Best Meats to Stockpile for Food Storage- Building Prepper Pantry Long Term Meat Fish Protein

best meats for food storage canned meat to stockpile long term food storage prepping prepper pantry hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper are you wondering what kind of meats are nice for your long-term food storage your emergency
survival stockpile your prepper pantry well there are a lot of things to
consider when you’re searching for meat to stockpile and store a good strategy is to begin with canned
meats begin with a few choices that you know that you and your family will
already eat buy a few cans of meat each time you go to the store a canned fish is a great
way to buy and stock up to begin because canned fish are readily available they’re inexpensive and lots
of people like them to begin with buy some salmon tuna you can find pouches
but I don’t think the shelf-life is as long in the pouches so try to stick to
the cans look for sardines and oysters they’re simple to eat loaded with
protein a lot of canned fish choices are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids which help us have
our optimum health after you’ve chosen some fish tuna sardines oysters salmon consider getting some other
kinds of canned meats canned chicken is another good choice chicken comes in cans similar in size to tuna and it’s easy to open and eat mix canned chicken with something to make a sandwich add it into recipes to make a main dish if you think of all the
ways that you serve chicken you’ll find that canned chicken can be substituted
in a lot of your recipes I picked up some canned roast beef some canned
pulled pork if you like ham pick up a few canned hams spam is also a go-to
favorite canned meat lots of people like to store and stockpile spam it comes in all kinds of varieties now it’s amazing all the different flavors
and choices that you can find spam the canned meats have several years shelf life they’re easy to stockpile away and count on having them for several years you can
also pick up shelf-stable meat salami pepperoni jerky shelf-stable meats such
as the salami and pepperoni can keep unrefrigerated for about a year one of
the guidelines for how much you canned meat to store would be to consider the
guidelines for how much protein do you need in a day the average adult needs
somewhere between 50 and 75 grams of protein just to maintain your
optimum health the way to figure out how much protein your body needs multiply 0.36 times your weight and that’s the amount of protein that your body uses just to
maintain the heath that you have if you want to lose weight build muscles those
figures might be higher but a good guideline for food storage is about 50
to 75 grams of protein per day you can look on the back of the packages it will
tell you the number of servings and the grams of protein a can of roast beef has
two servings of 20 grams of protein so the entire can would have 40 grams of
protein in just the one can of roast beef do a little math read the
nutritional analysis on the back of your package figure out how much protein
you’re actually stockpiling for each of your family members if you need more now
is a good time to stockpile wealth foods are readily available learn more at please subscribe to the alaskagranny channel

32 thoughts on “Best Meats to Stockpile for Food Storage- Building Prepper Pantry Long Term Meat Fish Protein

  1. I also like the Underwood Deviled Ham and Roast beef spread. Never cared for spam that much. When I was younger my sister used to make what she called a Treet casserole that wasn't too bad

  2. Hands down the most sensible and informative channel around. What takes others thirty minutes or more to say you manage to convey in a precise

  3. Thank you. Is it true that the United States is in a food shortage due to the recent flooding in Nebraska for example?

  4. Interesting video. You always have quality videos!
    I stock all of the items you mentioned. I also have some canned corned beef. It works well
    With all kinds of greens and I have even used it to flavor dried beans.
    Just a suggestion. Thanks again!

  5. The tuna pouches are so handy! I'm not a fan of salty foods, but in a pinch the canned meats can be stretched w a carb (rice, home made bread, ramen noodles) and a veggie. Better stock up for when the trucks stop filling the stores!!!

  6. Beware of the canned 'roast beef'! It's always best to follow Alaska Granny's advice to buy one to try one before committing yourself to stockpiling more.

  7. I have some canned meats in the kitchen of my main house and also in my old house as well and when I am going camping some of that food will be in my backpack.

  8. Oh my gosh, this is perfect. I was literally wondering what I should buy from the grocery store today. And omg, they make canned roast beef!!??? Yay!! Learned something new today!!

  9. Vienna sausage, browned in a skillet, is good for breakfast along with eggs and toast when you are cooking for just one or two people. Those little cans of smoked clams packed in smoky flavored oil are also a good buy — use the oil to pan-fry a cup of frozen peppers and onions and a can of sliced mushrooms (drained), add a jar of alfredo sauce, the clams and toss with some cooked pasta for a quick Italian pasta dish that tastes expensive. Canned mackerel is less expensive than canned salmon and provides good protein — remove the skin and bones and reduce the mackerel's stinky fish odor by adding it to simmering tomato sauce or spaghetti sauce and serving over cooked pasta, potatoes or rice.

  10. Pretty succinct information. How well do canned meats handle being in a northern climate garage / shedthat is unheated? Best

  11. With canned fish, just look where it comes from. Spam is ok and canned hams but I buy canned ground beef, chicken and turkey. I also can my own but sometimes it is cheaper to buy it canned. I try to buy about 25 cans a month.

  12. Great video I haven’t gotten any chicken or tuna yet
    So far I have rice and beans and some pasta and a few cans of soaps
    Now I will get can meats and seasoning

  13. In a grid down scenario the amount of salt/sodium in the canned meats won't be a problem as most people will be doing extreme manual labor to survive, resulting in sweating, thereby losing salt through sweat/perspiration. Another plus for the salt in the canned meats is that it will help season/flavor cooking water for any broths, soups, etc… you may be able to create with whatever else you have on hand or able to scavenge.

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