100 thoughts on “BREAKING: Experts SLAM New Study Saying Red Meat Is Healthy

  1. When you refuse to try to do better and now you know it is killing you, isn't that by definition, what proves that meat and dairy are addictive? Most doctors are not well-versed on what a healing diet is. Even though Kaiser-Permanente has recognized plant-based being used in patient care, who else is doing this? Unless the patients who are outside of the Kaiser system are willing to do the learning themselves, listen to loads of plant-based lectures on YT, they are not going to find many doctors who are willing to stand with you in managing your health if you are plant-based.

    Fortunately, if you are motivated and put into practice what you are learning, you can do well. It is what I've done. I don't want to die of breast cancer like my mother and sister. I've been vegetarian for 10 years with the last 2.5 years being vegan. Lost 50 lbs., cholesterol is down, within a much better BMI where I'm no longer considered obese. My mental function is a whole much sharper, attention span improved. Feel better overall. And I take no drugs. Not suffering any longer from arthritis or asthma or constipation. Skin is much better. Look younger than I did 10 years ago.

    It isn't that hard eating plant-based. What is stopping people from going vegan is they are not even willing to try any vegan options. No one is going to tell them to behave themselves. They'd rather die. And they are. If one did this with a gun or bottles of pills, it would be seen for what it is: suicide by diet. But when so many people are not willing to alter their diets, this affects the cost of health insurance for all. The healthcare I am not using but paying for is funding those to continue to gorge themselves on what is literally killing them.

  2. Awe looks like the vegans are pissed lmao meat is healthy and what your trying to do wont stop spreading the message. Meat is healthy and the study's you guys use is super piss poor and shows no relationship on why you guys think its not healthy.

  3. Well once you do start having health problems associated with your diet, the same doctors will tell you to cut the red meat. After a heart attack, no one goes on an red meat diet.

  4. Hey all of you vegans. Send me a clinical ( not a observational study like the harvard vegan professor ones) study showing red meat causes cancer and I will stop eating it.

  5. I am sorry but this did not convince me. The studies (meta analysis) into which I looked did not convince me either. Maybe only the processed meat indeed calls for caution. Considering absolute risk (and not the misleading relative risk numbers), the data is not compelling. Besides, just like you, I could not find any relation between nutrirec and the meat industry.

  6. I tried the carnivore diet and I felt healthy for the first time in 20 years. Sorry, I trust my body more than epidemiological studies.

  7. Excellent show. I read the article here in the uk and just couldn't believe how irresponsible some people can be. Great guests – thanks 😇

  8. Wow, what a load of partisan bigoted unbalanced twoddle. No dietary biases is perfect when applied to total population mature covers all/most options genetically to ensure partial survival during times of catastrophe. Different siets suit different populations and until we get unbiased research that is not motivated by fixed positions we will never know any truth. Are there people who will thrive on a vegan diet, yes. Are there people who will thrive on an omnivore diet, yes. Are there people who will thrive on a carnivore based diet, very probably. Stop trying to push everyone to adopt the same eating strategy. Yes eat healthy. Yes eat ethically (as you can). Yes do your best to protect the planet. And don't turn round and tell me you can't do your best to protect the planet and eat meat. Anyone who goes off on one about anything I've said please to get that wound up is unhealthy you'll die early from stress induced disease processes, so, take it easy.

  9. You're going to sue to infringe the speech of people you don't agree with, how open.

    Also it's not a advertisement.

  10. When is Neal Barnard debating with Robert Lustig!!!

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nd_GahOGq0

    Is it possible to see these two debating the topic sugar, meat, cholesterin, health and so on? But in one room!!! No reaction videos!!! Both in one room.

    If nobody respond to Robert Lustig, than I think you have no good science base to take Robert Lustig down.

  11. When is Neal Barnard debating with Robert Lustig!!!

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6nd_GahOGq0

    Is it possible to see these two debating the topic sugar, meat, cholesterin, health and so on? But in one room!!! No reaction videos!!! Both in one room.

    If nobody respond to Robert Lustig, than I think you have no good science base to take Robert Lustig down.

