Best & Worst Foods for Meal Prep!

(upbeat, melodic music) – Hey Munchies, I’m Alyssia. If you are a regular here, you know we are nuts about meal prep, but if you’re new, you may not know meal prep really helped transform my life. So I wanted to help show
others exactly how I did it, not only to lose weight but
to make a healthy lifestyle easy, affordable and exciting. To help, I made an entire
course dedicated to meal prep. It’s called Meal Prep Ignite and it teaches you
everything you need to know about meal prep for your lifestyle. So whether you’re a student
prepping for yourself, or someone prepping for a family, this course will teach you
the ins and outs of meal prep, food prep, storing food,
recipe ideas and inspiration, family meal prep. How to compose nutrient dense meals. Full prep video examples that
aren’t available anywhere else and my Meal Prep Ignite system which teaches you how to
go from blank worksheets to a completely planned
out meal plan for the week, with your grocery list
and Prep Day Game Plan. We first launched a few months ago and we are currently
about to close enrollment for our Back To School discount launch. It ends tonight at midnight. So if you want in,
you’ve gotta jump in now at We are not opening again until 2019, so get it while you can. If you wanna finish this year strong and start next year with a bang. In the course there are
tons of printables and tools to make it easy and fun, and one of them I’m
sharing with you today, it’s my Best and Worst
Meal Prep Foods tool. One of the questions I
get asked the most is won’t the food go bad
by the end of the week? The answer is, it might. It of course depends on the food. This tool let’s you know which foods last longest or shortest. It’s color coded, green
for lasting over a week, yellow for four to seven days, and red for less than three days. It is a great tool to have for reference when planning out your meal preps, or just cooking in general, and you can have it for free today, whether you get the course or not. The link is in the description. I’m going to go through some of the best and
worst foods right now. We’ll get started talking about one of the most
questionable categories, produce. And there are so many
types and so much variation between what will last and what won’t when it comes to options for
the best meal prepping produce, baby carrots will last three
to four weeks in the fridge. They’re great for meal prepping because they don’t need to be cut. You can eat them as is. With the best fruits anything with a peel or anything that doesn’t
need to be cut to be eaten is going to be your best
bet for lasting the week and being portable. With cooked veggies as opposed to raw, cooked broccoli and cauliflower can actually last a week
or more in some cases. The texture may change, but
it’s not a food safety issue. Of course watch out for the normal signs it’s time has come and gone, like the smell or color. Worst meal prep food options
include sliced potatoes. They will only last one
to two days in the fridge. Whole potatoes that are cooked, however, will last five to seven
days in the fridge. And of course unpeeled,
raw, whole potatoes can last weeks on the counter, and did you know they’ll also
last months in the freezer? (blowing)
My hair. Washed raspberries and cut
strawberries also aren’t ideal. Hold off on washing raspberries until just before you eat them so they aren’t as quick to mold. Instead of cutting
strawberries, keep them whole! Simply pop off the stem
and leave the rest intact and they’ll last you a lot longer. I used this hack in last
week’s meal prep video. Here’s a produce storing tip. For asparagus, trim the
ends, wash and pat dry. Store the stalks in a standing
glass or jar with water, place upright in the fridge
with the tips sticking out. A loose plastic wrap or baggie can help provide added protection. For other produce, I like
to use produce savers, which allows enough air to come
in contact with the produce but not too much. I have more storage tips just like this in my Best and Worst Guide, and of course the entire
Meal Prep Ignite course. Our next category is breads and grains. Grains like rice, bread and pasta tend to last well overall. Pasta is actually a great meal prep food. Not only because it lasts a
long time uncooked in the pantry but it can last up to a week
cooked, in the fridge too. Cooked rice, brown or white, will also last five to
seven days in the fridge, making it great for bowls, casseroles or other meal prep dishes. If I had to select a worst bread or grain, fresh bakery bread would have to be it, since it’ll only stay
fresh for two to three days without the processing or packaging. Sometime you’ll find
it sold in a paper bag. That’s to prevent moisture build up, but it will still dry out. Bread isn’t always ideal for meal prep, but pasta and grains can be great choices for both uncooked, long term storage and cooked, short term storage. How about protein? Won’t my cooked meat go bad? Some of the best protein to
last you with meal prepping are hard boiled eggs. If the shells are on you
can get a week or more! Without the shell,
probably five days or so, which is still pretty great. Open deli meat also lasts
well, so keep it on hand for packed lunches or snacking. For protein it’s harder to
keep raw or uncooked meat, poultry or fish, than cooked. If you wanna prep uncooked
meat to cook later in the week, make sure you cook it earlier,
like Monday or Tuesday. Cooked meat however,
depending on the type, can last four to five days. My Best and Worst Guide will give you the
specifics for those foods. Here’s a protein storing tip for my plant-based or
Meatless Monday friends. For tofu, if it’s uncooked, it
must remain covered in water and should be changed daily. You can also freeze-drain
tofu and preserve it’s taste. Once defrosted the
texture will be altered, but some people actually prefer it. Dairy! Dairy tends to last well in the fridge, making it more than
acceptable for meal prep. Open yogurt or sour cream
can last over a week. Open dairy like ricotta,
cottage cheese or dairy milk will keep five to seven
days, which isn’t too shabby. Nuts, seeds, and oils. Nuts, seeds, and oils are
all green with this tool These babies last, open or not. Keeping nuts and seeds in the fridge can really help to extend their lifetime. Most condiments hold up
well for meal prepping. Opened ketchup and
mustard can last months, even up to a year in a cold fridge. Although I always use mine sooner. The worst condiment for meal prepping without a doubt, guacamole! I will say the pre-made guacamole packages are sealed so airtight that they will last better than homemade, but they’re going to be
more expensive, obviously. If you wanna store homemade
guacamole, try this hack. Smooth out your guac and cover
with a half inch of water followed by plastic wrap
or the container’s lid. When you wanna eat, simply
pour off the water and stir. Water is neutral in both
flavor and pH levels, so it acts as a great
barrier to the oxidation that will occur when the
air hits the green dip. This will help your guac stay
green for a good three days. Not bad! I hope you found these best
and worst foods helpful as well as some of the tips. More info can be found in
my Meal Prep Ignite course. This tool is one in the course, along with tons of other
printable PDFs and pamphlets, as well as videos and written lessons. There’s even a meal prep quiz. It is extremely comprehensive and I know it will help you
on our meal prepping journey. If you wanna learn more about the course, go to, or check out a few of the
other videos I’ve shared that touch on it, including this family meal
prep example from last week. Remember, enrollment closes tonight! So don’t miss your chance to get control of your health in 2018 and start 2019 with a bang. I will see you all right next week. We’ve got a super special
Back To School series coming so I will see you on Monday, yay! And remember, it’s all a
matter on Mind Over Munch.

