tips. continuous like that Chris. you are an inspiration to me. Take care of yourself

  16. Don't you just love how Chris says…'for the cool down…handstand push-ups' 😆👍☺️ damn! Talk about a beast! I just downloaded the heria app pro and am LOVING the workout routines! I did p90x, insanity, etc but didn't see as much gains as just one week of Calisthenics with this app! Thank you Chris! For the workouts, the app, the tips, and for being you. I was so I intimidated to start but when you showed in your videos how to break it down with perfect form and encouraging words such as 'even if is one pushup or pull-up do it with perfect form' – that honestly was the closer for me compared to other fitness workouts. Massive thank you bro! Love you and your crew and your adorable son Zen!

  17. Ya i checked out the weight vest and quickly changed my mind after seeing that price tag. There was a 50 dollar vest next to it that looked identical an lets be honest, its just to add weight. Doesnt have to be fancy.

  18. other youtubers be like workout – 20 push ups, 20 diamond pu, 20 wide pu, 20 archer and the workouts done
    chris be like 100 push ups and warm up done

  19. bro I love this dude, "25 handstand push-ups" for the COOL DOWN!!! 😀 I hope one day I'm going to cool down like that!

  20. yes Chris loving the system and routines and for me what I would like to no is if you could do a video on food you eat after doing the shredded fat workouts as been doing them everyday. Just a guide for now thanks

  21. Sup Chris,

    Do you use any pre-workout or take any protein drinks, or do you just maintain healthy dieting and meals?

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