  12. There is more money behind plant based diets than there is behind the meat and dairy industry.

    Its sugar and pharma vs meat and agriculture. Both have stakes in the game, both fudge the hell out of their research, and both have governmental powers at play.

    There are healthy people on both sides but one thing is for 100% sure – sugar is addictive, it is used to cover the awful taste of low fat foods, and it wreaks absolute havoc on your cardiovascular, endocrine, and digestive systems. No one says eating a sugar based diet is good in fact we could live without eating sugar. Cholestrol aides in healing the damage caused by sugar in the arteries but when you have insulin resistance the sugar doesnt get pulled out of your blood so the cholestrol keeps building up trying to heal your arteries. Then what happens? Heart attack. Stroke. Plaques. And it's all blamed on cholestrol.

    Eat a balanced diet. Vegan doesnt offer all the nutrients you need for basic survival without supplements – making it a poor dietary choice. The 7th day adventists dont live long because of their diet.. they live long because they dont smoke and they are required to exercise.

    Take Everything with a grain of salt especially biased news sources like this channel.

  13. The DDP did not conclude that meat was harmful. The dietary intervention was about lowering fat intake and reducing weight through calorie restriction. There was never any determination made about meat being a causal factor for diabetes. The Women's Health Initiative, one of the largest and costliest studies ever done, showed that fat in diet was an insignificant contributor to Cardio Vascular disease. This Dr Bernard is talking out of his ass and cannot cite one radomized control study that showed meat causes cancer or diabetes. Even the China Study has been debunked. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a vegan cabal of doctors whose biases conveniently overlook studies that don't agree with their view of nutrition science and rely heavily on observational studies which may show correlation but not causation.

  14. What a disgrace you ppl are. I have been on the carnivore diet for 4 months, my energy levels have picked up, my sugar is now in normal ranges and i have lost a lot of weight, not to mention my brain function is so much better. You ppl are a disgrace all you want is sick ppl, it makes more money for you.

  15. Yea let me enjoy turning into a plant based soy boy eating gmo processed burgers that look like meat because I’m actually truly craving meat

  16. That's OK, Barnyard. Lots of experts slam the vegan diet.

    And I'll bet this comment is deleted, too. Wouldn't want viewers to learn about the PCRM.


  17. The study shows the health claims against red meat is bullshit. Sorry vegans but it is obvious you don't care about science and animal welfare is your only priority, so you try to fabricate reasons not to eat meat because nobody cares about the ethical argument. The study didn't even claim red meat is healthy, it said the risk if any is so minuscule it pointless to exclude from your diet and you are fine to eat as much as you want.

  18. Curious, but the article doesn't say it's healthy, it states there are no health risks. Being hyperbolic and disingenuous. Barnard's looking very slight.

  19. Klaus I love your work but please don't fall for the clickbait bullshit that so many other sites do. The wording of "Expert: Slam" just makes you sound cheap and I know you're not.

  20. Without red meat, there would not have been humans on this planet!!! You idiots are eating manmade fake things called vegetables….full of anti-nutrients, pesticides and god knows what!! Luckily 99 pct of the world is eating red meat !! Morons!

  21. Fake news by the media not in the good old USA ! Don't listen to these Vegan Nazis ! Everybody please continue to eat plenty of red meat and wash it down with a ice cold glass of whole milk !

  22. Oh for Petes Sake. You animal activists dressed up in MD lab coats!!!! I’m with the book Big Fat Surprise.

  23. So how come vegans don't eat grass? I see cows eating grass, I watched the game changers movie and they said ox's are strong because they eat grass. Why are none of you eating grass? It's free, sustainable and in an abundance.

  24. With respect to diabetes, Dr. Barnard is telling only part of the story here. He didn't mention how & why the fat gets into the muscle fibers causing fatty skeletal muscle and into the liver causing fatty liver and eventually into the pancreas causing fatty pancreas. The driving force behind these events is persistent chronic hyperinsulinemia, which is caused by constant stimulation of the pancreatic beta cells by the continued intake of carbohydrates and to a lesser extent proteins. Insulin promotes hepatic de novo fat synthesis (lipogenesis), fatty liver, fat export to and storage in ectopic sites (e. g., muscle & pancreas) in addition to other visceral & subcutaneous adipose tissue sites. So, it's not just dietary fat heading straight to clog muscle fibers preventing the entry of glucose and causing diabetes.