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  2. Store your guacamole with cellophane touching the whole surface of the dip. It prevents air from getting in so it really helps to extend it’s life.

  3. A classic chilean secret to make bread taste better when it dries is to wet a little just before heat it with a toaster or on microwave, you have to be careful with the burns but it is extremely effective

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  7. Okay but cut patatoes can last longer if you put them in water. Make sure they are completely underwater, and theyll be good for longer. This is what we used to do in the restaurant with freshly cut fries.

  8. Bakery breads like baguettes can be frozen and, 1) semi-thawed in the microwave for 30 seconds, then 2) placed above the toaster or in the oven for 2-3 minutes to warm up and they will taste as good as fresh. πŸ˜‰

  9. Guys don't settle for pre cooked pasta if you can. Cook it al dente and eat it right away, you can totally prep your sauce and lunch/dinner will be ready in like 10 minutes!

  10. #ChefTricks, storing prepped potatoes edition:
    They will generally actually keep longer than 2-3 days if you place them in a container and cover them with water. If you don't use them up after 2-3 days, drain and rinse, then refill with fresh water

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  16. Bread that is fresh is not ideal for food prep, however, if you have a store that does fresh bread and they have day old sales (like for a $1 a loaf or less) get them. You can freeze slices of bread to later use to make french toast, you can make them into bread crumbs and freeze them, you can also cube them up and freeze them to use later for bread pudding. Bread that is fresh can be pricy, but it worth buying on sale, prepping, and freezing.

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