Beyond Meat McRib Taste Test

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  1. Okay, I agree that Panera's prices are a bit much and while I personally like their food, I recognize that some people won't and that's okay. But come on, Link, complaining that you don't like Panera because a half soup and half sandwich isn't filling? Order more food! LOL The you-pick-two isn't the only thing on the menu (and soup and sandwich aren't the only options). They've got plenty of full-sized choices.

  2. Rustlers (A range of hamburger products, and hot food related items, based in Ireland) does a BBQ Rib which is similar to McDonald’s McRib, and honestly it’s every bit as good.

  3. Link, I agree with you 100% my wife loves Panera and I hate it and you nailed it on the reason. Nothing there is satisfying. I like food.

  4. when you think will is a comedy legend but u see everybody (probably 12 year olds) complaining about him (probably because hes new ((or mAYBE ITS BECAUSE HES BLACK))

  5. As someone who works at Panera I loved hearing Alex talk about working there. I can totally understand putting that floor sandwich on the plate cuz it was busy. And the training videos, good lord…

  6. Sadly, Will is my least favorite crew member. I don't find his type of humor funny, and I think it clashes with the other people in the videos he's in.

  7. Worked at McDonald's for 13 years. It's not at all the same sauce lol. I'm glad mine only had it a couple times in that period, it was disgusting to make.

  8. I wonder if Will thinks he can become the 3rd host on GMM. SORRY but I don't think so. Trying way too hard and it's coming across as annoying. He seems like a good guy, but needs to stop trying so hard.

  9. The original was pretty much already beyond meat because nothing from McDonald’s is actually meat.

  10. Straight rewatched the end at least 10 times😂😂😂😂 lmao!! Y'all don't lick up? 😂😂😂😂

  11. I fully expect Rhett to dedicate an entire Instagram Story again whenever he eats his first real McRib of the year…

  12. I was expecting them to use Morning Star Farms' Hickory BBQ Riblets, which tastes like school lunch that tastes like the McRib.

  13. I don't know why vegans and vegetarians spend so much time trying to make everything taste like meat if they hate it so much.

  14. I always forget most people know it as Panera. Being from stl, I only knew it as stl bread company and you’ll know someone is from stl if they just call it “breadco”

  15. I'm sure any place that uses the Beyond Meat will try to vary up the seasoning to make it taste more like the original.

  16. Every one in a certain radius from STL still calls it Bread Co. I had no idea what Panera was for a long time.

  17. Black guy. I've never had a mcrib. Five minutes later. Ewww. Then link says its good. Black guy yes it tastes just like a mcrib

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