  25. Meat is healthy to eat. Vegans don't like to hear this so they are wailing and crying about the study. Tough shit vegans!

  26. Eating real food that is meats and vegetables keeps us healthy, it's the industrial processed sugars and processed junk packaged foods with preservatives that causes all the diseases, cancers and disorders in the body

  27. One of the mistakes I made as a vegan was believing information like this. I was in denial. I never thought about the whole story. Red meat is so very vague. Beef, lamb, deer and pork are all red meats. Processed meats, fast food and non-processed meats are red meats. Factory farmed meat, genuine grass fed meat and wild meat are all red meats. You see, you cannot just lump everything together. Majority of population are consuming high carb, high sugar diet with low quality animal products. I am convinced after being vegan myself that animal fat is healthy, all sugar is unhealthy and all processed oils are poison

  28. Barnard and the PCRM are terrorist scum and wrong. Here's the "real" truth about them:
    “The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. PCRM is a fanatical animal rights group that seeks to remove eggs, milk, meat, and seafood from the American diet, and to eliminate the use of animals in scientific research. Despite its operational and financial ties to other animal activist groups and its close relationship with violent zealots, PCRM has successfully duped the media and much of the general public into believing that its pronouncements about the superiority of vegetarian-only diets represent the opinion of the medical community.

    “Less than 5 percent of PCRM’s members are physicians,” Newsweek wrote in February 2004. The respected news magazine continued:

    [PCRM president Neal] Barnard has co-signed letters, on PCRM letterhead, with the leader of Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, an animal-rights group the Department of Justice calls a “domestic terrorist threat.” PCRM also has ties to People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. An agency called the foundation to Support Animal Protection has distributed money from PETA to PCRM in the past and, until very recently, did both groups’ books. Barnard and PETA head Ingrid Newkirk are both on the foundation’s board.

    New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey put it more crisply in a November 2004 piece about PCRM’s annual airport-food ratings. “The physicians’ committee has a PETA link,” he wrote, “and its food rankings reflect that agenda.”

    While PCRM presents itself as a doctor-supported, unbiased source of health guidance, the group’s own literature echoes Newsweek’s observation that 95 percent of its members have no medical degrees. And even the five-percent doctor membership that PCRM claims is open to question. Anyone claiming to be a physician or a medical student can join without paying a dime — even if their only motivation is to collect free waiting-room reading material. Current data indicates that only 10 percent of PCRM’s members graduated from medical school.

    PCRM’s anti-meat and anti-dairy tactics include newspaper op-eds and letters, campaigns against airports and school boards, and television commercials. One 2005 TV spot claims “the most dangerous thing our kids have to deal with today isn’t violence. It isn’t drugs. It’s unhealthy food.” PCRM’s prescription? “Vegetarian foods.”

    The American Medical Association (AMA), which actually represents the medical profession, has called PCRM a “fringe organization” that uses “unethical tactics” and is “interested in perverting medical science.”PCRM is a font of medical disinformation. The group has argued, with a straight face, that experiments involving animal subjects “interfere with new drug development.” PCRM even rejects the consensus of the respectable medical community by claiming that animal experimentation “leads AIDS research astray.”

    PCRM discourages Americans from making donations to health charities like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Society, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, the American Red Cross, and even Boys Town. All because they support research that requires animals, in order to cure human diseases. PCRM’s multi-year crusade against the March of Dimes, which includes protests directed at March walkers, volunteers, and donors, has been reported widely.

    Attacking Meat and Dairy

    Often appearing in a lab coat, PCRM president Neal Barnard looks the part of a mainstream health expert. He also churns out a steady stream of reliably anti-meat and anti-dairy nutrition research. Although his “results” generally conclude that a vegan diet (practiced by a tiny fraction of Americans) will solve any of dozens of health problems, the mass media eats them up. And PCRM is media-savvy enough to take advantage.

