Better Than McDonald’s ,Cheap Meal Monday

such a beautiful quiet Saturday morning
and today this is going to be my cheat meal Monday
so what are we making today well I hope you stay tuned to watch because it’s
breakfast for lunch today and not only breakfast for lunch I’m gonna also be
making something that I can put in the freezer for many weeks to come first
let’s get a fire started mmm the smell of bacon and eggs
yum yum but what are we gonna do with bacon and eggs it’s a little different
well let’s get working on the fire first and then I’ll show you what we’re gonna
make all right we got the bacon on so we’ll
get the fire going just a little bit better and then we’ll have the eggs I
can’t fire a breakfast everybody talks about how it tastes so much different
cooking on an open fire and that is so true it has such a richer more flavor now we’re adding some tomatoes and some
peppers a fire
every single day to make their meals often wonder how do they do it when it’s
raining and windy and bad weather but it’s so much fun to do this as a hobby
and I really enjoy it what we have is a dozen eggs a little bit of cheese some
onions some peppers and a little bit of tomatoes some people like the eggs
really dry others like them wet I like them right in the middle and they’re
just about finished alright looks good to me so we’re gonna
set the eggs off to the side push the bacon now I have a really wild fire going
because the fire would be doing so well and I pour just a little bit bacon
grease on it so that’s why we have such a huge fire now I’m using the same utensil for the
eggs and bacon because the bacon is actually going to go into the eggs here
when they’re finished so we’re gonna get some fakin good and crispy and then
we’ll put everything together and I’ll show you what we’re gonna make don’t you just love the sound of bacon
sizzling since we have a good fire I decided to
put some baked potatoes in and that would be for later on today because we
don’t want to waste this fire and I’m about done with breakfast so we’re gonna
go ahead and we’re gonna have baked potatoes and now we have our eggs we
have our bacon and we’re going to make breakfast burritos and what we’re gonna
do is we’re going to actually freeze these so what I’m gonna do first is I’m
going to Crump up the bacon and put it in the eggs I probably won’t use it all just enough to give it a flavor that’s
great and we’re gonna put a little bit of the eggs in the center so we have the eggs and the peppers and
the tomatoes and the cheese and we’re gonna roll them up wrap it in foil and
there we have a breakfast burrito so anytime we’re in a hurry we can get it
out of the freezer and you can put it in your microwave or
you can put in your oven so it’s hot I’m gonna go ahead and make all of these it
should make me about ten of them and how good is that going to be on a cold
winter day when the snow is blowing you can have a little bit of that campfire
taste in the dead of winter these can freeze well for six to eight
months all right you don’t get back to you in
just a few minutes all right everybody it gave me 9 burritos take a look at
that and one that I messed up and I’m gonna eat that so let’s give it a taste
test and see is it as good as McDonald’s breakfast burritos I have a feeling it’s
gonna be 10 times better all righty let’s give it a taste test so
virtually I made 10 breakfasts we had the burrito a little bit of salsa mmm has a width a flavor that beats any
McDonald’s any day it’s actually really really good bacon and peppers hmm it may be breakfast but it’s a winner’s
dinner to me take care of one we’ll see you guys tomorrow so much fun so relaxing there’s nobody around it’s
really quiet it’s early morning

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