    But Barnard was trained as a psychiatrist, not a nutritionist. His nutritional advice boils down to one basic message: don’t eat meat, or anything that comes from animals. PCRM has complained to the Federal Trade Commission about advertisements that depict milk as part of a healthy diet. It petitioned the government to slap meat and poultry with a “biohazard label,” adding in its newsletter that eggs should carry these dire warnings as well. PCRM often uses a mixed carrot-and-stick approach to spreading its propaganda. While its ads call school lunches “weapons of mass destruction” for including meat and milk, its “report card” press releases congratulate selected schools for serving “healthy” (read: vegetarian-friendly) meals. After receiving a “failing” grade in a 2004 PCRM survey, the Albuquerque Public Schools told the press that it wouldn’t have participated if it had known the group’s real agenda. “Real physicians,” the school district’s nutrition coordinator told the Albuquerque Tribune, “would not recommend a vegan diet for growing children.”

  29. I’m curious how extremists on both sides of the aisle always have the same things to say. If you look at famous Vegan doctors, bodybuilders, and weight loss advocates, you see them saying this way of life is the only way to have actual weight loss, health, and longevity. But if you go to the other side, and consider the Physicians, body builders, and weight loss advocates for the Keto meat-centric way of life, you hear them saying the exact same claims about their version. And both sides can show equal proof and/or evidence that their way is really the only way any sane person would go, because, well, look at the results!
    Both sides show lean, trim people who are energetic, happy, and in the peak of health, saying they were on medications before but not any longer, they had blood pressure problems, coronary disease, etc. one side says no salt, oil or sugar, the other side says slather on the butter and oil, and top it with salt. Well, both sides at least seem to agree that the sugar is bad.
    But what I’m saying is, if you honestly look at both sides, you find that both have plenty of advocates promoting it, both in the professional and private sectors.
    I know people in real life, who are over 50, and are doing the Keto lifestyle. They are biking hundreds of miles on weekends, running marathons, and doing triathlons. They’re strong, energetic, healthy, and clear thinking. I don’t personally know any vegans, but I see enough on YT to know they are the same.
    So how does one choose one or the other.

  30. Moronic arguments, stop BSing with the LDL cholesterol . High Insulin and glucose with high Lp(a) is the reason CVD.
    Low insulin and glucose with high LDL makes no difference to mortality.

  31. I live near factory farms. The things they put in the fields are of concern. Its big business, just like the meat business. Big corporations are all the same. Watch out.

  32. I find amazing and amusing that doctors say meat causes cancer while we have been eating meat for millions of years.

  33. Should be ok. 2-2.5 mil years of evolutionary biology at work says meat is ok. As far as eating meat causing an increase in mortality? That’s a bunch of crap. I’ve been eating eggs and bacon 5 times a week for most of my life and just scored a 76 on my calcium heart scan. That means I have a 6% chance of getting a heart attack in the next 10 years. Now the process meat is a problem. All my meat comes from grass fed animals. Don’t listen to these clowns.

  34. There is NOT sufficient evidence to support the claim that meat causes cancer, these guys are lying. Don't trust anyone wearing a lab coat as a prop, people telling the truth don't need props.

  35. All these guys look like they could use a burger. ( without the bun and coke for their health.) Let' s hear where Dr. Barnard's funding comes from.

  36. How is cancer related to meat when cancer is related to sugar consumption. Everyone knows that since the sugar consumption has been going up for decades so has cancer rates in a straight line.

  37. So we have been eating meat for hundreds of thousands of years and now we are getting cancer from it? This is a ridiculous assumption and all the studies in the world do not prove that at all.

  38. so for a number of years you have fed men and women processed meats and after many years they developed cancer, right? Is that how the study was done? Or are we talking about an epidemiological study which has no real scientific elements to it?

  39. You need sugary foods to survive? what kind of advice is this? You are incredibly irresponsible to say that. I have been on a keto diet for a year and I never felt better and I do not have diabetes and my fatty liver is completely healed. How is it possible to say that sugar is not responsible for diabetes. You are a criminal for saying that. Who is paying you the sugar industry?

  40. Neal Barnard's lack of honesty is astounding. There is very little good science around nutrition. He's clearly against eating meat for ethical reasons. The notion that meat causes cancer or any other inflammatory disease is crazy – we're made of meat for goodness sake. Cut processed sugar and seed oils. Vegan to 100% carnivore, both have valid arguments. Neal's wearing a white coat because his arguments lack credibility. He's meant to care about the truth!

  41. Who was observed ? How many people were studied ? Were other parts of the diet controlled (I doubt it.) ? Is the data analysis presented as overall risk, or relative risk ? Who did the data analysis ? Who is interpreting the data ? Keep in mind, a good mathematician can make fresh air look bad.

  42. Vegans cannot accept the truth simply because it goes against their religion….

    'Statisticians have broadly supported the way the study has been conducted. Kevin McConway, emeritus professor of applied statistics at the Open University, called it an "extremely comprehensive piece of work" . And Prof David Spiegelhalter, from the University of Cambridge, said: "This rigorous, even ruthless, review does not find good evidence of important health benefits from reducing meat consumption

    "In fact, it does not find any good evidence at all."


  43. Much like anorexia or bulimia, veganism is a mental illness and only found in the most privileged countries on earth.

  44. Keep commenting carnist shills! Please do. You're only fueling & supporting Vegan news. We love and accept you, even if you're unaware and willfully ignorant.

  45. Funny people that are on a keto diet For a lot of years. Have lost hundreds are down Cholesterol is down diabetes has disappeared and after years of knowing people know cancer of course that's not to cut out all vegetables by no means that's cutting out carbohydrates gmo process grains

  46. Fenando a What's the difference between FACTS & propaganda🤔the latter is untrue, do you think the filmCowspiracy is a fairy tale!!! 2ndly I do not medically!! Understand all that you listed physiological etc That's why we take facts from qualified doctors🙄which you are not. As for his wife in an organisation that promotes the health of animals, SO WHAT, I doubt DOCTOR Barnard is held capture by his wife &forced into anything, he has been in the medical world for over 40yrs, idiot!!!!! as you so rudely say, So you didn't have the *****to watch Cowspiracy 😂a 5min FACTUAL film, go on, it's just a few facts.

  47. Meatard: I'm sure you do what your wife tells you!! As if a doctor in medical field is going to change his medical Trainings because his wife is in an organisation that promotes animal welfare, you seen film Gamechangers yet? Patrick Babourmian &Kenneth G.Williams. You might get some tips on a better pump.

  48. Vegans are hypocrites because they say nothing about abortion? Their arguments against suffering animals means nothing in light of the killing of children by the millions.

  49. One reason why this Annals published study can claim what it does is the fact, that the harmful effects of saturated fats are negated by millions of people swallowing billions of tablets and undergoing various medical proceedured costing trillions.

  50. It’s enough to look at all these guys – they all look great – to understand that it’s one more proof for plant based animal products free diet.

  51. Brilliant discussion and thank you so much for the honesty and integrity you uphold as decent doctors.
    (but the host could have a better haircut, what is wrong with looking as a man should?)

  52. Whole lot of money and prestige to be gleaned by telling people good things about their bad habits. (。•́︿•̀。)

  53. Mahakala lol Vegans look beautiful inside &out 😂Have you seen all those athletes in the film Gamechangers on Netflix?type in vegan athletes 🙄don't say silly things😷you watch Cowspiracy utube &Stella me who is pretty!!!!

  54. Gobby gabby😂 it was for your basic benefit, I used that Simplistic example for ppl like you, & the irony of it, they done the test on a meat eating program The Truth About Food bbc1, I'm guessing they got together & thought what is the most basic way idiots can understand it😂if the paper turns purple it is carcinogenic, obviously still not BASIC enough for YOU thou durrrrrr

  55. Dan Blah blah the utube film is called Hope, not nope😂have you seen it yet, & where did you qualify as a cancer doctor!!!! I didn't think so!!!!!!

  56. Where did Neal Barndarn get the numbers he is citing at 5:20? Is he citing one of the studies that the paper analysed? Because I could not find that in the published article.

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